Russia to work on resuming flights with Georgia

Senator Karasin: Russia will work on resuming flights with Georgia The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called “the cessation of the Russophobic campaign” among the conditions for lifting the ban alt=”Russia will work on resuming flights with Georgia” />

Russia will work on resuming flights with Georgia. Grigory Karasin, head of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, stated this in a conversation with TASS.

“Let's hope we will work in this direction,” — he said on the sidelines of the XIII International Economic Summit “Russia” Islamic World: KazanSummit 2022».

In January, the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that among the conditions for lifting the ban on air travel with Georgia— “stopping the Russophobic campaign”, “a more balanced policy” against Russia and the “disappearance of threats to security” Russians.

Moscow remains committed to the goals of normalizing Russian-Georgian relations and restoring bilateral ties, but such a process should be a “two-way street,” the ministry stressed.

Ban on flights with Georgia is temporary, the Foreign Ministry emphasized.

Russia severed direct flights with Georgia on June 21 amid protests in Tbilisi. The reason for the protests was that State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Sergei Gavrilov sat in the speaker's chair during the opening of the meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy in the Georgian parliament.

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After that, the opposition Georgian parties “United National Movement” and “European Georgia” considered that a deputy from Russia cannot be in the Georgian parliament and take the chair.

The protesters demanded the resignation of speaker Irakli Kobakhidze and the holding of early parliamentary elections. Kobakhidze complied with their demands by resigning on June 21.

According to the decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin, flights of Russian airlines to the country ceased on July 8. Later, the Russian Ministry of Transport announced that from that date a temporary ban on flights to Russia of Georgian airlines would also be introduced.

The head of the Ministry of Transport at that time, Yevgeny Dietrich, then warned that due to the decision to close direct flights with Georgia, Russian airlines will lose about 3 billion rubles.

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Georgia declares non-recognition of referendum in South Ossetia

Georgian ruling party rules out recognition of South Ossetian referendum Georgian authorities do not recognize the de facto referendum in South Ossetia on unification with Russia, as well as the presidential elections in this country and its government, said the head of the ruling party. Voting will take place on July 17

Tskhinvali, South Ossetia

The Georgian authorities do not intend to recognize the referendum in South Ossetia on the issue of unification with Russia, which will be held on July 17, as well as its results, said the head of the ruling Georgian Dream party. Irakli Kobakhidze, quoted by Imedinews.

"With regard to such initiatives, we have a clear policy, and we do not recognize either the de facto government, or the de facto elections, or the de facto referendum. Our position on this matter is very clear, very clear. Therefore, it is natural to follow the same line, — he said.

The day before, Anatoly Bibilov, the current president of South Ossetia, which the Georgian authorities consider an occupied region, signed a decree on holding a referendum on the question of the republic's entry into Russia. Voting will take place on July 17th. Bibilov stated that he “was guided by the historical desire of the people of the Republic of South Ossetia for reunification with Russia and in accordance with paragraph 16 of Article 50 of the Constitution of the Republic, such wording is given in his decree. On the night of May 14, the document was approved by the Supreme Court of South Ossetia.

On voting day, citizens will have to answer the question of whether they support “unification of the Republic of South Ossetia and Russia”.

Bibilov lost the presidential election to his rival, the head of the opposition Nykhas party. Alan Gagloev, he is expected to take office after May 20. After the election, Gagloev emphasized that the authorities would organize a referendum when they received a signal from Moscow, since the decision should be made by both sides. “The main factor here is the willingness of the Russian Federation to take on such responsibility,” — he said.

In response to the initiative, the Kremlin noted that they would respect the results of the vote, but noted that Moscow did not participate in this process in any way from a legal point of view. Deputy head of the commission “United Russia” for International Cooperation Andrei Klimov and Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs Artem Turov said that there are no obstacles for the region to join the country.

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Georgia submitted answers to the first part of the questionnaire for EU accession

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili handed over the answers to the first part of the questionnaire required for joining the EU. Tbilisi plans to send answers to the sectoral part by May 13. A decision on Georgia's EU membership is expected at the end of June

Karl Khartsel and Irakli Garibashvili

The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili, handed over the answers to the first part of the questionnaire for obtaining the status of a candidate for EU membership, to the head of the EU Delegation in Tbilisi, Karl Hartzel, the press service of the administration of the Georgian government reports.

Gharibashvili added that the government Georgia and all relevant departments continue intensive work on filling out the second, sectoral part of the questionnaire, which includes 33 chapters and up to 2300 questions. According to him, Tbilisi wants to transfer the second part of the questionnaire to the EU by May 13.

The press service noted that after receiving the completed questionnaire, the European Commission will start preparing its own assessment report, which will then be submitted to the Council of the European Union, and a corresponding decision on Georgia's possible accession to the EU is expected by the end of June.

Georgia applied for EU membership together with Moldova in early March, following Ukraine. The desire for EU membership and Euro-Atlantic security structures is enshrined in the country's Constitution.

Georgia and Moldova received a questionnaire for obtaining the status of a candidate for EU membership on April 11, Ukraine— two days earlier. The head of the Moldovan Foreign Ministry, Nikolai Popescu, then said that he expected Chisinau to fill out the document within a few weeks. Ukraine handed over the completed questionnaire on April 18.

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Georgia urges US to increase its political support

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili called on Western partners, including the United States, to “remember” Georgia and Moldova and demonstrate political support for these countries, which will be an “important signal” to Moscow

Georgia now needs the political support of Western partners, including the United States , as an “important signal” for Moscow, President Salome Zurabishvili said in an interview with The Hill.

She said she hoped to see Georgia among the talking points released by the Biden administration, saying it would send “an important message” for Moscow. Zurabishvili stressed that this is not about increasing military assistance, but about demonstrating political support for Georgia, as well as Moldova.

According to her, despite the fact that Moscow cannot now deploy troops to start a new operation, Russia “can still play on nerves,

and this is what it is doing in Transnistria, trying to sow fears, destabilize the population”

“In this way, Russia shows that even if it is focused on Ukraine, it does not forget Moldova and [Georgia]. So, again, our Western partners should, for their part, not forget Georgia, — she said.

Zurabishvili also indicated that Georgia does not intend to back down from its NATO aspirations, as it seeks security guarantees.

In early April, after announcing the resignation of Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani and his appointment as the country's ambassador to the United States, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili called Washington the most important strategic partner of Georgia. According to him, the task of Tbilisi — bring relations between the two countries to a new, higher level. “I believe David can do it,” — he said.

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In mid-February, Reuters reported that Georgian Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze, while on a visit to Brussels, said that the country's accession to NATO is the only way to preserve the country's territorial integrity. In early March, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the issue of membership of Georgia and Ukraine in NATO is not currently on the agenda. Presidents of the United States and France Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron and Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg also spoke about this.


Georgia will not become a country to bypass the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation because of Ukraine


Georgia will not be drawn into the “game” imposed by the EU and the US, and will not become a platform for evasion of sanctions imposed on Russia because of Ukraine, said Irakli Kobakhidze, chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party, ex-speaker of parliament.

In an interview with the Georgian TV channel Imedi, he explained that he did not will allow the country to be manipulated by both European and Russian partners.

Let us recall that Tbilisi and Moscow have developed close relations and they are negotiating to establish a “smuggling route” for the transport of weapons Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Irina Vereshchuk said earlier this week.

