US accuses Belarusian authorities of air piracy over Ryanair flight

The United States brought charges against the authorities of Belarus because of the incident with the Ryanair aircraft The US authorities brought charges against the director of Belaeronavigatsia, his deputy and two intelligence officers. They were considered involved in the “plot” and “fabrication” of a bomb threat in order to arrest Protasevich

The United States has charged a number of Belarusian officials with air piracy due to an incident with a Ryanair flight in May 2021. The corresponding statement of the Ministry of Justice is posted on its website. Leonid Churo, his deputy Oleg Kazyuchits and two employees of the Belarusian special services. They are believed to be involved in a “conspiracy to commit an act of air piracy”; in order to deploy a Ryanair flight.

In May, a Ryanair aircraft en route to Athens— Vilnius, made an emergency landing at Minsk Airport due to a bomb report. On board was the former editor-in-chief of the opposition Nexta Telegram channel Roman Protasevich, who is a defendant in criminal cases in Belarus. His girlfriend Sofya Sapega flew with him. They were detained at the Minsk airport and later arrested. A search on board the aircraft did not reveal any dangerous objects.

Washington believes that the authorities of Belarus “fabricated a threat” in order to force the plane to land in Minsk, the Ministry of Justice said in a statement. The aim of the authorities was to arrest a political journalist and activist “critical of the government of Belarus” and his girlfriend, the department added.

“We intend to bring to justice the main participants in this shocking conspiracy to commit air piracy, which not only violated international norms and US criminal law, but also potentially endangered the lives of four US citizens and many other passengers on board. said Damian Williams, Attorney for the Southern District of New York.

The indictment alleges that Churo personally instructed the air traffic control staff on what instructions to give the plane to land at the Minsk airport. The role of Kazyuchits, according to the Ministry of Justice, was to ensure the falsification of reports about the incident with the Ryanair flight in order to hide the role of the Belarusian special services in this.

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The Kremlin sent a “softening” signal to the US and NATO

Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov made it clear that the intensity of the game is decreasing

In its dialogue with the United States and NATO on security guarantees, Russia is not playing to raise the stakes, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov assured, speaking in International Discussion Club “Valdai”. However, from the statements of the official, the impression was that the stakes were still a bit too high. And that it's time to slightly reduce the intensity of the game.

Photo: AP

“Our patience has come to an end,” Ryabkov’s chief Sergey Lavrov said categorically three days ago. – We are very patient, you know that we harness for a long time. We harnessed for a very long time, now it’s time for us to go.” And it looked like we were about to rush. Where exactly, however, is not entirely clear, but on propaganda talk shows, in all seriousness, they started talking about the possibility of Russia winning a world nuclear war.

However, continuing the imagery used by the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, instead of the peppy but” there was a distinct “whoa.” In other words, the team: “A little slower, horses.” One can only guess who and why gave it away. But, I think, “Black Tuesday” on the Russian stock market is quite drawn to the appropriate motive.

“I am sure that there is no risk of a large-scale war that could unfold in Europe or somewhere else,” Mr. Ryabkov reassured those present. We do not intend to take any aggressive action. We will not attack, attack and invade Ukraine… We will not take any action that will threaten Ukraine. We are only conducting exercises…

I assure you there is no reason to worry about anything in connection with these teachings. We need to focus on the diplomatic track. We are ready for dialogue, and we are looking for a political solution… The leadership of our country is determined to find, without wasting time, a comprehensive solution to these problems, which would primarily strengthen our security, but, by and large, would serve the task of strengthening stability in larger scale.”

At the same time, Russia's demands addressed to the West and colloquially referred to as the Russian ultimatum remain unchanged: legal guarantees of non-expansion of NATO, guarantees of the return of the Alliance to the 1997 framework, guarantees of non-deployment of strike weapons along Russian borders. The position of the West also seems to have not changed. In Ryabkov's words, it is expressed in “fundamental rejection of the demand for non-expansion of NATO.”

Nevertheless, Ryabkov's assessments of the negotiation process are quite optimistic: “Last week, our interdepartmental delegations checked the in-depth and, I dare say, quite productive study of these issues. The usefulness of all these events primarily lies in the fact that they made it possible to better understand each other's approaches and positions… We look forward to continuing the dialogue with the Americans.

For example, the following compromise is possible: “If the United States will make a unilateral commitment in a legally binding form that they will never vote for the entry of Ukraine and other countries into NATO,” Ryabkov said, “we will be ready to consider this option.”

In a word, there is, there is still patience in powder flasks! In any case, Ryabkov himself has quite a lot of it. For example, he did not react in any way to the speech of John Mearsheimer, professor of political science at the University of Chicago, who took part in the Valdai discussion via video link. The professor, seemingly sympathetic to Russia, listed in detail the reasons why the Biden administration will not make any concessions to Moscow.

Here, for example, is reason number one (a total of four were named): “Our politicians live in a world where black and white reigns.” Therefore, “if any concessions are made to Moscow,” it will be perceived by the American establishment “as if corresponding concessions were made to Hitler in Munich in October 1938.”

The American expert did not forget about Chinese factor: “China will see these concessions and will see them as a sign of weakness. And then, accordingly, they will demand the same concessions on Taiwan or on the South China Sea.”

“I don’t think the US can say openly that we are now closing the doors of NATO and that Ukraine, Georgia and other countries will no longer be able to join it,” concluded John Mearsheimer. “It's practically impossible.” Therefore, to the question: is it possible to avoid worsening the situation, the professor's answer is negative: “The situation is likely to worsen in the future.”

The Deputy Minister, we repeat, patiently listened to these conclusions and forecasts without commenting. However, he vividly responded to the idea expressed during the discussion by Malcolm Rifkind, ex-secretary of defense (1992-1995) and former foreign secretary (1995-1997) of Great Britain. In response to the concessions made by NATO, Rifkind believes, Russia should also give in: “Let’s then withdraw Russian troops from Crimea, let’s force Russia to stop unilateral support for the separatists in Donbas.”

“The withdrawal of Russian troops from Crimea is this is one of the funniest proposals I have heard,” Ryabkov said with a laugh. “It’s literally some cartoon from the Daily Telegraph in 1969.” Well, on bezrybe and this is a joke. Unfortunately, there are no other reasons for fun yet.


The historian suggested the introduction of US sanctions against Germany because of SP-2

According to the Telegraph, historian Katya Hoyer expressed her opinion on the further development of events around the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

< /p> photo

According to the expert, Germany was “between two fires”. On the one hand, it needs to maintain a common anti-Russian policy towards Moscow with other Western countries, and on the other hand, Berlin is too dependent on Russian energy to afford such a thing.

