Company doesn’t provide the cure in carpetgarden’s “Lonely” video

Company doesn’t provide the cure in carpetgarden’s “Lonely” video
The song features on David Sweet’s new EP WTF is even going on?

By David Renshaw

November 22, 2022

Danin Jacquay

“WTF is even going on?” is an evergreen question. That feeling of uncertainty and confusion runs through the latest EP from carpetgarden, a.k.a. LA-based garage pop sensation David Sweet. Across seven tracks, Sweet writes about subjects ranging from gender dysphoria and mental illness to moving to a new city and creating a new home with a chosen family. The EP was written during a tumultuous but also defining period in Sweet’s life, with the often heavy subject matter adding grit to the DIY production and bubblegum hooks.


Sweet, a non-binary artist who uses they/them pronouns, writes about a messy on and off “situationship” they were in on stand-out track “Lonely.” Over a laidback groove and slick guitars they share a story of a doomed romance in which both sides were pursuing things for the wrong reasons. A need for validation and pleasure amid a torrid time outside the relationship is summed up as Sweet sings, “Yeah, my boy is my heaven. It can seem like hell. You can come after seven. And you know I won’t tell.”

The “Lonely” video, premiering below, brings a horror element to the table with Sweet surrounded by lifeless mannequins. Speaking to The FADER, Sweet revealed a love of video games inspired the “Lonely” video.


“When thinking about visual inspiration for the video, I was playing a lot of the indie-horror game Little Nightmares II and I was very inspired by the mannequins that you encounter at a certain point of the game,” they say. “They honestly really freaked me out and I thought it would be a cool jarring element to add to the visuals, and represented my feeling of loneliness very well. In collaboration with Danin, it turned into this very “purgatory” like place that just fit the song so well.

Opening up about the themes of the EP, they add: “WTF is even going on? is a question I constantly kept asking myself during the making of this record. I went through so much change, and honestly making it was the only consistent thing that was going on in my life. I lost very good friends, got disowned by one of my parents because of my identity which left me without support, escaped a very abusive environment, and was living on my own for the first time in my life. I felt very scared and vulnerable, having to try to keep my shit together while also piling more and more on my plate that, at the time I felt like I wasn’t ready for. On the other hand, it’s also about how despite having to swim neck deep in shit, I was able to see the brighter side of what was going on, and how in love I was with my new life. It was the first time that I was able to really dive into making art with no distractions or having to worry about anyone else’s bullshit. At a point putting my heart and soul into this project was the only thing I had during a very dark time, and it was the one thing that kept me hopeful, and I hope people can feel that when they listen to this record.”

Check out the “Lonely” video below, alongside a stream of WTF is even going on?



Soul Clap – WTF (World Transformation Force)

[Speaking verses:]

World transformation force
It’s our reaction to what’s happening to this planet
Called Earth
And to us, the human beings on it
And it call for radical love and radical hope
A belief that things will get better
Even as we learn how to get there.
It’s a wakeup call to action
For all of us to join together, on the path
Dance music was born as a subversive movement
Of marginalized people
And we believe it’s our duty to follow in their footsteps
And use the power of our culture for positive change
The world is the Planet we live on,
Our home, as gift to rely on for survival
The transformation is universal love
A reminder of compassion, empathy, human connection from the heart
Our essential to our energy, that have power to heal
The force is what we need to make an impact
No one said it would be easy to fight for justice, peace, and our planet
With every step are we become more loving, equal, and sustainable?
This body of music has arrived
During the time when we find ourselves with our hands in the air
And screaming WTF, well, the answer is exactly that: WTF.
Together our force is stronger, and to transform the world
Of the magnitude of our universal love grows, now is the time
We are all a World Transformation Force.

Futuristic – Futuristic or Die Lyrics

[Chorus (x7)]
It’s Futuristic or die, nigga

[Verse 1]
Futuristic or die, no lie
Nigga fuck with the gang or get hanged by your own tie
Skydive with no parachute
I dare a nigga or his crew to ever say he so fly
Did it by myself, know why?
Independent nigga with a really cold mind
Hit the goal line
When it’s showtime I show out, it’s sold out
Lyrics, everybody knows mine
Snow White don’t kiss hoes just bros
Niggas couldn’t see me even if they on they tiptoes
Crisp flow so cold that my lips froze
Never took shortcuts, niggas using CliffsNotes
Been broke for a minute should forget it
I’m living off of this music, I swear to God I’m a young Sean
WTF gang apparel had a Rocawear so I said I’m never sporting Sean John
Get it, got it, good
I ain’t in the hood
I’m riding around and I’m getting it with white friends
They see the kid, reckon that’s what I did
I swear that I get it in til the motherfucking night end
5’5 but I’m 9’6
Kids looking up to me because they see how I rhyme with it
I took my time perfected my only passion
No spazzing when I be rapping man I’m so out of my mind with it
I be going berzerk
Ya’ll suck, I bet your knees hurt
Like teen mom’s you’re so dumb
I’ve seen your ass with [?]
Could you get any weaker?
I kill shit and don’t try
It’s Futuristic or bungee jump with dental floss and die

[Chorus (x7)]
It’s Futuristic or die, nigga

[Verse 2]
It’s Futuristic or OD
I am not your homie, nigga
The one and only so please don’t act like you know me
I’m the truth you ain’t nothing but a phony nigga
You say you cold bro show me, nigga
Your chick wanna blow me, nigga
I’ve been rising from the bottom I got ‘em
I be the hottest on top you below me, nigga
Ya’ll cracking me up
I try not to say shit
All I do is let my damn talent show
You on stage with a whole bunch of lames cuffing the mic looking like a high school talent show
Let my talent grow
I’m the one taking these hits ain’t that a bitch
Fuck the nigga who made it, most underrated
No debating, I’m slaying your operation
You so famous and I ain’t even made it, nigga
I’m not hating or maybe I am
There’s some things I just don’t understand
Elementary lyrics that you be spitting I’m not really feeling
So please tell me how the fuck you got fans
I was in the band crowd surfing in the stands
You rapping about the liquor and moving a couple grams
But I’m rapping about my life on this mic
How I do so nice so I can take care of all of my fam, nigga
Futuristic that young dude that’s making moves without a thing to lose
Pay my dues and I bang a thing or two in this fucking booth
That’s all I do
Ask about it in the future that’s all I knew
See the benefits but I do it all for you
Or die be the line and all that’s true

[Chorus (x7)]
It’s Futuristic or die, nigga