Rihanna Celebrates ‘ANTI’ Era With Sizzla’s ‘Black Woman And Child’ As Soundtrack

Rihanna used Sizzla’s classic “Black Woman And Child” as the soundtrack for her ANTI celebration and Women’s History Month.

The Bajan pop star certainly got a lot on her plate right now, but today she took a timeout to thank her supporters. Through her many achievements, she also has a lot to celebrate too. The “Diamonds” singer has not released any music in over five years, and this fact puts her at the mercy of her fans as they constantly beg for new music. Rihanna‘s last album, ANTI, which was released on January 28, 2016, did exceptionally well. So much so that it has managed to remain on the Billboard 200 for five consecutive years since its release. This has earned her the unique title of being the first black female artist to achieve this milestone in the chart’s history.

Rihanna took to Instagram today to celebrate the momentous feat with her ridiculously immense 93.6 million fans and followers. In a short video collage featuring images and clips from her clothing line, her charitable works, her runway appearances, her stage performances, her in the studio recording music, her with family and friends, and a snippet showing how the artwork for the album was painted, Rihanna lauded her significant achievement.

She captioned the post, “grateful to the most High for putting die hard supporters in my circle #Anti #Womens History Month. congrats to everyone that contributed to this era, thank you team.”

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For the video collage, RiRi also carefully selected the soulful sound of Jamaican artist Sizzla as the background soundtrack. The artiste can be heard chanting his powerful and invoking “Black Woman and Child” anthem. He croons, “Who what, The Black nation. I love It / From di day mi born mi did dun know sey / My color a di first, I nuh last / So how yuh expect I fi duh certain things / Black woman and child, yeh yeh yeah. For you I really have so much love / Dollar bills and coins will fade away.”

The rest of the song, although not included in the clip, fittingly continues, “They could never make I so proud / Black woman and child, yeh yeh yeah / For you I really have so much love / Dollar bills and coins will fade away / They could never make I so proud.”

The track is perfect as March is also being celebrated as Women’s History Month. Of course, Rihanna is being recognized for her contributions to music and fashion, not only for being a woman but also as a black woman. Rihanna has always been a huge fan of Jamaican music, and over the past few weeks, she homage various reggae/dancehall acts. She has been posting various clips of herself singing along and dancing to Popcaan’s music, and now she has featured another Jamaican artiste, Sizzla Kalonji, in her social media content. RiRi’s love for Sizzla runs far and deep, and she has even collaborated with Reggae and Dancehall superstar on the remix for his track titled “Give Me A Try.” Rihanna previously named Sizzla as “one of her all-time favorite artists”. She has also attended his concerts showing she really respects him as a musician.

Her highlighting of these artistes left fans wondering if a collaboration of sorts may be happening with a reggae or dancehall act coming on her 9th album, dubbed R9. We know there are talks of an upcoming album but still no clear detail as to when it will be released, and those talks have been happening for some time now.

ANTI is Rihanna’s eighth studio album and had differed from her previous albums with less dance and club music and more pop, hip hop, soul, and elements of the dancehall genre. Just two days after its release, the album was certified platinum by the RIAA.

Another female artiste who has also shown her support for Women’s History Month is Queen Bey. Beyoncé paid tribute via her website to Michaela Coel and Cardi B, and others, calling them “trailblazers in their own right.”

In a very thought-provoking post, she quoted Maya Angelou: “The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humor, and style.”

Beyoncé then acknowledged the women’s achievements, writing, “Their passion and brilliance shone on courts, zoom stages, streaming services, television, books, dance, and song. They gave us joy and provided escapism in the midst of an overwhelming year.”

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Sizzla Kalonji Slighted Vanity Rastas Jah Cure & Fantan Mojah: “Cut It Out”

Reggae/dancehall icon Sizzla Kalonji didn’t minced his words when calling out rastas like Jah Cure and Fantan Mojah, who’ve made headlines recently for the content they put out.