In an interview with the Georgian TV channel Formula, she recalled that Georgia had refused to impose sanctions against Moscow.< /p>


Stoltenberg: NATO will increase support for Ukraine and Georgia

Photo: Global Look Press

NATO will not send ground troops into Ukraine and close the sky over it so as not to provoke Russia. But the alliance intends to provide Kiev with military assistance and will significantly increase its own presence in Eastern Europe.

This was announced by Secretary General of the military bloc Jens Stoltenberg following an emergency summit held in Brussels. Ukraine, in particular, will receive equipment for protection against biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear thunderstorms. NATO allies have also agreed to provide Kiev with further humanitarian assistance.

In addition, four tactical battle groups will be established in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. 40,000 troops have already been deployed on the eastern flank of the alliance.

NATO Secretary General announced the creation of the Diana military innovation fund, which will include more than 60 scientific sites.

Against the backdrop of the situation in Ukraine the alliance will strengthen military support for Georgia, Herzegovina and Bosnia.

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Georgia again pushed to war with Russia

But Tbilisi is not even thinking about the forceful restoration of territorial integrity

The President of Ukraine said that the Ukrainian ambassadors to Georgia and Morocco would return to Kyiv. He believes that they are not doing their job: “With all due respect: if there are no arms supplies, sanctions and restrictions for Russian business, then please look for another job,” Zelensky said. Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov recently unequivocally called on Georgia to open a “second front” against Russia.


Many questions were also raised by the recent visit to Tbilisi by Deputy Minister of the British Armed Forces James Happy, who met with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili and Georgian Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze. Some observers interpreted these talks as yet another attempt by the West to draw Georgia, if not into a war, then at least into a more open confrontation with the Russian Federation and force it to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

In Tbilisi, provocations by functionaries of the Kiev regime are still assessed negatively. Representatives of the ruling party “Georgian Dream” say that the war with Russia is not in the interests of the Georgian people. Even the announcement of South Ossetian President Bibilov about a referendum on joining Russia did not shake the peaceful rhetoric of the Georgian leadership. Recall that the Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia, Igor Dolgov, was recalled to Kyiv on March 1, after Tbilisi refused to join the economic sanctions against Moscow. However, on March 15, he returned to Georgia.

Ex-head of the State Chancellery of Georgia, Petre Mamradze, commented on the situation especially for MK.

– No, there is nothing similar from the West. There was no call to somehow join the war or somehow return the territories in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

I have constant contact with Western diplomats, and I have not heard anything like this from them.

You know that Georgia has joined Ukraine on all political platforms. In the Council of Europe, Georgia first voted to suspend Russia's membership, and then to expel it. Voted for the investigation in The Hague. Georgia voted in the UN General Assembly and condemned the actions of the Russian Federation as aggression.

Georgia did not join the economic sanctions against Russia, but Hungary, a member of NATO and the European Union, Turkey, and Israel did not join the sanctions.

For comparison: Armenia abstained during the vote in the General Assembly, the Azerbaijani delegation left altogether from the hall. The countries of Central Asia did the same. Only Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine voted “yes” from the post-Soviet states. So, as the American ambassador recently stated, Georgia has done everything a democratic country can do to support Ukraine.

– There are Georgian volunteers there. But these are volunteers. The government cannot interfere with a person if he himself goes to Poland and from there makes his way to Ukraine.

Zelensky and his company, by the way, have been categorically warned by the United States and the West not to touch Crimea. Because Crimea is already the territory of the Russian Federation, and there will be a Patriotic War.

Yes, there are calls from Kyiv to “take a walk” towards Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Our government answered this very clearly: even if all the Russian military were withdrawn from there, Georgia would never think of resolving the problem by force. Because Abkhazians and Ossetians will fight there with the weapons they have. How they fought against the Georgian troops in 2008, when there were no Russian troops yet. This will be bloodshed, which we will not allow.

– This is complete insanity after all that Georgia has done for Ukraine politically. The people now donate everything they can for Ukrainians: clothes, food, medicines. There are queues at the reception points. The ambassador from Georgia is recalled when the ambassador from Belarus has not yet been recalled.

– Because Vano Merabishvili is in Kyiv, released from prison, the backbone of the Saakashvili regime. There sits the right hand of Misha Zurab Adeishvili, who is present at the meetings of the Security Council of Ukraine. Gia Lordkipanidze, a former deputy, is sitting there. Merabishvili, who staged a bloody tragedy in Lapankuri. Now he has become the head of the military counterintelligence of Ukraine. This is a criminal, a man for whom the rope cries. Here is such a company.


Georgia joins anti-Russian sanctions over Ukraine

According to Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili, Tbilisi takes part in all international financial sanctions imposed against Russia because of the situation around Ukraine .

“Our country participates in all international financial sanctions imposed by the EU against Russia, and this really already means something for our financial sector. Now our country participates in all international resolutions that are created to support Ukraine “, she said to CNN.

Recall that on February 25, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said that Tbilisi had no plans to impose sanctions against Russia. Later, in the national bank of the republic, the Georgian branch of VTB Bank was deprived of the right to serve individuals.


The Bank of Georgia stopped demanding from the Russians to “condemn the special operation”

The Bank of Georgia has canceled the special conditions for Russians that it introduced for opening an account. Previously, citizens were asked to sign a number of provisions, including “condemn the special operation in Ukraine” .jpg” alt=”The Bank of Georgia has ceased to require the Russians to “condemn the special operation”” />

The largest private bank in Georgia Bank of Georgia (Bank of Georgia) canceled the requirement to “condemn the special operation” in Ukraine for Russians who want to open an account, RIA Novosti reported in the bank.

“The regulations that were previously introduced by our bank no longer exist. A citizen of Russia will not have to sign these documents, while the person's application for opening a bank account will be considered by the commission, the decision is made on an individual basis, — said in a financial institution.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the Bank of Georgia.

Another Georgian bank, Terabank, told RIA Novosti that it had not introduced “any new regulations.” All Russian citizens in Georgia, except for those under sanctions, like other foreigners, can open a bank account and receive appropriate services, it noted. The same was noted in the TVS bank. “We do not force any documents to be signed”, — told the agency there.

The fact that the Bank of Georgia began to require Russians who want to open accounts to sign a number of provisions became known on March 4. As Interpressnews reported, a statement in English appeared on the bank's website. According to him, the Russians had to assure that they “condemn Russia's aggression against Georgia and Ukraine”, consider their country an “occupier”; and recognize the territorial integrity of Georgia.

As Kommersant reported on March 5, due to unwillingness to sign such a document, the Bank of Georgia refused three Russian families who arrived in Georgia on vacation.

At the same time, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili stated that he condemns cases of discrimination against Russian citizens on ethnic grounds and called on law enforcement agencies to take measures to prevent and suppress any physical clashes and attempts to incite ethnic hatred. Those responsible for such actions should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, he said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, asked Russians and compatriots abroad to report “facts of violations, pressure, blackmail, threats, any form of discrimination. According to the representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, a round-the-clock hotline has been set up in almost every embassy and consulate. “We will systematize all this in order to work with local authorities, in international organizations, in order to put an end to the persecution of Russians where there are such manifestations,” — she said.

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Scholz called it right to refuse Ukraine and Georgia admission to NATO

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the refusal of Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO was correct, ZDF reports.