“Earlier, Germany miraculously avoided economic sanctions USA because of the Russian gas pipeline "Nord Stream– 2″. But the issue has not been removed from the agenda,” Hoyer is sure.

The situation may worsen even more if the new German government decides to abandon nuclear power plants. Indeed, in the event of their closure, the country's dependence on Russian gas will only increase.


Ryabkov offered the US another “option” on Ukraine and Georgia in NATO

Ryabkov: Russia is ready to consider a US guarantee not to vote for Ukraine's entry into NATO =”” alt=”Ryabkov offered the US another “option” on Ukraine and Georgia in NATO” />

Sergey Ryabkov

Russia is ready to consider an alternative to NATO's refusal to accept Ukraine into the bloc— a unilateral commitment by the United States not to vote for the country's entry into the alliance. About this at the site of the discussion club «Valdai» said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“This well-known formula of the Bucharest summit in 2008, that Ukraine and Georgia will become members of NATO, this should be excluded, this should be replaced by the understanding that this will never happen. Or alternatively, if the United States makes a unilateral commitment in a legally binding manner that it will never vote for Ukraine and other countries to join NATO, we are ready to consider this option. he said.

Ryabkov added that this would be an easier path for the United States if the state had “enough political will.”

According to him, the priority for Moscow is clear and legally binding US guarantees that Ukraine and other countries Russia opposes membership will not join NATO.

In order for a state to become a full member of the alliance, the consent of all its members is required at the stage of ratification of the accession protocol. For example, Macedonia for a long time could not join NATO, as this was prevented by Greece because of the dispute over the name of the country. Athens claimed that the toponym “Macedonia” extends to part of Greek territory, which gives the Macedonians the right to lay claim to it. As a result, the state officially changed its name to North Macedonia (the dispute with Greece was settled in 2018) and joined NATO in 2020.

Moscow needs a “direct and understandable” a written response to its December proposals for security guarantees, as well as an “article-by-article” analysis, Ryabkov said at a meeting of Valdai. He acknowledged that such a formulation of the issue is unprecedented, but drew attention to the fact that this is dictated by the situation itself. That, in turn, was formed due to the “destructive” exchange rate between the United States and NATO, the deputy minister stressed.

Moscow's proposals on security guarantees were made public in December. In the draft treaty, Russia proposed to consolidate NATO's obligation not to expand eastward, to agree with the United States not to harm each other's security, and to oblige Washington not to establish military bases on the territory of the countries that were part of the USSR. In addition, Russia offered to mutually renounce the deployment of weapons where it would be perceived as a threat, as well as the deployment of nuclear weapons.

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Leonkov praised the idea of ​​deploying missiles near the US borders

“We have enough other effective means”

The Russian Federation may deploy its nuclear missiles off the coast of the United States. This is reported by the American newspaper The New York Times. The corresponding “hints”, according to the author of the article, were allegedly made by Russian diplomats during security talks in Geneva on January 10. Military expert debunks US fears.

Photo: Alexander Astafiev

According to the American edition, Russian nuclear weapons can be thrown closer to the US coast. This flight time of missiles is up to five minutes, the text says. The author focuses on the fact that although there were no direct threats and official statements from the Russian representatives, in their “hints” reads exactly the same subtext. As journalists write, if such an event really happens, the world will face a repeat of the Caribbean crisis of 1962.  

Editor of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alexey Leonkov explained why it makes no sense for Russia to place missile launchers on the doorstep of a Western power.

— These are fantasies. Americans think in terms of past wars. Yes, in the early 60s this was possible, but now  from a military point of view we absolutely do not need it. During the Caribbean crisis, it was quite difficult to hit the positional area of ​​​​ballistic missiles. But now technology has gone far ahead, and the placement of missiles near & nbsp; The American coast is nothing but a waste of time and money for us. Need a complex infrastructure for  missile maintenance, security. All this requires large financial investments. There's no point. We all understand that in this case, the missiles will be in the first strike zone and will be destroyed in the first place. In this case, their effectiveness will not be very high, because, of course, reliable missile defense will be built against them.

— If you place radar and electronic intelligence points on the territory of Cuba, which will become components of the Russian missile attack warning system, — EWS, it will be a different matter. It is still possible to resume the call of our ships in Santiago de Cuba. There is just a deep-water port, which can enter the ships of the far sea zone, and if desired, even nuclear submarines. But first, Cuba needs to be raised in military-technical development, to supply them with modern air defense (air defense) systems so that it can defend itself against any aggression. Just like we did with Venezuela, supplying the complexes so that they could build a layered air defense system. That would make sense, in my opinion. The construction of radar stations can hardly be called some kind of aggression, it is not a weapon. And the entry of ships with a friendly visit — not a direct threat. But if we nevertheless supply missile systems, this is already a direct threat, and the Americans will gladly respond to it. The presence of such installations on the territory of Cuba, of course, immediately puts it at risk. Therefore, first it is necessary to create means of defense, to look at the reaction of partners. And only then put something. If you start immediately with the deployment of missile systems, this is fraught.

— If we are talking about missile systems, then, in my opinion, these can be coastal defense systems, because Cuba is washed by the water element on all sides, and the main threat to it should be expected from the sea. Consequently, they need to strengthen their air and coastal defenses. Such coastal missile systems as “Bal” and "Bastion" would be enough. 

"Ball" — Coastal missile system with Kh-35 anti-ship missile. GSI completed in 2004. Adopted by the Russian Navy in 2008.

«Bastion» — coastal missile system with anti-ship missile P-800 “Onyx”/”Yakhont”.

— “Zircons” we are not going to ship anywhere yet. Although those launchers of the Bastion complexes are also capable of launching Zircons. Let's just say – in perspective. We don't need missile launchers that could reach the United States, we have enough other effective means. And at the same time, we do not expose our partners and allies to a blow. On the contrary, it is necessary to make sure that this aggression is impossible. But at the same time, ensure  their national interests. 


“At the request of US authorities”: how the FSB detained hackers from the REvil group

FSB operatives in five regions of Russia detained members of the REvil hacker group. Information about her came to the intelligence service from the United States. How hackers were detained and searched at their place – in the RBC video jpg” alt=””At the request of US authorities”: how the FSB detained hackers from the REvil group” />


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Solovyov explained the US understanding of the desires of Ukrainians with a Jewish anecdote

Photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Popular Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov told a Jewish anecdote, commenting on one of the statements of US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman addressed to Russia.