The name Miguel “Sizzla” Collins has been synonymous with the upliftment of the downtrodden from as early as the late 80s to the early 90s when he first broke onto Jamaica’s musical scene. Known for his resolute and no-nonsense type approach to his core beliefs, Sizzla, who also goes by the name Kalonji, is lashing out against entertainers who have detoured from the path of righteousness after gaining success. He is also charring much fire against Covid and all the elements which arise from its outbreak, inclusive of a vaccine that many have zero faith in.

For many, his controversial anthem “Nah Apologize” paints him as a callous man, a radical who is not ready to conform to the modern era and its practices. The deejay continued his vocal thrashing of those he sees trodding on wayward paths from his Judgement Yard base in August Town this morning.

“You have some people wa have locks eno, and wear turban and black to eno and them a do some things wa make dem set a people de weh a foundation people disgruntled,” Sizzla explained to his Instagram LIVE audience. “You can’t de suffer and you never corrupt, you did clean, everything a gwaan good, you just no have no money, no big house and no pretty car, your reputation is well. And now as you rich you get corrupt and dirty and nasty? A Wa ya do?” Sizzla questioned.

“You see some a uno artiste weh a do tha likkle supm de weh no acceptable by the Jamaican nation, uno cut it out eno. That’s not Jamaican eno. ” he advised his fellow co-workers. The deejay did not pinpoint a specific individual who was not upholding the Rastafarian faith. Fans have been throwing out names such as Jah Cure and Fantan Mojah, who have both recently made headlines for controversial actions.

Fantan Mojah

Jah Cure has found himself in a number of issues with females, the latter allegedly leading to a physical face-off with dancehall entertainer Popcaan where weapons were drawn. Mojah caught the attention of high-ranking Rastafarian when he released his very raunchy and explicit music video for his new dancehall number, “Fire King.” When confronted by Mutabaruka, Mojah clapped back with unsavory accusations of the poet and radio personality allegedly having relations with Bob Marley’s former flame, Cindy Breakspeare.

Yet much of Sizzla’s energy was spent on his comments about the virus that practically emerged out of nowhere in the latter parts of 2019. The deejay, who has been hailed as a living prophet, sided with other Rastafarians in their chorus against the ‘plandemic’ and all that comes with it. Buju Banton and Spragga Benz have also hit out against the government’s plan in recent weeks, as the country received and started distributions of its first batch of vaccines. During his address, Sizzla reminded Jamaicans that precautionary measures such as embracing proper personal hygiene, keeping to oneself, and not traversing the roads at night are all practices taught to the majority of the population during childhood.

Sizzla is also asking the powers that be to stop scaring the masses with the pandemic and he added that he don’t think politicians or anyone should get vaccinated. “Stop scare we wid this coronavirus and this vaccine thing, it ain’t gonna work,” he declared. “Me no wa see nobody in the Jamaican parliament taking no coronavirus vaccine, no one in the military or constabulary force, no one in the marines, no doctor, no nurse, nothing no do uno so no come take nun round ya.”

In another segment of his LIVE session, Sizzla Kalonji torched corruption and homosexuality while reminding viewers of the beauty of his community, August Town, especially as the sun crept over the side of the mountain.

Jah Cure previously addressed criticisms of him being a Rastafarian who isn’t humble. Check out his video below.

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XXXTentacion Says A Vybz Kartel Collaboration Coming

XXXTentacion and Vybz Kartel on the same track should be fire.

The South Florida rapper, who previously claimed he has some Jamaican roots, announced on Instagram last night that he has a collaboration coming out with the incarcerated dancehall star. Rappers wanting to collaborate with Vybz Kartel is nothing new and in fact, over the last few months, we’ve heard rumors of artists like Drake and Cardi B wanting to get the World Boss on a track. The difference here is that this announcement is coming directly from the artist and not some unnamed source tipping off the media.

“Vybz Kartel featuring XXXTentacion, coming soon, lol only the Jamaicans and Hispanics know what i’m talking about!” X wrote on IG stories. XXXTentacion worked with Sizzla Kalonji on his “My Girl” single last year, but if this new single materialized, it will be the first time the “Look At Me” rapper and Vybz Kartel are working together.