During a conversation with the channel's correspondents, he noted that currently this issue is not on the agenda of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“It was the right decision, then there were very long negotiations in NATO on this issue,” Scholz noted.

At the same time, he also stressed that there was allegedly no plan to deploy alliance missiles on the territory of Ukraine.

On February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a military special operation on the territory of Ukraine. According to the head of state, its goal is the demilitarization and denazification of the country. At the same time, he stressed that Moscow's plans do not include the occupation of Ukrainian territories.

Earlier it was reported that Germany intends to supply Ukraine with 1,000 anti-tank guns and 500 Stinger missiles.


Georgia vows not to be drawn into conflict in Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky motivated the recall of the ambassador from Georgia by “an obstacle to volunteers” and Tbilisi’s position in relation to sanctions. Georgia does not want to be drawn into the conflict, Georgian Dream responded ” alt=”Georgia promised not to be drawn into the conflict in Ukraine” />

Irakli Kobakhidze

The decision of the President of Ukraine to recall the ambassador from Georgia is inconsistent and indicates that Kyiv wants to drag the country into the war, said Irakli Kobakhidze , chairman of the Georgian Dream party, Rustavi 2 reports.

“We cannot get involved in a military conflict. There was a direct attempt [in Georgia] to organize the sending of volunteers to participate in the conflict, it was not achieved, and this was followed by this very sad step, — said Kobakhidze, commenting on the decision of the Ukrainian leader.

According to him, this step is unacceptable and unjustified, especially given the actions of Georgia in recent days. Kobakhidze stressed that Georgia understands that Ukraine is in a difficult situation and it would be wrong to criticize Kyiv.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced the immediate recall of the ambassador from Georgia “for obstacles volunteers who want to help us for <…> position on sanctions. Zelensky pointed out that the country's diplomats in the current situation are making “fair and absolutely necessary decisions”; in relation to those states that “changed their word and international law.”

After the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine on February 24, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said that Tbilisi would not join the sanctions against Moscow, because intends to be guided by “only national interests”, and supporting Western sanctions will harm the country.

At the same time, Garibashvili condemned Moscow's actions and called them contrary to international law. According to him, the Georgian government is making every effort to provide Kiev with political and humanitarian assistance.


Stoltenberg announced NATO exercises in Georgia before the end of the year

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: the alliance will hold military exercises in Georgia before the end of the year At the same time, the Georgian Defense Minister said that the country's entry into the alliance is the only way to preserve the country's territorial integrity

NATO will hold military exercises in Georgia before the end of the year, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said at a press conference following the meeting of the defense ministers of the countries— members of the organization, broadcasted by the Guardian News YouTube channel.

“There will be exercises in Georgia later this year, NATO will take part in them, since we are conducting these exercises together. These exercises demonstrate how closely we cooperate, — he said.

Stoltenberg once again announced the presence of Russian troops on the borders of Ukraine and stressed that the alliance does not observe their withdrawal from the border. “They have enough troops, enough capabilities to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in a very short time or without any warning,” & mdash; he said and stressed that the alliance will continue to support the sovereignty of Ukraine and Georgia.

At the same time, Georgian Defense Minister Juansher Burchuladze, who is visiting Brussels, said that the country's entry into NATO is the only way to preserve the country's territorial integrity, reports Reuters.

The aggravation in the east of Ukraine has been going on since last autumn, when the Western media began to report that Russia was preparing an invasion of the republic. Repeatedly called the date of the invasion. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied information about the preparation of a military operation and pointed to an increase in the NATO contingent near the Russian borders.

Against the background of the escalation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in early December that Moscow needed legal security guarantees. At the end of the year, the Russian side submitted security proposals to the United States and NATO, including points about not accepting Ukraine and Georgia into the alliance and not using the territory of Russia's neighboring states for the deployment of offensive weapons.

Later, the North Atlantic Alliance sent Russia responses in writing , however, as Putin noted, the key problems of Russia were not taken into account there. At the same time, the United States, in its response, expressed its readiness to discuss confidence-building measures in organizing exercises in Europe, not to deploy nuclear weapons in its eastern part, and to continue discussing security issues.

In 2008, NATO summit in Bucharest adopted a political statement that Ukraine and Georgia would become members of the organization, but refused to provide them with an action plan, which is the first step in the legal procedure. Today, both countries enjoy NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner status, which provides broad access to the alliance's programs and exercises. Australia, Jordan, Finland and Sweden also have this status.

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An earthquake occurred in the south of Georgia

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.2 occurred in southern Georgia, TASS reports citing the Center for Seismic Monitoring at the University of Elijah.

The epicenter was in the village of Sameba, not far from the border with Armenia. Tremors were felt in Tbilisi and Batumi, as well as other parts of the country.

There were no reports of damage or casualties. According to local media, there was a temporary failure in the mobile network, but now the situation has returned to normal. The power line system is also operating normally.

Earlier last week, tremors of magnitude 5.1 on the Richter scale were recorded off the coast of Cyprus.


Black Country, New Road on love, aliens, and the perfect pop of Ants From Up There

Black Country, New Road on love, aliens, and the perfect pop of Ants From Up There

On the verge of a career-changing moment, the London band broke down their new album, Ants From Up There, track by track.

By Raphael Helfand

February 04, 2022

Photo by Rosie Foster


Before they released their first album, Black Country, New Road had already been dubbed “the best band in the world” by John Doran of The Quietus. Most of the songs on For The First Time had been released — or at least played live and uploaded to Youtube — by the time of its February 5, 2021 release. Their tour behind that record was restricted by COVID, but they stayed true to form, using regional gigs to perfect the songs on their brand new album, Ants From Up There, out now, a day before the one-year anniversary of their debut.


“We asked people not to film the songs this time, because last time that happened, everyone liked those versions more than the ones we actually released,” guitarist Luke Mark says. But it’s tough to imagine the tracks on Ants being any more actualized than they are here. Part of FTFT’s charm was the way its songs rambled, singer Isaac Woods’ spoken-word lyrics seemingly improvised on the spot. While nearly all of Ants’ cuts are longer than the traditional pop song, half of them running well-past the six-minute mark, they’re remarkably tight. Even the most particular of listeners would be hard pressed to poke a hole in the band’s brilliant arrangements, and even the most cynical would have a tough time belittling the group for their ages (21–22) when encountering a line as good as “And no one had WiFi inside your apartment / So we knelt at your altar.”

When four of BCNR’s seven members — drummer Charlie Wayne, bassist Tyler Hyde, and keyboardist May Kershaw, along with Luke — sat down with The FADER on Thursday, January 28 to discuss their remarkable new record, the mood was light. Violinist Georgia Ellory and saxophonist Lewis Evans couldn’t make it, but it was Isaac’s absence that left the biggest gaps in the conversation. Four days later, the band announced that Isaac had quit. His parting words were brief, respectful, and heartbreaking.


“I have bad news which is that I have been feeling sad and afraid too,” he wrote. “And I have been trying to make this not true but it is the kind of sad and afraid feeling that makes it difficult to play guitar and sing at the same time. Together we have been writing songs and then performing them, which at times has been an incredible doing, but more now everything happens that I am feeling not so great and it means from now I won’t be a member of the group anymore. To be clear: this is completely in spite of six of the greatest people I know, who were and are wonderful in a sparkling way.”