Sherman has previously said that Russia should not force Ukraine to make “changes that the Ukrainian people have not asked for.” According to the newspaper “Vzglyad”, Solovyov compared her with the mother of a Jewish boy from an old Odessa joke. “Moisha is walking in the yard, and then his mother shouts to him through the window: “Moisha, go home!”. Moisha asks:” Am I cold?

Solovyov added that “American bureaucrats” for some reason know better what the Ukrainian people want. “And in general, Americans have long and best known what and what people want,” the TV presenter added.

At the same time, Solovyov noted that Ukrainians could ask Afghans, Libyans, Iraqis, Syrians, Serbs “how deep are the aspirations of Americans for other peoples.”

At the same time, the journalist stressed that Sherman's words did not surprise him. “Americans live in a country where a huge part of the adult population suffers from various forms of mental disorders,” Solovyov said.


The expert called the US biolaboratory in Alma-Ata a threat

“Americans could smuggle out dirt or strains on the sly”

Kazakhstan did not allow the CSTO peacekeepers to guard the Aikimbaev biological laboratory in Alma-Ata. This secret facility was created in Kazakhstan with US assistance and reports directly to the Pentagon. What is fraught with a dangerous object and why Kazakhstan is hiding it from the eyes of Russian scientists, Igor Nikulin, a microbiologist, a former member of the UN Commission on Biological and Chemical Weapons, told MK.


Earlier, the media reported, citing local residents, that an attack had been made on the biological laboratory in Almaty. Participants in the riots & nbsp; allegedly & nbsp; & quot; opened the windows & quot; on the first floor. Specialists in chemical protection suits were seen near the dangerous facility. Locals fear the leakage of dangerous pathogens.

The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan hastened to assure that there is no reason for panic, the laboratory is under protection. Who exactly performs the security function was not specified.

This laboratory & mdash; one of the objects of the Pentagon scientific network in Central Asia. The United States Threat Prevention Agency (DTRA), which is responsible for research in the field of weapons of mass destruction, has opened five more such laboratories at research centers in Kazakhstan and two in Uzbekistan. There are similar centers in Ukraine, Georgia and other countries in the post-Soviet space.

– This is a laboratory of the third level of biological safety, that is, one of the most modern. They are not monitored internationally. As far as we know, they worked there with the most dangerous types of bacteria and viruses. For example, the latest bacteria and viruses were tested on a specific gene pool: on humans, animals, plants.

– With the virus of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, with rare species of plague, with the “ Alpha '' -coronavirus, which is considered to be the predecessor of SARS-CoV-2. For this reason, many Kazakhstani human rights activists are inclined to believe that outbreaks of coronavirus in the region are precisely related to the work of this very laboratory. There have previously been leaks of meningitis, brucellosis, and a number of other dangerous diseases from there. Therefore, since 2020, Russia has been demanding to admit our inspection to this laboratory in order to check what they are really doing there. There are strong suspicions that the Americans are violating the Biological Weapons Convention there.

The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological (Biological) and Toxin Weapons and on Their Destruction (BTWC) was the first international disarmament treaty prohibiting the production of an entire class of weapons. Its signing was the result of many years of efforts by the international community to create a legal framework complementary to the Geneva Protocol (1925). The BTWC was opened for signature on April 10, 1972 and entered into force on March 26, 1975.

– Let's not exclude that the Americans themselves could have organized it. A kind of crossbow. To pretend that & nbsp; allegedly & nbsp; they were attacked, and themselves, on the sly, took out some compromising documents & nbsp; or the same strains. Maybe, of course, they are just marauders, but then it is even more dangerous, because they could take out some pathogens from there. Maybe they were terrorists too. Anything can be. The main thing for us now is to bring this dangerous facility under the control of the CSTO forces.

– Even if the Kazakhs plan to do it on their own, we need to use the right moment to find out what they are really doing there. The border of Russia with Kazakhstan is more than seven thousand kilometers, and dangerous objects located along this border pose a threat to our security. This is a very serious problem that needs to be addressed in the coming days, at most in the & nbsp; coming weeks.

– As far as I know, this is a purely American project. Maybe the Germans indirectly somehow participated in it, but the United States spent more than $ 400 million on these laboratories in Kazakhstan, and it would be stupid to think that they threw them away.

– Firstly because they signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Americans, one of the points of which was precisely that they had no right to provide any information. But the former Deputy Defense Minister in 2020 handed over to Russia documents indicating what exactly these laboratories are doing.

– We do not know one hundred percent what is there. That is why a full-scale inspection must be carried out. Send Russian peacekeepers there, and let the military virologists find out what exactly the Americans were doing there. The difficulty is that this object uses the principle of extraterritoriality, that is, it does not seem to belong to Kazakhstan. But now there is just a favorable moment when this situation can be resolved and, finally, the Americans can be caught doing what they always accuse Russia of – specific violations of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention.


The project of US sanctions against Putin and his entourage was called a “game”

Democrats should have “outshined” the Republican draft

The United States Senate has published a bill on sanctions, which is proposed to be introduced against Russia “in the event of its invasion of Ukraine” or further escalation of the conflict around of this country. The proposed measures affect President Vladimir Putin personally and all of Russia's top leadership. The expert told how great the chance for their adoption is, and also assessed the previous consultations on security guarantees between representatives of the Russian Federation and NATO.


The document on penalties against the Russian Federation was submitted for consideration by 26 senators. The initiator was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Democrat Robert Menendez. According to The Washington Post, the proposed package of sanctions allegedly supports the White House.

According to Reuters, among the sanctions proposed by the senators & mdash; a ban on entry into the United States and freezing of American assets of the president, prime minister, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Defense of Russia (this immediately raises the rhetorical question – are there any such assets?), as well as commanders of various types of troops and other persons, whom the White House considers to be involved in the 'aggression against Ukraine'. Washington also intends to increase military aid to Kiev.

In addition, within 30 days after the possible invasion of Moscow, the American leader will be required to impose penalties against at least three of the largest Russian banks. It is also proposed to introduce sanctions against the Russian external debt and against the Nord Stream 2 project.

The document, in particular, recommends to “ consider all available and adequate measures '' to prevent the operation of the gas pipeline, which the senators called the “ instrument of harmful influence of the Russian Federation. ''

“ This bill clearly demonstrates that the US Senate will not sit idly by when the Kremlin threatens to invade Ukraine again, '' said Robert Menendez.

At the same time, within six months, the US Treasury Department, the State Department and intelligence will need to prepare a detailed report on the property of the Russian president, his relatives and close businessmen. They can also be subject to sanctions.