Last year XXXTentacion blast Drake for tapping into dancehall for his last two albums saying that he is way more Jamaican than Drake claims to be because his family is mostly from Kingston. There could be some truth to the story since X is from Lauderhill in South Florida where there is a strong Jamaican contingent.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence for murder but is still putting out a ton of new music from behind bars. XXXTentacion currently has a mountain of legal troubles and is currently under house arrest while he awaiting trial for kidnapping and assaulting a pregnant woman. In December, he was slapped with 15 new charges for tampering with a witness when he defied court orders and contacted his ex-girlfriend who is the victim in his case. Like Vybz Kartel, X is facing some serious time behind bars if he is found guilty of the charges.

LA Lewis Claims Sizzla Put A Hit Out For Him “My Kids Are In Danger”

LA Lewis is claiming that Sizzla has a hit out on his head.

Perhaps these two dancehall artists should make peace before someone gets seriously hurt or killed. Last weekend, LA Lewis posted a video on Facebook telling his fans that he was attacked by some of Sizzla goons who brandish guns in his face while he was traveling from August Town, a place where Kalonji is like a don. On New Year’s Eve, Lewis posted another video claiming that he was attacked once again and this time the men poured liquor on his kids.

“People this is no joke, Sizzla Kalonji send his hitman them to take out LA Lewis,” he said on Facebook. “Sizzla man them poured liquor on LA and his babies them in the car, me a beg unnu please put an end to this the man them want to kill my kids over foolishness.”

Sizzla has not responded to LA Lewis’ claims of a hit out on his head, but the reggae/dancehall legend did make a very serious threat during his performance on Christmas Day at GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza in St. Elizabeth. Nevertheless, dancehall fans have been calling for the artists to make peace before the situation gets out of hand. Tensions are currently extremely high between the two deejays which means a third party will likely have to step in and mediate the situation.

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Sizzla Send His Goons After LA Lewis Who Ran To Police Station

Sizzla has sent his goons after LA Lewis prompting the deejay to file a police report.

Tensions are currently high between Sizzla and LA since the reggae icon’s performance at GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza on Monday at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth. Sizzla, who closed the show, used part of his set to blast LA Lewis over a leaked explicit video showing him performing “Equal Rights” on his girlfriend. For those of you who are unaware of the meaning of “Equal Rights” you can listen to Ishawna song here.

“LA Lewis, anytime me see yu again me ago kick yu under the throat,” the “Thank You Mama” singer said. LA quickly shot back saying that Kalonji is looking for a hype off his name and should take his advice and try eating “pum pum.” Knowing Sizzla, that statement is not sitting well with him and on Saturday, LA Lewis posted a video on Facebook telling his fans how Sizzla send his goons after him in August Town.

“Almost this morning one bag of things unnu hear say gwaan,” he said in the clip. “Last night mi a come from August town just to see men come draw down on me with guns and a tell me say Sizzla call me.” LA says at first he thought that Kalonji was just looking a hype but now he knows that it’s very serious. The self-proclaim 7-Star deejay says that Bounty Killer and Sizzla are also telling disc jockeys not to play his music.

“This is no joke people Sizzla Kalonji send man fi LA Lewis last night,” he added. The deejay says he went straight to the police station and filed a report about the incident. He also claimed that he knows two of the men personally and can identify them.


Posted by L A Lewis 7 on Saturday, December 30, 2017

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LA Lewis Shot Back At Sizzla “He Should Try Taste Pum Pum”

LA Lewis has shot back at Sizzla Kalonji who threatened to teach him a lesson.

Unless you have been living off the grid then you would’ve likely heard about the leaked video of LA Lewis dubbed the “Equal Rights” video for male dancehall artists. The deejay has since been on a campaign to get dancehall culture more accepting of certain sexual acts but Sizzla is not having it. During his performance at Monday’s GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth, Kalonji blast LA Lewis while threatening to put his foot on his neck. “Anyweh me see yu again, me ago kick yu under yu throat,” the dancehall legend said on stage.