Isaac’s quote was posted to the group’s socials as part of a longer statement from the band, a promise to continue making music together, despite the fact that all their live performances — including a spring/summer European tour followed by their first trip to North America — will be cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Below is a lightly edited transcript of one of the final interviews the band gave before Isaac’s departure, a track-by-track breakdown of Ants From Up There delivered by a group of intensely optimistic young Brits as they teetered on the brink of a career-altering blow.



The FADER: Like For the first time, Ants From Up There has an instrumental intro, albeit a much shorter one. Do you think of your albums as interconnected suites and their intros as mini-overtures?


Luke Mark: Uhh, no. But, this one, kind of. We went back and forth on it. It was a lot longer, but we realized it didn’t deserve to be that long. There’s a nice symmetry to having an instrumental opener on both albums. But the [FTFT intro] was a song that already existed and just made sense there. Maybe we’ll write a really awesome intro for the next one, the best thing on there. The rest of the album, rubbish.

Ants’ intro introduces one of its running themes, which is Georgia and Lewis playing in unison. Especially with violin and saxophone, that’s a technique I associate more with jazz manouche or klezmer — something a lot of folks noted on FTFT — than rock ‘n’ roll. Was it hard for those of you with rock backgrounds to incorporate that into your playing?

May Kershaw: It wasn’t a conscious thing. Both Lewis and Georgia had played klezmer before, so it was in their fingers. As with other genres of music we listen to and play, we’re not like, “Let’s have a klezmer-y bit.” It’s just in the ears.

Tyler Hyde: The first album was more improv based, and naturally, you improvise with what you’ve been taught. Georgia and Lewis had been through that experience in klezmer groups.

LM: Lewis says the first time he ever improvised was playing [klezmer]. That specific harmony is embedded in how he plays, so it comes out sometimes when he’s writing. As for the two harmonizing lead instruments, that’s just how the band is set up.

TH: Georgia still plays in a klezmer band. They played a bat mitzvah on Saturday, and they came to my house and practiced in the living room. It was awesome.

”Chaos Space Marine”

In its title alone, this track deals with outer space and the sea, settings still largely unconquered by humans. There’s a very American obsession with the frontier and the outlaws who dare to go there. How does that translate on your side of the pond?

Charlie Wayne: We’re an adventurous people by nature. And the final frontier, ultimately, is the human heart. [Laughs] No, no, no. That was off the record.

Sorry, you need to say that beforehand.

LM: No, that’s awesome, Charlie. There’s definitely a theme of striking new ground or running away from something throughout the record. Musically, there’s this joyous feeling of “Let’s fucking do this!”


Are there any specific sci-fi stories you looked to while making this album, especially ones with the idea of Earth as a frontier planet for aliens?

TH: That only came in afterwards, when we were thinking about aesthetics.

CW: The fish in Luca, though.

TH: The merman creature who wants to blend into the human world and be accepted, so he hides who he really is. That film had quite a profound effect on me. I was so skeptical of the new Pixar films: how glossy the animation is now, and the narratives — have they gone really off-piste? But no, it’s all about the same things: love and family and friends and good morals, whatever they may be.

CW: And there was 2012.

LM: We were watching a lot of disaster movies. I can’t say that had any effect on the album, but the “Concorde” video was directed by Max Kelly, who took inspiration initially from The Creature From The Black Lagoon and Dunkirk. And then we suggested some stuff.

TH: Like making [the protagonist] an ant man.

LM: I hadn’t thought about the title in that way until then, literally ants from up there, alien ants.

All: Ooooooooh!

MK: Clever!

Charlie, you said, On-The-Record, that the final frontier is the human heart. At its core, “Concorde” is a love song, as are many of Ants’ tracks. Much of the talk surrounding FTFT pigeonholed it as ironic. This one feels generally more earnest. You told the Quietus you wanted to make perfect pop songs. Does that mean unironic pop songs?

CW: Not necessarily. Earnestness and sincerity are hallmarks of the music we try to make, and the music we love, in general. The tracks on [Arcade Fire’s] Funeral are super sincere, but they’re not necessarily iconic pop songs.

Does a pop song need to be iconic to be perfect?

TH: Not iconic, but three-and-a-half minutes, for a starter, and something about the melody that’s universally accessible, that instantly sounds familiar or classic or relatable, that isn’t exclusive and isn’t disruptive and sits in your life comfortably.

LM: A perfect pop song needs to have more emotional depth than is suggested. Without being obvious, it encapsulates more than it should, being a pop song.

Your songs tend to go over the three-and-a-half minute mark.

LM: Yeah, we fucked that up royally.

Do you have an example of a perfect pop song?

MK: “Backseat” by Charli XCX?

TH: The new Ethan P. Flynn song that just came out, “Father of Nine,” I’d say that’s perfect.

CW: I think “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish is the perfect pop song.

TH: I think “Happier Than Ever” is more perfect.

CW: But that’s like five minutes long.

TH: “Nobody” by Mitski — I like the feeling that you’ve heard it before [on first listen].

LM: “Bread Song” is perfect. [Laughs]

“Bread Song”

“Concorde” and “Bread Song” seem to be dedicated to the same unattainable, mercurial love interest. Do you think some level of worship is necessary in a relationship?

LM: Not that I know exactly what Isaac was going for — or that he even knew — but I’d say it’s not an unattainable person, just thoughts someone might have within a relationship, in a moment of self-doubt. Anyway, I don’t think [it’s necessary], and it might even be quite unhealthy, but it does happen.

Most of your songs have big, cathartic climaxes, but this one is understated all the way through — especially Charlie’s drumming, which usually kicks off the climax on other tracks. It’s quite an achievement for a song of this length to stay dynamically interesting without any loud moments. Any tips on long-form songwriting you can share with the readers?

CW: Get seven of the most narcissistic people you’ve ever met in a room. You’ll have so many ideas you want to be on the track that it’ll end up having to be insanely long.

This song seems to really balance out all that ego, though. It’s subtle and quiet, but there’s never a dull moment.

TH: We really explored how we could create tension through ways that weren’t just playing really loud and throwing all of our ideas out at the same time. We exercised a lot of individual restraint. That was one of the most important things we did on the album: hold back and allow other people’s parts to breathe.

“Good Will Hunting”

The main riff has an almost old-time country string band feel, especially when it changes meter from six to four. Did that come from a jam, or did someone bring the idea to the rest of the band?

TH: There was no jamming on the album [laughs].

LM: That riff… I remember Isaac had two versions of it, one in six and one in four. And he was playing it at a sound check and thought it was cool but a bit shit — catchy but not actually good. And Georgia was like, “No, it’s fucking awesome, mate. We should definitely make that into a song.” And Isaac was like, “Well, I don’t know which one to go with, so let’s do both — first in six and then in four.” That’s the moment that made the song.

TH: It was a bitch to learn for me and Charlie. One version of the song had existed for a bit. And when you’ve got an idea of how something goes and you’re suddenly told to think about it differently, even if it’s a very simple time signature change, your memory is stubborn and doesn’t let you sit in the new world the song’s been taken to.


Your music always feels auteurish, but I understand your process is quite collaborative. With seven narcissists in a room, how do you work toward a singular vision?

CW: “Haldern” is actually the only song on the album that came entirely, organically from all of us in a room improvising. Isaac had some lyrics that were for another song, but they fit really well in this one. So it’s funny that this is the song you picked out as being driven by an auteur, because it’s the opposite.