But the question arises & ndash; how likely is it to actually introduce such restrictions?

“ A new document on anti-Russian sanctions in the US Senate is an alternative to another bill on Nord Stream 2, which is actively promoted by the Republican Party, '' comments on MK Alexey Makarkin, vice president of the Center for Political Technologies, professor at the Higher School of Economics. & ndash; Accordingly, the Democrats also need to respond by offering something in return.

Moreover, the gas pipeline project initiated by the Republicans, from the point of view of the American administration, is quite dangerous. Firstly, it can spoil Washington's relations with Berlin, and secondly, disrupt the already difficult dialogue with Russia. & nbsp;

The proposed sanctions measures against the Russian Federation look very radical, dramatic and even more ambitious than one specific bill on Nord Stream 2. But they have one peculiarity: if the sanctions on the pipeline are to be implemented regardless of the policy of Russia, then here we are talking more about conditional penalties. The White House will decide when to introduce them and whether to introduce them at all. ''

According to the expert, this is a continuation of the same policy pursued by the American administration. She periodically makes it clear that many different sanctions may follow in the event of the deployment of hostilities between Moscow and Kiev. Thus, this resolution fits into the context of the 'hypothetical penalties'. And most likely, it can be accepted.

“ The new bill against the Russian Federation is also part of the intra-American games, '' the political scientist continues. & ndash; And in this sense, it is interesting because Moscow had hopes for the Republican Party, connected specifically with the former US President Donald Trump. Now she is extremely critical of Russia. There is practically a consensus in the American political class about the negative attitude towards the Russian Federation. The only question is what specific decisions need to be made. & Nbsp;

As for the talks with NATO on Wednesday, they certainly became a continuation of those consultations on security guarantees that Moscow had with Washington. In Russia, the meeting with representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance was perceived as additional. The Russian Federation wants to conduct a dialogue only with America, and it, in turn, seeks to share responsibility in this matter with its Western allies and partners.

This is actually a secondary site, from which little was expected. Its main result is that Russia did not leave the meeting, demonstratively slamming the door. After all, the meeting was attended not only by Americans, but also by Poles, representatives of the Baltic states and Czechs, who relatively recently declared the Russian Federation “ unfriendly ''. state.

Despite all the difficulties, the parties still managed to talk. And even a little longer than expected. True, they parted without any agreements, but also without conflict, which is also not bad. So the dialogue continues. ''

Let us remind you that consultations on security guarantees between Russia and the West are currently taking place in Europe. On January 10, in Geneva, a meeting of delegations from Moscow and Washington took place, on January 12 in Brussels, a meeting of the Russia & mdash; NATO. On January 13, negotiations between representatives of the Russian Federation and the OSCE started in Vienna.

According to the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov, the representatives of the United States and the NATO Secretary General promised to provide written answers to Moscow's proposals on security guarantees.

“ The Americans promised us to try, but we told them that they need to try very hard, make their counter offers next week, & ndash; said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. & ndash; Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, on behalf of the North Atlantic Alliance, also volunteered to put his reaction on paper. I think that it will come in about a week too, after which we will report together with the Minister of Defense to the President. ''

The Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that the talks in Geneva and Brussels were businesslike.


US proposes new UN sanctions over North Korean missile launches

The United States proposed to introduce new UN sanctions for missile launches of the DPRK According to the US Ambassador to the UN, the DPRK has launched six ballistic missiles since September 21 last year. UN sanctions against the DPRK due to missile launches were first introduced in 2006 by Security Council resolution

The US has proposed to introduce new UN sanctions for missile launches of the DPRK, said the country's permanent representative to the international organization Linda Thomas -Greenfield.

“ In addition to today's US State and Treasury sanctions, the United Nations is proposing UN sanctions after North Korea has launched six ballistic missile launches since September 2021, '' & mdash; Thomas-Greenfield wrote on Twitter, noting that each of the launches violates UN Security Council resolutions.

On January 12, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against the Russian company Parsec, its employee Roman Alar, and six North Korean citizens living in Russia and China. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken blamed Parsec in his statement in participating in the supply of goods to North Korea for its missile program.

On January 11, South Korea announced the DPRK's launch of an “ unknown projectile. '' The Japanese government suggested that North Korea launched a ballistic missile. After that, the DPRK announced that it had successfully tested a hypersonic missile that flew 1,000 km and accurately hit the target.


On January 5, South Korea and Japan also announced the launch of the DPRK in the side of the Sea of ​​Japan of an unidentified missile, which could be a ballistic missile.

In 2006, the UN Security Council for the first time adopted a resolution condemning the missile tests carried out by the DPRK. The document demanded from all UN members not to allow the import to the DPRK or the export from there of missiles, related materials and technologies that can be used in the production of weapons of mass destruction. Since then, the sanctions of the international organization have been expanded several times.

In 2020, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet called for the weakening or suspension of sanctions against some countries affected by the coronavirus pandemic, including the DPRK.

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Ambassador Antonov said that behind the new US sanctions lies an attempt to influence Moscow


Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that behind the initiatives of the American authorities to introduce new sanctions against the Russian Federation there is an attempt to influence Moscow against the backdrop of ongoing negotiations.

“This pressure through threats to impose new sanctions reveals Washington’s inability to reasonably defend its point of view at the talks in Brussels,” he added.

According to him, the US calls for the introduction of sanctions against Russia are futile and provocative. Such a strategy of Washington will not be beneficial, but on the contrary, international security may suffer from these actions.

Earlier, Antonov called on America to move its military potential away from the borders of the Russian Federation and abandon aggressive rhetoric against the country.


WP learned about plans of US senators to propose sanctions against Putin

WP: in the US, they proposed sanctions against Putin in the event of Russia's invasion of Ukraine According to the publication, in addition to the president, restrictions are proposed to be introduced against key officials and the military, as well as banks. The restrictions and the SWIFT system will be affected. It is proposed to impose sanctions in the event of Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Democrats in the US Senate on Wednesday, January 12, will unveil a new package of sanctions against Russia in the event of a “ hypothetical invasion of Ukraine. '' This is reported by The Washington Post with reference to the text of the bill at the disposal of the publication.

According to the newspaper, restrictions will be proposed to be introduced against the Russian military, key banking institutions, as well as government officials, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. the article says.

In addition, in the event of a Russian “ invasion '' in Ukraine, sanctions will be imposed on Russian companies offering 'secure information exchange systems' similar to SWIFT.

