The first posthumous album from reggae legend U-Roy has arrived

The first posthumous album from reggae legend U-Roy has arrived
The album boasts features from Ziggy Marley, Shaggy, Santigold, Rygin King, and more.

By Sajae Elder

July 16, 2021

The first posthumous release from U-Roy, known as the “Godfather of dancehall,” was released on Friday. Boasting features from artists including Shaggy, Santigold, and Ziggy Marley, who appears on album opener “Trenchtown Rock,” the album was originally slated for release in 2020 after being recorded throughout 2019.


Known best for pioneering the earliest iterations of rapping originally called “toasting,” U-Roy left behind a lasting legacy after he died earlier this year.

Most recently, the late star’s label Trojan Jamaica shared “Man Next Door,” alongside Santigold. Today, a visualizer for the Ziggy Marley-assisted “Trenchtown Rock,” a cover of Bob Marley’s 1973 hit, was released.


Listen to “Trenchtown Rock” above and stream the album below.


Rygin King Says New Album Will Be His Testimony, Drops First Single “Inna Mi Mind”

Rygin King is preparing to give his testimony in his new album.

Last year summer, dancehall deejay Rygin King was hospitalized following a gun attack. The popular deejay was shot and injured after his convoy stopped following an unrelated accident in Westmoreland. Prayers immediately went up for his recovery, and there were some rumors that he would have been left paralyzed following the incident. He’s dispelled all those negative rumors and has even announced an upcoming album.

He’s been back on the scene a few months now and is satisfying his fan’s call for new music. Recently he released “Inna Mi Mind,” which he has said shows that his dominance of the genre is still there. “Mi ah still ‘Dancehall’s Baddest Ting’, mi just a ketch back the flame. We no gone nowhere, ah just one king, any other king, a muss a napkin,” he told the STAR.

The ever-confident 25-year-old deejay, whose real name is Matthew Smith, explained that the track helped him to get back in musical shape. “With this single, mi ah remind myself of the process, mi a remind myself that it all started inna mi mind before I could make it a reality. So when mi sit down and ‘meds’ by myself more time, mi realise seh mi did have to conceive it first inna mi mind, that’s where it begins, with an energy and a dream,” he said.

He added that the song acted as a message to himself “and the youths out there that no matter the fight, you have to keep trying.” He also revealed that he has intentions of shooting a video to accompany the track.

He’s lucky to be alive following the incident, which according to reports, happened in Bethel Town when one of the cars was involved in a collision. Eyewitnesses said that while the entourage was attending to the vehicle, a car drove up, and a gunman shot at the bystanders, which included Rygin King. He was shot three times. He’s definitely used the experience to grow stronger.

“God give me strength and life. Once we have life, we can work to make everything else better. My album is going to be big. Mi have a testimony to tell the world. Mi just did a regain mi confidence; dem shot a lot of energy outta me,” he continued.

The “Ruption” singer has been making waves since he returned to the scene and has already gotten over five million views on YouTube for his single “No Emotion.” He’s also enjoyed success with a few others, including “Mission,” and “Dancehall Baddest Ting.”

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Dancehall Artist Rygin King Update Fans On His Recovery, Promises New Music

Popular dancehall entertainer, Rygin King, seems to be on the mend following a devastating shooting incident last year. Now, it seems the artiste is pumped, in good spirits, and ready to deliver new music to his army of fans.

On Saturday, the artiste took to Instagram and thanked his supporters. “I’m blessed thanks be to God I just want to say everybody that Prayed for me I am grateful,” he expressed.

Rygin King then went on to let his fans know that they can expect some new installments for his music catalog, “For all that energy you guys send up to the big man for me prayer really works Long life and prosperity to one and all new music coming soon.”

On June 28, 2020, the “Things Gon Change” artiste was critically injured after he was shot upon leaving a funeral in Westmoreland. That incident drastically changed his life and left the entertainer with lifelong physical and emotional scars. He reportedly sustained injuries to his chest and leg and was rushed into emergency surgery. A female, later identified as Rygin’s girlfriend, was also traveling in the vehicle during the incident. She also sustained gunshot wounds and tragically died as a result of her injuries.

Rygin King

Urban Islandz reported the deejay had to undergo “surgery on his lung.” The operation was a success, but that did not mean the artiste was out of the woods. He was later moved to different medical facilities across the country throughout his recovery process as there were further attempts on his life. During his stay in the hospital, multiple men attempted to gain access to him to carry out the assassination, as was speculated at the time.

Thankfully, police were able to apprehend the men and decided to keep Rygin King’s new recovery locations a secret. There were many speculations over the months as to his recovery, with various reports indicating numerous diagnoses. At one point, there were even reports that he was paralyzed. It is with great relief that fans get to witness their beloved deejay doing much better. It is also a bonus that he will be releasing music soon, although he has dropped a few new tracks since the incident such as, “Cheddar” and “Glu.”

Who is Rygin King?

Rygin King, whose real name is Matthew Smith, hails from Norwood, St. James, and rose to prominence in 2018 as the closing act for Reggae Sumfest. He recently faced some backlash from his fans over a post he made showcasing the mother of his son, where he was viewed as a “hypocrite.” However, this seemed to have been a misunderstanding and was quickly cleared up.

Over the past few months since the shooting incident, he has been focusing on his recovery, and his posts have been very positive in their tone. His fans are now waiting for him to release some new music and are happy to see him recovering.

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