TH: We’d done a few improvs before that had gone really badly; improv is so often really wack. You have to exercise even more restraint in those moments. [“Haldern”] is pretty sparse, and there’s a lot of gaps and a lot of people playing in unison, hooking onto good things and trying not to overcomplicate anything — which makes it sound way more structured, but it’s actually just us being way more nervous and conscious.

“Mark’s Theme”

This is the album’s obvious outlier. Almost half of it is a solo jazz sax performance, and the second half feels like a film score. And then there’s that little Tony Clifton bit at the end.

MK: Lewis wanted a gap to breathe in, a bit of a pause.

LM: He wrote it for his uncle, who passed away from COVID. He was a huge supporter of the band, really great to all of us. Lewis got a new tenor sax, and he was playing it the day after his uncle passed and ended up writing that piece. We arranged it very sparsely, as a tribute. The little bit at the end — the Tony Clifton thing — that’s a voice note the real Mark sent to Lewis.

TH: Lewis said [Mark] wouldn’t have liked the song because it would be too emotional and sad, so we threw that end bit in there to lighten it.

“The Place Where He Inserted the Blade”

This one ends with a hum-along — not the first song you’ve ended that way. You could imagine hearing it at a sports game in a parallel universe. Do you think these moments of collective catharsis are important?

CW: Massively. When you watch an Arcade Fire show, the group vocal is a huge part of their energy. It’s something we want to tap into. Our songs, fundamentally, are about us being together, in a room, making music. And the best example of that is when we’re using our voices together and singing in unison.

TH: Luke and I lived with Isaac in the first lockdown, and one of our most-watched videos was Arcade Fire at Rock en Seine 2005. It’s one of the most passionate performances I’ve seen. Everyone, even if they don’t have a mic, is screaming; they love the music so much. And we love this album so much. We’ve given a lot of ourselves over to it, and what better way to display that than through our own voices?

“Snow Globes”

I saw you perform this one live at the 2020 Christmas show you did with black midi, when it was just a chorus. I’ve watched some other videos of you playing it on tour, gradually expanding it into the ten-minute epic it is now. Do you see your songs as perpetual works in progress? I know you all love Kanye. Were you inspired by him fixing “Wolves?”

LM: No, but that’s awesome. I’ll tweet “Ima fix ‘Basketball Shoes’” when the album comes out and everyone starts complaining about it. [Laughs] But yeah, we’ve always changed songs when playing them live. It’s usually because they stop feeling as exciting to us as we want them to feel for the audience. Sometimes we have a new idea — or maybe there’s an old idea from an early version, and we bring that back and see how it works in a rehearsal. If we like it, we do that version that night. Fair play to Kanye for continuing to change all his songs. That version of “Runaway” where he’s like [singing] “I need you to run right back to me” is awesome.

LM & CW: More specifically, Kimberly.

“Basketball Shoes”

On For The First Time, the references were very explicit, almost compulsively so: Scott Walker, Kanye, and Richard Hell on “Sunglasses“; Slint on “Science Fair“; black midi on “Track X.” Here, they’re more abstract. There’s Concorde, and the clamp, and someone named Henry. Did you sequence the album with the intent of gathering them all on “Basketball Shoes?”

CW: All the references that you picked up are clues. We buried some treasure on the Isle of Wight. It would be too simple to tell you how to look for it, but I will say that the clues are in order. Also, I won’t go into any more specific detail, but the lyrics are an acrostic poem [

Georgia canceled COVID-passports

Against the backdrop of a rapid increase in the number of cases, the Georgian government came to the conclusion that a new wave of infections does not significantly increase the burden on hospitals

The Georgian authorities decided to cancel the so-called green passports, which were issued to those who had been vaccinated against COVID-19 or had been ill. In a message published by the government press service, it is indicated that such a decision was made following a meeting of the Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters to Combat the Spread of the Pandemic.

The government noted that despite the sharp increase in the number of infections, the situation remains manageable, and the burden on hospitals has not increased significantly. “Most of the patients are treated at home, and their health is monitored by family doctors, whose number has increased in recent days,” — the authorities explained.

The government explained that those who wish to obtain a COVID-passport to travel abroad will continue to be able to use this opportunity.

«Green passport» from December 1, it became mandatory in the republic to visit public places— cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, cinemas, museums, casinos, hotels and gyms. It was possible to receive it either indefinitely after completing the full course of vaccination, or temporarily in case of a negative test.

Over the past day, 24,201 new cases of infection were detected in Georgia, which was a record number since the beginning of the pandemic. 36 people died (at the peak of the spread of the delta strain, the number of deaths reached 86 per day).

Earlier, the United Kingdom announced the rejection of COVID-passports and a series of other quarantine measures. A similar decision was made in Denmark. There, a vaccination document will be required only from tourists entering the country. Subscribe to Instagram RBC Get news faster than anyone else


Russia beat Georgia and advanced to the semi-finals of the European Futsal Championship

Photo: Frame from video

The Russian futsal team won the 1/4 finals of the European Championship over the Georgian team with a score 3:1. This was reported by Sport Express.

Goals against the Georgian team were scored by Artem Niyazov and Ivan Chishkala. From the Georgian side, Bruno Petri scored the only goal for the Russians.

Now the Russian team will play with the Ukrainian team. The futsal match between the two teams will take place on February 4, 2022. Recall that the European Futsal Championship began on January 19, 2022 in the Netherlands.


Ex-deputy Dmitry Gudkov was not allowed into Georgia

Oppositionist Dmitry Gudkov said that he would be deported from Georgia to Ukraine Dmitry Gudkov, following Lyubov Sobol, was not allowed into Georgia. The Russian opposition calls this decision “political”

Dmitry Gudkov

Russian oppositionist and former State Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov was not allowed into Georgia, he said in his Telegram channel. Gudkov came to the country to meet with activists and diplomats.

In the video posted by the oppositionist, he is walking along the corridor of the airport, accompanied by people in uniform. According to Gudkov, he will be deported back to Kiev, despite the fact that he had an issued invitation. “At the state level, a decision was made to deport me back to Kiev. The solution is political,— he emphasizes.

Gudkov says that no one officially explained this decision to him.

RBC asked the Border Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Tbilisi International Airport for comment.

From 2011 to 2016, Gudkov was a State Duma deputy from A Just Russia. In the 2016 elections, he ran for deputies from the Yabloko party. Gudkov was detained on June 1, 2021 as part of a criminal case on causing particularly large property damage by deceit or breach of trust (paragraph “b” of part 2 of article 165 of the Criminal Code). It was about non-payment of a debt under a lease agreement for non-residential premises in 2015–2017.

Before the arrest, the oppositionist's dacha and apartment in Moscow were searched. Also, Aunt Gudkova— was detained as a suspect in the case. Irina Ermilova. 48 hours after the arrest, on June 3, Gudkov was released, having taken from him an obligation to appear. On the same day, the court released Ermilova without a measure of restraint. On June 6, Gudkov announced that he was leaving Russia. The opposition leader left for Ukraine.

In August, Alexei Navalny's colleague Lyubov Sobol was already denied entry to Georgia. She said that at the border she was checked at the base and stated that entry was denied. She attributed the refusal to the unwillingness of the Georgian authorities to spoil relations with Russia.