The bill also states that the United States needs to “ consider all available and appropriate measures '' so that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline never worked. According to the newspaper, one of the proposed options should oblige the US President to impose sanctions against organizations that oversee the operation of the gas pipeline within 15 days.

On January 8, The New York Times reported that Washington is considering a sanction option under which the United States can ban the export to Russia of any consumer goods that use electronics produced or developed in the country. As the newspaper wrote, the ban could be imposed on any goods containing chips, from mobile phones and laptops to refrigerators and washing machines.

In turn, the Associated Press, citing senior US officials, noted that if Moscow introduces troops into Ukraine, the United States could add Russia to the list of countries that are subject to the most stringent export restrictions. Today, this list includes Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Syria.

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said in response that possible sanctions are not terrible for Russia. At the same time, he noted that reports of possible sanctions against Russia began to appear more and more often. In his opinion, this is primarily the creation of an information background for the negotiations between Russia and the United States, which began on January 10 in Geneva.

At the same time, the White House did not rule out that the sanctions, which would have had the most disastrous consequences for Russia in in the event of a possible escalation of the situation around Ukraine, including against Gazprom; or the central bank could harm the global economy. 'These negative consequences' can “ boomerang come back '' The United States in the year of the presidential election, to harm the country's economy and allies of the United States, they said in the White House.

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Zakharova assessed the US threats of new sanctions: a classic of the genre

photo frame from video

Official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova, in an interview with reporters, assessed the next statements of the United States about the possible introduction of new sanctions against the Russian Federation, Ren-TV reports.

According to the diplomat, similar threats and actions from the West against our country & nbsp; have already become “ classics '' and do not surprise anyone.

“The United States is trying in different ways to break us, to break our spirit,” Zakharova noted, commenting on Washington’s threats to impose a complete economic embargo against Moscow, similar to the DPRK and Cuba.



Antonov linked protests in Kazakhstan with US flight from Afghanistan

The protests in Kazakhstan, which escalated into major riots, occurred after the flight of the United States from Afghanistan, the actions of Washington led to the development of extremist ideas in the region. This was stated by the Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov.

According to him, Kazakhstan has come under attack from radicals professing a misanthropic ideology. The ambassador noted that thousands of jihadists and looters tried to undermine the constitutional order in Kazakhstan, used weapons against civilians, and also caused damage to state and private property.

“ I will note that all this happens after the American flight from Afghanistan and the rapid development against this background of extremist ideas and trends in the region '', & mdash; said Antonov.

The material is being supplemented

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Sohu: Russian Aerospace Forces planes “drove by the nose” US aviation in Alaska

Photo source: video screen.

Chinese journalists reported that in response to the activity of American military aviation on the borders of the Russian Federation, Russian pilots decided not to sit in a deep defense and repaid the enemy with the same coin.

Ordinary Moscow, in response to flights near its territory, has to lift fighters into the air and intercept aliens. However, according to the Chinese edition Sohu, the game can be played together. The translation of their article was published by PolitRussia.

Recently, Russian strategic bombers Tu-95MS entered the zone of operation of American air defense systems in the North Pacific. They several times approached the airspace of Washington in Alaska.

“The Tu-95MS bomber is one of the most important military aircraft in Russia. It can carry cruise missiles with a range of up to 2000 kilometers, and is also capable of playing the role of a carrier of nuclear weapons and using it to destroy the most important strategic targets of the enemy, “analysts noted.

The Pentagon maintains a large number of fifth fighters in Alaska generation F-22. They were lifted into the air to meet the Russian bombers for escort. However, the pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces did not change course and each time they simply bypassed the obstacle in their path. For several hours they “took the Americans by the nose”. The Russians managed to break through the barrier and spend several hours in the US air defense identification zone.

Military analysts called the actions of the Americans “a complete failure”, because they proved their complete uselessness in air battles.

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US court terminates harassment charges against governor

Photo: Still from video

AP reports that a US court dismissed a lawsuit against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for sexual harassment. Amid the scandal, the politician resigned as head of state.

Cuomo was accused of inappropriate behavior in early 2021. In particular, the former assistant to the governor stated that he “got his hand under her blouse.” This allegation formed the basis of the formal charges brought forward. The politician was facing a year of imprisonment.

However, in November it turned out that the lawsuit was drawn up with violations – it did not contain certified testimonies of the victim and evidence of the crime. Cuomo's lawyers have petitioned to dismiss the case.


NBC learns about US readiness to discuss troop reductions in Eastern Europe

During negotiations with the Russian authorities, US representatives consider it possible to discuss a reduction in the number of American troops in the Baltic countries and Poland, NBC reports, citing one of the current employees of the presidential administration Joe Biden and two former intelligence officers who are familiar with the plan to prepare for the negotiations.

According to NBC sources, the US presidential administration is compiling a list of possible options that can be discussed, but any revision by the US of its military presence in Europe, Russia will have to make ; equivalent retaliatory steps '', and the withdrawal of Russian troops from the borders with Ukraine will not be enough.

In addition, during the negotiations, issues of reducing the scale of the military exercises, as well as timely notification of troop movements and the deployment of Iskander complexes on the territory of the Kaliningrad region; with missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

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FT: the US missed the opportunity to influence the Ukrainian crisis


The Financial Times writes that the United States has lost the initiative in the Ukrainian crisis. Now, according to the experts of the publication, the word is for Russia.

Political scientist Harlan Ullman calls a military clash between Moscow and Kiev impossible. He points out that Russia is focused on security issues.

The expert points out that Vladimir Putin is interested in resolving claims to NATO related to the expansion of the alliance to the east. Ulman writes that it is a security treaty that can be the key to defusing tensions.


Korotchenko did not rule out the appearance of US bases in Kazakhstan during the change of power

“The CSTO should not be passively silent now”

The situation in Kazakhstan forces political scientists to consider a variety of scenarios. Much will depend on how the authorities will act. But, probably, the Ukrainian scenario, when President Viktor Yanukovych was forced to flee the country, cannot be ruled out either. How will this affect Russian-Kazakh relations?

Photo by Nikolay Olkhovoy

A well-known military expert, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko believes that “the demolition of the legitimate government in Kazakhstan in the long term will lead to the exit of this country from the CSTO and the appearance of US military bases there, aimed at China (first of all!) And Russia. “. He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

In his opinion, “the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev should withdraw the army from the barracks and suppress the armed rebellion by force of arms.” “Marauders, murderers and rapists must be shot on the spot. There is a Constitution, its protection is the direct responsibility of the first person of Kazakhstan. Delay is like death, “the political scientist believes.

