$teven Cannon – InXanity


Really fuckin’ wonder why these bitches think I’m dumb
Bitch I’m too important, my account be lookin’ dumb
This extended clip is long, yeah I bang it, then I run
Nigga I be trappin’, oh my god, I got my home
Yea I pull up in the Masi, I get money, not no crumbs
My bitch is so important, she came straight from London
Yeah I’m on a cart, like when I’m shoppin’ for my mom
These niggas act like [?], these niggas Comic-Con
In the benzo pushin’ buttons, and it’s got me out my mind
I gotta watch my weight, because the lean’ll make me slide
Dog I got the pounds, I’m fuckin’ bitches off of Vine
And I know my wrist is sloppy, everything I got design
Don’t get too excited, you ain’t comin to my home
I barely understand, why my bitch leave me alone
There ain’t no other Steve, all these bitches want a clone
I’m higher than a kite, nah, I’m higher than a drone
Smoking haze, I’m in a daze
Chocolate paint, look like my face
These bitches chase, I did the race
Still caught a case, I did some days
Sent me to the state, feel like a maze
Done lost you mind, I don’t need a chase
I do xans, I don’t do percs
Hoe it ain’t the same
Sailor Moon I’m gettin’ [?], hoes from Ukraine
She a tame, this lyin’ bitch watch me run the game
In the bay, this xanarchy, bitch we don’t bang

[Bridge x2]
This time last year I was still gettin’ money
Ain’t shit changed, still got the thang on me
Got the 30-round clip holster stickin’ to my stomach
Just because I’m ridin’ hot, it dont mean a nigga dummy

[Outro x2]
Inxanity, inxanity
No I’m not your man to be
I got dark shit
Big shit like a manatee
You can send a band on me, I’ll take it
You can send a band on me, but I’ll take it bitch

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