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NATO Secretary General called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova

Stoltenberg: Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova” alt=”NATO Secretary General urged Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova” />

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Russia should withdraw troops from territories that the alliance considers belong to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, noting that the Russian military are there without the consent of the authorities of these states. He said this during a briefing after giving Russia a response to its security proposals.

“Russia should refrain from threatening deployment of forces, aggressive rhetoric against NATO countries and other states. Russia must also withdraw its troops from Ukraine, from Georgia and Moldova,»,— Stoltenberg said. He added that Russian troops are “deployed there without the consent of these countries.”


Stoltenberg did not explain which troops and which specific areas of these countries are in question. NATO does not recognize the entry of Crimea into Russia, and does not consider the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR independent. In addition, the alliance regards Abkhazia and South Ossetia as part of Georgia. In addition, NATO considers Transnistria, where Russian peacekeepers are deployed, to be Moldovan territory.

During the briefing, Stoltenberg also said that, according to the bloc, progress with Russia is possible in three areas: the restoration of contacts between Russia and NATO; a real discussion of concerns, including Russian ones; conducting exercises.

The Alliance offered Russia to establish a direct line of communication and make maximum use of military contacts, as well as to restore offices in Moscow and Brussels.

After the responses to Russia's security proposals were handed over to Russia, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken also spoke. He stated that Washington is ready for negotiations in case of de-escalation and generally prefers the diplomatic way of resolving the conflict. In its response, the United States indicated areas where cooperation between the two states is possible, Blinken explained. According to him, the United States is ready to discuss with Russia the non-deployment of missiles in Ukraine, military exercises in Europe, arms control, transparency and risk mitigation measures. The Secretary of State also emphasized that the principle of “open doors” remains in NATO.

NATO and US responses to Russian proposals were received on Wednesday, they were brought by US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan.

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Scholz spoke about the prospects for Ukraine and Georgia to join NATO


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that NATO cannot guarantee Russia's non-expansion. However, the entry of new Eastern European countries into the alliance, as he pointed out, “is not on the agenda.” According to the newspaper S & uuml; ddeutsche Zeitung, against the background of this fact, Scholz does not understand why this demand from Russia.

“There can be no such guarantee,” he stressed. The Chancellor added that a transatlantic defense alliance is necessary.

Interestingly, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier that the alliance had already decided to accept Ukraine with Georgia. At the same time, he pointed out that the terms of entry into the alliance for new members were not set.

Meanwhile, Russia's position on NATO expansion reads as follows: neither Ukraine nor Georgia should become members of the alliance. Moscow needs reinforced concrete guarantees that these two countries will not be accepted there.


Ryabkov offered the US another “option” on Ukraine and Georgia in NATO

Ryabkov: Russia is ready to consider a US guarantee not to vote for Ukraine's entry into NATO =”” alt=”Ryabkov offered the US another “option” on Ukraine and Georgia in NATO” />

Sergey Ryabkov

Russia is ready to consider an alternative to NATO's refusal to accept Ukraine into the bloc— a unilateral commitment by the United States not to vote for the country's entry into the alliance. About this at the site of the discussion club «Valdai» said Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

“This well-known formula of the Bucharest summit in 2008, that Ukraine and Georgia will become members of NATO, this should be excluded, this should be replaced by the understanding that this will never happen. Or alternatively, if the United States makes a unilateral commitment in a legally binding manner that it will never vote for Ukraine and other countries to join NATO, we are ready to consider this option. he said.

Ryabkov added that this would be an easier path for the United States if the state had “enough political will.”

According to him, the priority for Moscow is clear and legally binding US guarantees that Ukraine and other countries Russia opposes membership will not join NATO.

In order for a state to become a full member of the alliance, the consent of all its members is required at the stage of ratification of the accession protocol. For example, Macedonia for a long time could not join NATO, as this was prevented by Greece because of the dispute over the name of the country. Athens claimed that the toponym “Macedonia” extends to part of Greek territory, which gives the Macedonians the right to lay claim to it. As a result, the state officially changed its name to North Macedonia (the dispute with Greece was settled in 2018) and joined NATO in 2020.

Moscow needs a “direct and understandable” a written response to its December proposals for security guarantees, as well as an “article-by-article” analysis, Ryabkov said at a meeting of Valdai. He acknowledged that such a formulation of the issue is unprecedented, but drew attention to the fact that this is dictated by the situation itself. That, in turn, was formed due to the “destructive” exchange rate between the United States and NATO, the deputy minister stressed.

Moscow's proposals on security guarantees were made public in December. In the draft treaty, Russia proposed to consolidate NATO's obligation not to expand eastward, to agree with the United States not to harm each other's security, and to oblige Washington not to establish military bases on the territory of the countries that were part of the USSR. In addition, Russia offered to mutually renounce the deployment of weapons where it would be perceived as a threat, as well as the deployment of nuclear weapons.

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Stoltenberg: NATO has agreed on the entry of Ukraine and Georgia


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO had already decided to admit Ukraine and Georgia. At the same time, he pointed out that the terms of entry into the alliance for new members were not set.

“In 2008, we decided that Ukraine and Georgia would become members,” he said in an interview with La Repubblica. “But we did not set when exactly”.

The Secretary General recalled that Kiev had previously turned to NATO with a corresponding request, because this country was supported in terms of reforms, modernization of the army according to the bloc's standards. He expressed the opinion that at the moment Ukraine's defense capability is higher than it was in 2014.

At the same time, Stoltenberg recalled that the NATO collective defense principle applies only to member countries to which Ukraine is officially does not apply yet.

The day before, the Georgian authorities thanked Stoltenberg for “supporting sovereignty.” In particular, President Salome Zurabishvili pointed to the relevant “important statement” that the NATO Secretary General made after the meeting of the Russia-NATO Council. Later, Stoltenberg said that the alliance did not intend to compromise on the issue of expansion to the east.


The likely reaction of Russia to the entry of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO is revealed

Already today, NATO from Estonia can reach St. Petersburg with rocket artillery

The decision on membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO has already been made. This was announced on Friday in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica by Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. He clarified that the problem is only in terms. They have not yet been determined and depend on how quickly these countries can bring their armed forces up to NATO standards.


What might these timeframes be? What threatens us if Ukraine and Georgia are still accepted into NATO? And what might Russia's response be? To these questions «MK» answered the leading Russian military expert, member of the Expert Council of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission, editor-in-chief of the Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine; Retired Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky.

– «NATO Standards» such a limitless concept that the Alliance can include countries and armies that absolutely do not meet any standards, the expert says. – Here the decision is made according to the situation that is beneficial specifically for the United States and NATO. 

Did when the Baltic countries – the former Soviet republics joined NATO, did they meet at least some of its standards? Of course not. The same applies to the countries of Eastern Europe – the former members of the Warsaw Pact, for example, Bulgaria, Romania. They, too, were inconsistent with the military structure, decision-making processes, and command and control of NATO. Not to mention equipment and weapons – they entered the bloc with old Soviet weapons. That is, when it was beneficial for the United States, nothing stopped them from accepting these countries into NATO. So all the talk about standards and alignment with Alliance structures is it's all just a figure of speech. 

Murakhovsky refused to openly comment on specific military and military-technical measures that Russia could take if Georgia and Ukraine join NATO, because, according to him, the situation here largely depends on Moscow's political decisions. At the same time, he clarified that the “remote threat” already exists on the borders of Russia.