At the same time, according to him, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) “should not be passively silent now, but make an official statement of full support for the legitimate president of Kazakhstan. By all available means. ”

In turn, American political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky named the factors that make Kazakhstan an extremely important country for Russia. This is the presence of the Baikonur cosmodrome, which Russia leases from Kazakhstan. So far, the entire manned program of Russian cosmonautics is tied to Baikonur. The Plesetsk and Vostochny cosmodromes are not designed for manned launches.

The second factor is uranium deposits, which are the main source of fuel for Rosatom.

In addition, more than 3 million ethnic Russians live in Kazakhstan, whose fate will depend on who will be in power in Kazakhstan and what policy he will pursue towards the Russians.

It is worth adding the geographic factor. Now, through the territory of Kazakhstan and its airspace, there is a transport connection with Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, where Russian military bases are located.


US extends sanctions against Bosnian Serb leader Dodik

The USA imposed sanctions against the TV company “Alternative TV”. The American Ministry of Finance believes that Dodik personally controls it, promoting his own agenda. The politician himself called the new restrictions meaningless

Milorad Dodik

The US Treasury has imposed sanctions against the television company Alternative TV, associated with the former president of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the current member of the Serb Presidium Milorad Dodik, the ministry's press service said.

According to the American authorities, Alternative TV belongs to a company 'closely related to the Dodik family'. The TV company, in turn, is under “ personal control '' a politician who uses it to advance “ his own agenda, which includes denigrating other politicians, improving his own image, and promoting personal and political goals. ''

The US added the broadcaster to the SDN sanctions list. It provides for a freeze on assets and property in the United States, as well as a ban on US citizens from doing business with members of the list.

Dodik himself has been under US sanctions since 2017. The United States believes that he poses a serious threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina '' by obstructing the implementation of the Dayton Accords, which ended the civil war.

Now the sanctions against Dodik have been expanded as he “ continues to destabilize activities. abuses his powers, is associated with large-scale corruption that undermines the state institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, '' the US Treasury explained.

Dodik himself called the US decision to impose new sanctions senseless. “ At first they said that I had violated the Dayton Accords. Now I am accused of corruption, although neither in Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor in the world, such a criminal case has not been initiated against me, '', & mdash; he told RTRS. Dodik added that he does not question the constitutional order in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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How China is responding to US accusations of creating a “cotton gulag”

In China's Xinjiang Uygur region, a “cotton gulag” has been created, where Uyghurs are forced to work, human rights activists say. The United States supports this point of view. How business and China react to these accusations – in the RBC video


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US astronauts will remain on the ISS until 2030

The United States government will extend the presence of American astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) until 2030. This is reported by TASS with reference to the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

During this period, Washington intends to continue working on the ISS with its international partners in the face of Russia, Canada, Japan and Europe … This decision is due to the fact that the United States plans to continue to conduct breakthrough research on board the station.

According to NASA, during the existence of the ISS, more than three thousand studies were organized on it. At the same time, about 110 countries and territories were involved in carrying out certain works. Therefore, the extension of the American presence at the station will create conditions for another productive decade, the management stressed. In addition, this solution “ will allow for a smooth transfer of the capabilities of finding in low-earth orbit to one or several commercial directions. ''

Earlier, Roskosmos reported that the Zvezda module Potential last air leakage location found on ISS.


US military abandoned aircraft carrier in Mediterranean over Ukraine

The Pentagon left the US aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman in the Mediterranean over Ukraine

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered to leave the American strike aircraft carrier group led by the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman in the Mediterranean Sea due to the situation around Ukraine, reports Associated Press with reference to a Pentagon spokesman.

The aircraft carrier, as part of a strike group of five US Navy ships, was supposed to go to the Middle East, however, according to a Defense Ministry spokesman, plans have changed. “ This is necessary in order to reassure US allies and partners in the region, '' & mdash; said the interlocutor of the agency.

The information is confirmed by the publication USNI News. A Pentagon spokesman said that the carrier group would remain in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy for the time being, instead of heading towards the US Central Command's zone of operations through the Suez Canal.

According to the source, such a decision should “ convince European allies in the United States’s commitment to regional security. ” : // “alt =” The US military left the aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean because of Ukraine “/>


Foreign Ministry reported lack of consensus on aspects of negotiations with the US and NATO

Ryabkov said that there is no final agreement on aspects of negotiations with the US and NATO

Final agreements on all aspects of possible negotiations with the US and NATO on security guarantees have not yet been reached. About this RIA Novosti said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

According to him, only January 10 and 12 next year are considered as dates for meetings, but there are no final agreements.

“ We do not have final, full agreement on all aspects, but alternative dates are also not considered ', & mdash; Ryabkov said.

Earlier AFP, referring to the White House, reported that Russia and the US will hold talks on arms control and the situation in Ukraine 10 January, and the meeting of the Council of Russia & mdash; NATO will take place on January 12.

Ryabkov pointed out that Russia has officially submitted to the United States proposals on the agenda for the talks, but the American side is talking about “ some abstractions. '' “ Now we see links to unnamed representatives of the US administration that they imply a discussion of both Ukraine and arms control. What is arms control? This is some kind of abstraction & raquo;, & mdash; explained the deputy minister. He stressed that it is necessary to discuss at the consultations, first of all, the draft agreements with the United States and NATO provided by Moscow, “ our colleagues in Washington should proceed from this. ''

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The political scientist called the US flight from Afghanistan the biggest failure of the year

“Blinken is the anti-hero of the rating of politicians”

On the eve of the new year, it is fashionable to make a rating of the most important events of the outgoing year, as well as to remind what statements and deeds have been noted by world politicians over the year. For example, the American publication Politico has published its rating of failed predictions for 2021. The well-known American political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky commented on it.


According to the American edition, those politicians and political scientists who promised a painless withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan missed the most. Such predictions boiled down to the following: “ The US withdrawal from Afghanistan will in no way resemble the flight from Saigon (the capital of South Vietnam, hastily abandoned by the Americans in 1975. & ndash; MK '' ), everything will go smoothly , the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation. & ndash; MK ) will not seize power in the foreseeable future. ”

In fact, things went wrong. Videos from Kabul airport in which poor Afghans, clinging to the wheels of the landing gear of departing American transport planes, fell and crashed on the runway, went around the world. As Dmitry Drobnitsky wrote on his Telegram channel, this event deserves first place & nbsp; in the Failure of the Year nomination.

