Mike Dece – Prophecy Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hoe I’m in every nation shipping medication
Burning kush and blazing mental elevation
With the federation keep it federated
Put this metal plate up in your mouth like braces
If I want that shit then I’mma f**king take it
Shoot your house up only leave the basement
I got thugs beside me who will eat your face
And that will stick you up and rob you like some bases
I got bitches sucking dick they wanna taste it
I got [?] and I ain’t catch no cases
Hoe Im burning up it’s just like fireplaces
How I leave you blazing in the conversation
And Im high as shit it’s like Im f**king spacing
f**k with Mike Dece you turn up wasted
But this ain’t no GTA f**king game bitch
They might find your body but you will be laying
No you will not make it

(woop… woop… woop…)

[Verse 2]
You will not make it like Apollo ‘Teen
Mask on me but this is not halloween
Hollow tips enter you make you seem
Like youre a shotty just watch me and wait and see
Slipknot you slip up and wait and bleed
All of these demons keep chasing me
I’m still smoking rocks and still slurping lean
At the same place that I started this
Starting me
To die in Blackland is my prophecy
I’m selling sacks and moving poppy seeds
Bitch get a backhand if she talk to me
Run em lets go f**k this hoe like lobotomy
I carve your ass up like some pottery
Oh yes I leave you deceased at the thought of me
Ain’t no apologies
f**k you like sodomy
Murder your family just cause you thought of me

(just cause you thought of me)x3


[Verse 3]
Just cause you thought of me
Won’t kill you softly
Just like bureaucracy I merk you fastly
Sort of like sorcery try to take over me
I keep the ultra heat on me like gasoline
I keep the gasoline I keep the stacks on me
Which I am taxing thee while puffing wax with weed
f**k what youre asking me
I dont know happy things
I’ll take your packs and leave you just like [?]
Pistol attached to me like I am battling
That’s what youre earning for ‘tempting attacking me
All things are bastardly
So I am not a thief
I just want money so I can live happily
I’m a rich slut yes I keep all these racks on me
Counting up paper while your hoe harassing me
I put the bitch on the strip just like cattle
She bring all my dough yes she bring all my gas to me