– From the center of St. Petersburg to Estonia, 180 km. And now Estonia, along with other countries, is buying the MLRS and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems from the United States, which calmly cover the entire St. Petersburg. There are generally less than 70 km to Pskov. And when we talk about the fact that such countries as Ukraine and Georgia are appearing in NATO, then for us this simply poses a new direct threat. In addition to all those strike weapons and missile systems that already worry us today, a ground military group will be present at our borders. The enemy will be practically in the same place where he stood in the 17th century when he threatened Smolensk, Moscow.

Naturally, we are not ready to look at everything that happens indifferently. Our retaliatory measures on this score are not yet pronounced aloud and are not submitted for general discussion. But I will say this: we will focus on an asymmetrical response that will create a threat directly to the United States itself, and not to some kind of Ukraine.


Kanye West publicist accused of pressuring Georgia election worker to lie about 2020 voter fraud

Kanye West publicist accused of pressuring Georgia election worker to lie about 2020 voter fraud
Trevian Kutti asked Ruby Freeman, a poll worker facing death threats, to falsely back up then-President Donald Trump’s lies about phony ballots.

By Raphael Helfand

December 10, 2021

Photo by Brandon Magnus / Getty Images.


Trevian Kutti, a Chicago publicist for Kanye West, visited the home of a Georgia temporary election worker on January 4, 2021 and told her to falsely confess to voter fraud, according to a new Reuters report. The poll worker, 62-year-old Ruby Freeman, had been facing death threats for a month after Donald Trump falsely accused her and her daughter, Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, of counting phony mail-in ballots.


Kutti reportedly knocked on the door of Freeman’s house in the Atlanta suburbs, accompanied by an unidentified male, and told her she was there to help: There were people coming to take her to jail in 48 hours if she didn’t admit to Trump’s accusations. Suspicious, Freeman stayed inside and asked her neighbor to come out and talk to Kutti. Freeman eventually agreed to speak with Kutti herself, but only with a police officer present. Kutti — whose bio on the Women’s Global Initiative site says she served on Trump’s Young Black Media Council and that she started working for West as a publicist in 2018 before becoming his director of operations — told the officer she was a “crisis manager.” He suggested she and Freeman come to the Cobb County Police Station to discuss the situation further.

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Reuters obtained video and audio footage from the body camera of an officer who was in the room for the meeting, in which Kutti can be heard telling Freeman that she didn’t know exactly what would happen to her, but that it would “disrupt [her] freedom…and the freedom of one of more of [her] family members.” She also called her “a loose end for a party that needs tidying up” before putting her on speakerphone with a man she identified as Harrison Ford, though Freeman said the man she spoke to was not the Blade Runner actor. Kutti told Freeman that “Ford” had the power to get her protection.


Kutti reportedly asked the officer for privacy during their hour-long phone call. The officer left the room, but Freeman remembered Kutti and the man on the phone continuing to pressure her to admit to election fraud if she didn’t want to risk jail time for herself and her family. Freeman eventually called for an officer and left the room, after reportedly telling Kutti and “Ford” that “the devil is a liar.”

Freeman told Reuters that on January 5, an FBI agent called her house and told her she needed to leave for her own safety. Apparently, Kutti’s prediction was true: On January 6, the same day as the Capitol riot, Trump supporters with bullhorns surrounded her home just hours after she’d left it. Freeman and her daughter have filed a defamation suit against the right-wing news site Gateway Pundit, which published false stories implicating them in voter fraud before Trump started repeating the claims.

The FADER has reached out to Kutti and to a representative of Kanye West for comment. It is unclear whether and in what capacity Kutti is still employed by West, whom she reportedly began working for after leaving a position with R. Kelly. Her Women’s Global Initiative bio lists boxer Terrence Crawford and Queen Rania of Jordan among her other current clients.


King Von’s Murder Suspect Lul Tim Arrested In Georgia After High Speed Police Chase

King Von’s murder suspect, Lul Tim, has been arrested in Georgia after leading police on an high speed chase.

The hip-hop community was shocked in November 2020 when the news that King Von had been shot and killed outside an Atlanta hookah lounge was revealed. Not too long after the news, an arrest was made, and Timothy “Lul Tim” Leeks was named as the suspect. He was at that time hospitalized, having suffered wounds from the same shooting.

He was eventually released on bail, but it seems he has no intention of keeping himself under the radar. In fact, he’s been arrested again, according to Akademiks, who said that he was arrested in Georgia following a high-speed police chase.

Akademiks shared the news earlier today, September 23, on Twitter. He didn’t reveal exactly what happened but did post a mug shot, date of birth, Leeks’ arrest date, which was yesterday, September 22, and the arresting agency, GSP Savannah.

Lul Tim arrested after high speed chase in Georgia

— DJ Akademiks (@Akademiks) September 23, 2021

According to reports, the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office inmate records show that Leeks is facing a barrage of charges, including Failure To Stop At A Stop Sign, Speeding, Following Another Auto Too Closely, Failure To Obey Traffic Control Devices and, the most felonious, Fleeing Or Attempting To Elude A Police Officer For A Felony Offense. He’s still behind bars as he hasn’t been given any bond option as yet.

After Leeks was charged with King Von‘s murder on November 7, 2020, Atlanta police spokeswoman Marla Jean Rooker confirmed Leeks’ arrest.

“Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound. The homicide of Bennett is closed with this arrest,” she said at that time.

The details of King Von’s shooting were revealed soon after his death. According to multiple reports, he was shot outside of the Monaco Hookah Lounge, and two people were killed. The 26-year-old was rushed to the hospital but did not make it.

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Stephen Sanchez – Until I Found You Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Georgia, Wrap me up in all your…
I want ya’, In my arms
Oh, let me hold ya’
I’ll never let you go again, like I did
Oh I used to say

“I would never fall in love again until I found her”
I said, “I would never fall unless it’s you I fall into”
I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her
I found you

[Verse 2]
Georgia, Pulled me in, I asked to…
Love her, once again
You fell, I caught ya’
I’ll never let you go again, like I did

Oh I used to say

“I would never fall in love again until I found her”
I said, “I would never fall unless it’s you I fall into”
I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her
I found you
[Guitar Solo]

“I would never fall in love again until I found her”
I said, “I would never fall unless it’s you I fall into”
I was lost within the darkness, but then I found her
I found you

“ATL 2” Movie Trailer Goes Viral After Chance The Rapper Tweet

It seems Chance The Rapper has struck gold as ATL: The Homecoming trailer hit the net.

Days after Chance The Rapper tweeting that ATL never truly got its flowers, the makers of the cult classic film has now unveiled the first trailer for the sequel. The popular and beloved film starred T.I. and Lauren London and is based on the experiences of producers Dallas Austin and Tionne Watkins growing up on the south side of Atlanta in the early 90s.

Chance The Rapper shared on Twitter this week, “I believe ATL is a movie that never truly got it’s flowers. It’s probably the most quotable movie from my childhood.”

Two days later, fans everywhere are screaming for this memorable moment as the ATL cast reunites once again for the long-awaited sequel, ATL: The Homecoming, not that we did’t knew it was in the works. Chris Robinson, known as Mr Roboto, the film director and mastermind behind the original film, posted the trailer for ATL 2 today on his Instagram.