“ This is a live disaster, & ndash; he noted. & ndash; … It is obvious that from that moment on they ceased to be afraid of Sher Khan. The sacred power of the United States faded by several stellar values ​​at once. '' Anthony Blinken wins by a wide margin (US Secretary of State. & ndash; “ MK '' ). “ In 2021, Anthony Blinken was the most dangerous man in world politics, & ndash; noted Drobnitsky. & ndash; If he had not been restrained, he would almost certainly have unleashed a war, some kind of & ndash; another or more. ''

According to the Russian political scientist, Blinken must leave. “ Then there will be hope for at least a minimal adequacy of the White House '', & ndash; the expert believes.

He gave his forecast for 2022, including in connection with the new proposals of Russia in the field of security. In his opinion, the United States and NATO “ took the issue into cotton wool and will definitely try to wind up on the procedure. ''

“ All three centers of power will have difficulties and difficulties (Russia, USA, China. & Ndash; “ MK '' ). & ndash; As well as they have their own advantages and unique resources. Moscow, Beijing and Washington have just begun to master the planet at a new technological level. On this path, tough competition is inevitable. Therefore, in the coming 2022, we wish our diplomats and military to agree that this competition remains & nbsp; albeit tense, but mostly peaceful. ''


Statistics on the drop in US arms exports were criticized

“Arms sales accounting is a very sly thing”

The United States reduced arms exports to $ 138 billion by the end of fiscal year 2021. The drop in arms sales was $ 37 billion, or 21%, compared to the previous year. This was reported by TASS with reference to the data of the US State Department. Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), expressed doubts about the reliability of these data.

Photo: < p>Actually, the United States is the main arms dealer in the world. It is believed that the United States is much ahead of Russia in this indicator, which still holds the second place in the world in the export of military products.

If American military exports have indeed fallen so severely, then the US military-industrial complex has missed out on significant profits. And the military-industrial complex does not like this. The influential US military-industrial lobby may well provoke a “small victorious war” in the world so that the profits from the sale of weapons do not fall. Is there such a threat? “MK” asked the director of CAST Ruslan Pukhov to comment on the news.

– I think not. The point is that the sale of arms is a double-edged thing. Therefore, the USA, Germany and, in part, the UK are trying to underestimate the statistics on arms sales. But this is not done by outright lies. They just don't keep the statistics right.

– There are three arms export programs in the United States. The first – Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) – is, roughly speaking, when countries buy products of the military-industrial complex directly from the manufacturer. More expensive, but no political restrictions.

The second – Foreign Military Sales (FMS) – is when, as it were, the US government buys weapons from its manufacturers and, as it were, transfers to some allies.

< p> And there is a third program – Excess Defense Articles (EDA) – this is the sale of decommissioned weapons. So, more or less correct statistics are available only for the FMS program.

Moreover, the State Department issued a license to the Boeing company, and whether it sold or not sold is no longer taken into account. That is, as they say, the average temperature in a hospital.

It is very interesting when weapons are produced in cooperation. The Americans are making a missile defense system together with the Japanese. The latter supply them with something. How is all this taken into account? Agree, it's hard to say. Therefore, the statistics on arms exports is very crafty.

– Here is the Stockholm Peace Research Institute – SIPRI, which we all like to refer to. Every year he prepares a report on global arms sales. But there are peace-loving scientists who are not interested in the financial component, but in the impact of arms exports on international security. And the dollars they count in are not money dollars. They may end up with a Chinese cheap tank and an expensive American tank costing the same, because they put pressure on people at demonstrations in about the same way. Kidding. Therefore, you need to understand that they consider, roughly speaking, the amount of equipment supplied, and in monetary terms, their data is far from the truth.


Who was found guilty of kidnapping US businessman Boris Minakha?

Batyr Bekmuradov (henchman of Shakro Molodoy ) was found guilty of kidnapping a businessman from the United States Boris Minakha. The jury concluded that the ex-major of the Airborne Forces organized the kidnapping of the businessman in 2016, having found him guilty and not deserving of leniency. Shakro Molodoy's henchman in court did not deny that he was developing such a plan, but then, according to him, abandoned it (the plan). This was reported on December 24 by Kommersant.

According to Kommersant, in addition to Bekmuradov, businessman David Mirzoev appears in the case (according to some sources, close & nbsp; to the founder of Wimm-Bill-Dann; David & nbsp; Yakobashvili ). Criminal cases were opened against them under Art. 126 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 'Kidnapping' and according to Art. 330 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation 'Self-government'. The jury considered Shakro Molodoy's henchman to be the organizer of the crime, and Mirzoev & mdash; the instigator.

What is the background of the case?

In 2019, the FSB opened a case against Bekmuradov and Mirzoev, a source said.

According to the investigation, on the night of June 9, 2016, unidentified persons stopped Boris Minakha's car near his house in Gorki-2 near Moscow. on Rublevskoe highway. Then they tied the businessman and his driver, put bags on their heads and took them away towards the village, locked them in the garage.

The attackers forced the businessman to “ admit a debt of $ 21 million to the aforementioned David Yakobashvili after their sale elevator in the port of Yeisk on the Azov Sea. However, the men who attacked Minakhi were never identified. But the investigators came to the conclusion that Bekmuradov controlled the abduction remotely, while Mirzoev initiated the abduction.

& nbsp; Does it recognize itself Is Bekmuradov guilty?

Partially yes. According to the lawyer Yaroslav Pakulin , Batyr Bekmuradov pleaded guilty only to arbitrariness. He confessed that he was preparing a “ forceful effect in order to persuade the victim to return the money. '' But the abduction order was allegedly not received from him. He noted that the idea was “ abandoned by the instigator '' (Mirzoev).

The human rights activist also added that he asked the jury to study the audio recording of Bekmuradov's conversation with the security guard of his private security company, which sets out plans for the future without mentioning the victim's name. Pakulin emphasized that the conversation was not about the abduction of Minakha itself, but a scheme with “ delivery to Mirzoev's office with the help of a traffic police inspector. '' What was provided to the jury, the lawyer believes, are not complete recordings of the negotiations, but only phrases taken out of context.

The former paratrooper was in jail for the entire time of the trial and investigation, Mirzoev was under recognizance not to leave. After the verdict he was arrested. The punishment for the defendants will be known as early as next year.

What else is known about Bekmuradov and Mirzoev?

