Mr. Kelly – Roanoke (feat. BADJUJU) lyrics

Simply been lacking in sympathy
Since his infancy
Live in infamy
With my infantry
If symmetry, composure, and inner peace
Come from closure
Then come closer
I could compose ya a symphony

One of history’s mysteries
Is misery
Loves company girl come over, over, over
We can talk about where I stand upon your arrival but
If you expose a cold shoulder Ill get exposure and
You’ll end up living your life out in denial
I know, shit
Oh girl you know I know
Micro-thin line between love and hate when you’re walking a tight rope
Just to keep your balance you got lipo
I dove, eyes closed
It’s alright though
Cause at my lowest point I wrote the high-note
Now I have Nia and Aliyah, and a Gina
All tiptoeing out my door
The three ballerinas
That’s so-and-so with Anne Karina
Then she disappeared on a nigga like Roanoke
Just so ya know
Confronting me
In front of company’s unbecoming
Coming up I always knew Id be up and coming
See where I’m from
If its not one its another
Never one thing
We’re up to no good but we’re still up to something
Y’all just reproductions
See at this junction
It’s hard to function at functions
I’m done with
All that bullshit y’all come with
It’s pungent
Disgusted and distrusted
She made public Republic discussions
Got published
Then left me to suffer the repercussions
I hold no grudges
I hold luncheons for my hungry youngins
In dungeons with the dragons we run with
So save it holmes
I just came alone
On my game of thrones
And I made it known
Waited long enough for this
Enough of this
I’ll play along