I believe ATL is a movie that never truly got it’s flowers. It’s probably the most quotable movie from my childhood

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) August 25, 2021

“HEY @chancetherapper WHAT IF……..WE DID IT ONE MORE TIME + #THE FAMILY #THELOVE #THEQUOTABLES #ATL2,” was the caption that broke the news on Friday. The trailer has since gone viral online.

In response, actor Jackie Long reposted the short teaser of the new movie on his Instagram with the caption, “(eye emoji). What am I looking at right now. See what you started @chancetherapper . #actorgang (Traffic light emoji) green light gang.”

The trailer begins by showing the crossways of the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. The scene then moves to the true stars of the show, the original cast, walking together through the desolate roads of Atlanta to the classic single, Georgia, by Ray Charles in honor of the star-crossed location. We see the sunrise and watch the sunset over the city. Ominously, as the cast slowly walks in the setting sun of the great New York of the South, the monologue of Ruben ‘Big Rube’ Bailey plays in the background.

“Our destinies align. Our paths intertwine. The web that’s woven so wickedly plexed that the weaver no longer even knows where to step.”

Fates have most certainly aligned for this moment as fans of the original classic movie will get to see the . Are you excited about its release?

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Chris Robinson aka MRROBOTO (@mrrobotodirector)

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Zac Brown Band – Slow Burn Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Got my first keys to freedom
She had a sweet smile with her hair in the wind
And my hand on her knee made me king of the world
For a little while, yeah she was something back then

[Pre-Chorus 1]
Pedal down on the black top
Fogged up on a side road
Young love and the radio all summer long

Sometimes a memory like that is a slow burn
Same sky full of stars still shining no matter how the world turns
It’s a song, it’s a face, it’s a time, it’s a place in your life that belongs to her
Sometimes a memory like that is a slow burn

[Verse 2]
We cooled those blazing Georgia days
On a lake shore, and her sun-kissed skin
And that summer went fast but lingers like sand
On a floorboard, yeah she was something back then

[Pre-Chorus 2]

Night sounds on the boat dock
Fireflies and pine smoke
Young love and the radio all summer long
Sometimes a memory like that is a slow burn
Same sky full of stars still shining no matter how the world turns
It’s a song, it’s a face, it’s a time, it’s a place in your life that belongs to her
Sometimes a memory like that is a slow burn

First-time feelings never fade
When it’s real like that you know
When I think about you there I go
Young love and the radio all summer long

Sometimes a memory like that is a slow burn
Same sky full of stars still shining no matter how the world turns
It’s a song, it’s a face, it’s a time, it’s a place in your life that belongs to her
Sometimes a memory like that is a slow burn

Pregnant Erica Mena Files For Divorce From Safaree Less Than 2 Years Of Marriage

Erica Mena has filed for divorce from Safaree Samuels after almost two years of marriage.

The couple that got married in 2019 has split as Erica Mena reportedly filed for divorce in Fayette County Superior Court in Georgia on Friday. This came as a shock to some fans since Erica is currently pregnant with their second child. She gave birth to their first child just last year, one-year-old daughter Safire. Now that they’re expecting their second, a divorce was the last thing anyone expected.

The Love & Hip-Hop stars have been very vocal about their relationship issues in the past, but they seemed to had finally gotten it together when they tied the knot in Georgia, where they currently lived back in 2019. According to the divorce papers obtained by TMZ, Erica Mena is requesting primary physical custody of her and Safree’s one-year-old daughter, Safire. She is, however, willing to share legal custody. In addition, she also wants her and her husband’s current home in Georgia to be her exclusive residence.

Earlier this year, in February, Safaree says his marriage to Erica Mena was a mistake. “I mean this from the bottom of my heart getting married was 1 of my BIGGEST mistakes and it will never happen again,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “I’m walking away before I end up in jail over some dumb sh*t. Nobody is worth my freedom!!!”

That was the first sign that there was trouble in paradise. Erica responded with a similar sentiment adding that Safaree was inconsiderate to her and their daughter. “Since you always run to social media like a little girl I might as well join in. I absolutely agree with you on this. You are the most selfish, vain and inconsiderate person. And not just with me but your only daughter!”

Earlier this month when the couple announced that they are expecting their second child, they both seemed thrilled, but Erica might have discharged yet another hint that things weren’t okay with her and her husband. “More Life. Who wants that perfect love story anyway,” she wrote. “Marriage – It’s not easy at all,” she continued. “But having a family of your very own makes up for it all. God I thank you for the protection and all the consistent blessings. I been through way to much to not be as grateful as I truly am.”

It seems divorce may have already been in play by the time they made their pregnancy announcement. While little details are known now about their decision to end their marriage, that doesn’t usually last too long with reality stars.

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Quando Rondo Shot At, Friend Wounded After Show In Georgia

Quando Rondo was shot at and his friend wounded following a show in Georgia over the weekend.

The Savannah rapper has been a moving target ever since King Von was shot and killed in November last year following a fight between the two outside a nightclub in Atlanta. Although Quando Rondo has maintained that Vin’s death was a case of self-defense, that is not enough to remove the target from off his back. As a result, he has been driving around heavily armed in a bulletproof vehicle with plenty of bodyguards.

It seems his enemies are moving closer following a shooting incident last weekend where Rondo was shot at, and a bullet struck one member of his entourage, TMZ reported. Law enforcement sources say gunfire erupted outside a convenience store off a highway in Georgia in Blackshear.

The attack took placed at approximately 3:20 AM on Sunday while the rapper and his entourage were standing in the parking lot. Quando Rondo and his crew had already left the scene when police arrived. There are no reports of any bullets hitting Rondo, but one member of his crew with hit by a bullet in his hand and got treatment at a local hospital.

Cops say that Quando and his large entourage made a quick stop at the convenience store before shots started firing at them, possibly from across the street.

Interestingly, Quando Rondo performed in front of a small crowd at The Vibe Event Center in Waycross, Georgia, over the weekend. His performance comes after several of his shows were canceled due to threats of violence. A noticeable small crowd was also at the event, a sign that fans are also concerned about possible violence breaking out at his events.

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Jada Kingdom Forges Ahead With Racy Performance In Connecticut Despite Lawsuit

Jada Kingdom is back on the scene as she proves that nothing can stop her, including a lawsuit or any other adversity.

The young deejay delivered a sexy performance in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Saturday night to raving crowds as she delivered her bangers “Heavy,” “Win,” and “Shake” – her song with her and Skillibeng.

Jada Kingdom entered what looked like a packed auditorium wearing a pleated skirt and long sleeve top. She later ditched the skirt to reveal an all-black bodysuit with black pantyhose. Fans were also amused by her dancing skills as they grabbed her fluffy derriere.

Kingdom also shared what seems like a loaded message to someone as she posted “Yuh cya stap mi, bumbohole!!!” on her story while her song “Win” played in the background. It is speculated that the message is directed to her former management, who filed a lawsuit for libel.

The manager filed the lawsuit following explosive comments by the deejay that someone close to her has been robbing her for years, and she has not made money from any of her music, including streaming.

The manager has asserted that he has contributed to Kingdom’s career and that he has not been dishonest in his dealings with her. Kingdom has not responded to the lawsuit, which, if she fails to reply, can see a default judgment entered against her.

In previous live videos, she has stated that she has attorneys on the case and that she is also looking for new management to manage her. Jada Kingdom appears to now be resident in Atlanta, Georgia, as she continues her career in music.

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