Bekmuradov is originally from Turkmenistan, but studied in Russia. Graduated from the Ryazan Airborne School. Then he worked as a career soldier, carried out combat missions & nbsp; Transnistria, Abkhazia and Yugoslavia. In 2008, he became an advisor to Anatoly Pochukayev, the head of the Ozersky district of the Moscow region. After some time, having obtained connections, Bekmuradov began to provide collection and security services. He met the head of a large mafia clan, Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy). And in 2018, thanks to such connections, he came under criminal prosecution. In March 2018, according to Kommersant's information, he was sentenced to almost 9 years for participation in an organized crime group by kingpin Shakro Molodoy. Bekmuradov tried several times to appeal against the verdict, but to no avail.

It is known about David Mirzoev that he is the nephew of billionaire David Yakoboshvili. The oligarch allowed Mirzoev to conduct many of his affairs. When Yakoboshvili fell ill, his nephew completely replaced his uncle for a while. During this period, according to the media, Mirzoev, being well acquainted with Bekmuradov, sent him to his senior comrade Zakhary Kalashov as the head of his security service. From that moment, Bekmuradov got into the criminal world and became Shakro Molodoy's henchman.



Eye and eye. US makes satellites to track hypersonic weapons

The & nbsp; Pentagon began the development and & nbsp; creation of space satellites for monitoring hypersonic weapons. New satellite constellation should 'fill the gap' in the & nbsp; American missile defense system. The Pentagon believes that they are necessary in & nbsp; in connection with the & nbsp; accelerated creation in & nbsp; the world, in & nbsp; including in & nbsp; Russia and & nbsp; China, hypersonic weapons, which are much more dangerous and & nbsp; less noticeable than conventional ballistic missiles.

< p>The Missile Defense Agency and the Space Development Agency have approved a number of projects for new satellites. The list includes a missile tracking satellite developed by L3Harris for the US Missile Defense Agency. The device has passed a critical design check, the company said. The satellite is designed for the Hypersonic and Ballistic Tracking Space Sensor (HBTSS) & nbsp; & mdash; this is the name of the new satellite constellation.

HBTSS & nbsp; & mdash; one of & nbsp; several proposed systems in & nbsp; the widespread space architecture of the new generation of the Department of Defense in & nbsp; low Earth orbit. The purpose of the program & nbsp; & mdash; Demonstrate the ability to detect and & nbsp; track traditional and emerging missile threats with & nbsp; infrared sensors and & nbsp; advanced processing capabilities.

In & nbsp; December 2020, the Space Development Agency selected L3Harris to build and & nbsp; launch four spacecraft that are capable of detecting and & nbsp; tracking ballistic and & nbsp; hypersonic missiles. The main difference between the new satellites & nbsp; & mdash; they will be in low-earth orbit. The current spacecraft designed to track ballistic missile launches are in a & nbsp; higher orbit. The lower the orbit, the more 'effort' must be applied to the apparatus to maintain its trajectory. Existing satellites usually cannot detect and & nbsp; track a hypersonic target.

Details about & nbsp; promising spacecraft have not yet been & nbsp; disclosed.

In & nbsp; January, the Missile Defense Agency awarded & nbsp; Northrop Grumman a contract for & nbsp; $ 155 million and & nbsp; L3Harris for & nbsp; $ 121 million to & nbsp; develop prototypes for demonstration in & nbsp; orbit. Both companies should deliver their satellites in & nbsp; 2023 & nbsp; year. & Nbsp; December 20 & nbsp; L3Harris Technologies completed the development of the project and & nbsp; has already started directly to create a sample of the new satellite. Previously, Northrop Grumman did the same.

L3Harris President said recent events, including the demonstration in China of a hypersonic glider, “ heightens the need to counter hypersound and & nbsp; modern maneuvering threats. '' Therefore, to detect and & nbsp; track ballistic and & nbsp; hypersonic missiles, satellites of the HBTSS program, equipped with infrared sensors and & nbsp; data processing systems in & nbsp; orbit, will be tested in two years. Agreements for & nbsp; launching satellites into & nbsp; low-earth orbit will be signed later.

Last year, the Space Research Agency, part of the US Space Force, released the requirements for & nbsp; reconnaissance satellites that will be responsible for & nbsp; detection and & nbsp; tracking of hypersonic weapons. It was reported there that it is planned to launch the first vehicles into & nbsp; orbit in & nbsp; 2022 fiscal year (will start in & nbsp; October 2021 & nbsp; year). But, like & nbsp; always, the timing of the program has shifted.

For reference:

L3Harris Technologies & nbsp; & mdash; company & nbsp; & mdash; a global innovator in the & nbsp; field of aerospace and & nbsp; defense technologies. The company provides advanced defense and & nbsp; commercial technologies in space, in & nbsp; air, & nbsp; land, & nbsp; sea and & nbsp; in & nbsp; cyberspace. L3Harris has an annual income of about $ 18 & nbsp; and & nbsp; has 47 & nbsp; 000 & nbsp; employees and & nbsp; its & nbsp; clients are located in more than & nbsp; 100 & nbsp; countries.


https: //spacenews. com/l3harris-missile-tracking-satellites-pass-critical-design-reviews/


US outraged by Turkish drones sale to Ethiopia over Tigray rebels

The US government has expressed dissatisfaction with the sale of Turkish drones to Ethiopia.

According to the Pentagon, there is more and more evidence of combat use data from UAVs against the Tigraya rebels, writes Reuters.

Earlier, about 10 attack UAVs Wing Loong of Chinese and Bayraktar TB2 of Turkish production were seen at one of the airbases of the Ethiopian Air Force.

At the moment there is no actual evidence their military use in the operation against the Tigraya rebels.

Thousands of Ethiopian army personnel are held captive by the Tigraya rebels, who are developing an active offensive against the capital of the country, the city of Addis Ababa.

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia personally went to the front, and a number of countries have already called on their citizens to urgently leave the region.


US authorizes Pfizer pills to treat COVID-19

Plot of a novel coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

The FDA has approved Pfizer's COVID-19 Paxlovid pills, the Associated Press reports.

“ This decision gives a new tool for combating COVID-19 at a critical moment in a pandemic, during the emergence of new strains, and promises to make treatment more affordable for patients at high risk of severe COVID-19, '' & mdash; Patricia Cavazzoni, a spokeswoman for the evaluation and research of drugs, said in a statement.

It is noted that the Paxlovid drug will be the first pill for COVID-19 approved in the United States.

A company spokesman previously clarified that the tests new drugs are being carried out all over the world. In total, seven thousand people participate in them.

It is expected that by the end of this year, Pfizer will launch more than 180 thousand doses of the drug, and in 2022 – & mdash; will increase production to 50 million.

Paxlovid is developed both for the prevention of coronavirus infection and for the treatment of & nbsp; patients with high and medium risk of severe disease.