Illmaculate & Onlyone – Grow Ops Lyrics (feat. Yukmouth)

[Verse 1: Only One]
I sold grams, I sold weight
I sold Pakistan, I sold Grapes
I was smoking OG Kush in ’08
When y’all didn’t even know the names of your own strain
I showed ’em the ins and outs
Before motherf**kers knew the difference between ins & outs
Never even been in a drought
A police officer, is something I don’t give a shit about

So many reasons to hate ’em it’s hard to pick one out
Pick ’em out, at the trough, pigging out
Stick ’em now we skipping town
Stick shift I’m out jurisdiction now
Pigs wanna record me
And set a sting for me
But the judge got a thing for me

[Hook: Only One]
The more weed to clip, the more grow ops
The more police that trip, the more gun shots
No finger prints, no mug shot
No eye witnesses, no drug charge

[Illmaculate] {​x2}​
f**k advice, illegal search from info that’s passed down (down)
Tell the D.A. you love my shit

[Verse 2: Only One]
The IRS, a bunch of f**king low lifes to me
I don’t know exactly why I really don’t like police
I been poor my whole life, nah I don’t buy my beats
I don’t ghost write, all the dead rappers ghost write for me
Place the seeds of doubt with trees
Exchange G’s for pounds
I really lived on the streets, f**k what the streets about
Yeah I’m on that

Regular road trips
Rentals that holds whips instead of my own shit
Rap money slow up I’m betting on both flips
New money, getting my bread up with old licks
My head’ll tell me depending on those chicks
Percent is the loc split
Quit spending and go get, bread
Peddling dope, attention is so thick
Slept on but won’t quit
The Feds on my phone…click
Head on swivel, feet on pivot
Watch the company you keep when you leave home with it
Only five over the limit, oh so driven
No kidding, windows tinted, my clothes scented
From the new flavors we blew major, my suit tailor
Move weight and I’m food saver a few favors

Tell the D.A. you love my shit
The judge got a thing for me
Tell the D.A. you love my shit

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]
Go to sleep every night smoking on loud
Waking up baking I’m smoking on strong
I do the rig and at night the collector
I don’t fool with pipe and I don’t do no bong
Sipping Patron, rolling up cones
Smoking a whole zip then I get in my zone
Get it? A zip is a zone
We balling and all of my niggas is on
Twisting o.z.’s in one joint boy
Them Megatron’s go dumb boy
Shotgun blow to your lung boy
That shatter glow, some dumb goy
My blades chop ’em, Bruce Leroy
Back in the day was a D-Boy
Now I’m growing them trees boy
Got 20 lights an O.G. boy
Got a hundred clones, that’s me boy
Grow factory, that’s all me
My weed man’s so salty, I told him “f**k off” and don’t call me
Like Devin The Dude I got Coffee
Please tell the Feds to get off me
Got a grow card and a med card
Pop 2-1-5, so I’m all G
I’m all G, Gucci belt
Stack of G’s, Gucci hat
20 p’s, Louie bag
Made ’em cash out, Gucci bag
Then I skeed off in the newest Jag’
Black F tight, yeah the Coupe is back
Gotta be shadowed when I do a dab
Then I wipe my nail off on a Gucci rag