According to the self-proclaim 7-Star deejay, Sizzla is merely using his name for the hype and he should try eating “pum pum” himself. “Sizzla need to understand that is modern time now, and me read my Bible about 15 times already, and no weh it nuh say ‘thou shall not make love to thy woman,’” LA Lew When Sizzla a burn LA Lewis, him fi go burn the tings dem whe a gwan ina di country like di road dem whe a fix and other things. Him need to taste it if him no start or admit say him dweet.”

LA Lewis also challenges Sizzla to a lyrical battle rather than a physical one. “Just put me name inna a song and make me get mad. Sizzla, cool yuhself and go write some lyrics inna yuh old age,” he added. LA is clearly looking to capitalize on the extra press that he is getting especially from someone as big as Kalonji, but whether or not he will get his wish of a lyrical battle is far-fetched. Something tells me that this feud will not end well for somebody.

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Sizzla Iced Bobo Hill Fire Rumors “Wasn’t Me”

Sizzla Kalonji says he has nothing to do with the infamous fire at Bobo Hill recently.

Rumors started circulating on social media over the last week claiming that the reggae/dancehall icon was behind the fire that destroyed multiple buildings, computer equipment, and some important documents. Sizzla’s manager, Homer Harris, has since responded to the rumors calling them false. “[The Bobo Hill fired] was caused by a goat on a neighbor’s property, [and there are claims] that Sizzla was involved in some capacity,” Harris said.

“For the record, Sizzla has no affiliation with the fire or any of the rumors that are circulating on social media in regards to the situation,” he added. “If anything, these scrupulous individuals that have tried to defame and libel Sizzla’s character are doing so out of malicious and vindictive intent.”

Harris added that Sizzla is not a violent person and does not condone the use of violence to solve conflicts. The deejay’s manager also pointed out the work that Sizzla has been doing in the August Town community to stop crime and violence and last year there were zero murders in that community.


Sizzla New Album “I’m Yours” Debut On Billboard

Sizzla new album “I’m Yours” debut in the top five of two major Billboard charts last week.

This marks the highest debut for the reggae/dancehall icon who has roughly 70 albums under his belt over is near three decades career. The project “I’m Yours” was released on August 11, 2017, under the FX Music Group label. The 11-track album is currently available on iTunes/Apple Music and was executive produced by Jon FX who also heads FX Music Group. The album debut at number three on the Billboard Reggae chart and number four on the Billboard Heatseeker’s chart and is expected to climb.

Sizzla Kalonji says the achievement means a lot for his career. “This means a lot to my career as it heightens my spirit to even continue my work in such a competitive world of music,” Kalonji said. “I’m really happy about what’s going on because it’s pleasing my fans worldwide.” On the album, you can expect singles such as “Model,” “My Girl,” and “Fair Chance.”

The project also features Ghanian singer Stonebwoy as the lone guest feature. Jon FX has been working with Sizzla since the mid-1990s.

Sizzla New Album “I’m Yours” Dropping On August 11

Sizzla is getting ready to unleash his new album I’m Yours on August 11, 2017.

Sizzla Kalonji has already released over 70 albums over his career but this one the producer said shows evolution in his music. The project was produced by Jon FX, who praised the reggae star for his work ethics. “I have done many songs with Sizzla, and this album is considered a summary of what Sizzla has done and where he has been,” FX said. “Pertaining to sound, it’s amazing to see how he has evolved over the years from the standard one-drop all the way to Afro beat, and that’s an amazing thing.”

Jon FX described the new album as one of Sizzla’s best work to date. The 11-track album will see guest features from Ghanaian singer Stonebwoy and award winning singer Mz Vee. “I received vocals from Sizzla each week, and I would get rid of the rhythms and created brand new beats for every single one of them,” FX added. “Every track is tailor-made to the vocals.” FX has worked with Sizzla on several songs since the mid-1990s.

The album I’m Yours is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.