A Glorious Death

Lyrics to ‘A Glorious Death’ by ASAP Twelvyy:

Part I

–Intro: A$AP Twelvyy–
It’s a bird, it’s a plane

–Verse 1: Meechy Darko–
New phone who dis?
New day, new bitch
Rang rang, there go my celly, tattoos like Makaveli
Acid trip, this bitch I’m with
Might overdose like Anna Smith
Crip or Blood, 50/50 love
My nigga died for this handkercheif
ZOMBiE gang, A$AP
I eat the beat, and beat?
From CD to tape deck, LSD, some shroom tea, ?
2 groupies, safe sex, threesome
AM, Amen, Hallelujah
Hallow clipped it, hollows through ya
Backwood smoking, Goyard ?
Gucci ?
Heard you was sending shots
I was too high to notice
Marijuana, I’m smoking potent
My eyes are glowing
My pistol loaded Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop
Now you know it

–Verse 2: ZOMBiE Juice–
Top of the building and I got a feeling
Sudden rush to the brain
So obnoxious the feeling
Loyalty to the drugs
Feel so high high nigga what
Rolling with the clique, middle fingers up
Police on my dick, never gave a fuck
Always living ? bitch you down to fuck?
Smoking on some shit that your momma off
Never pretend, I gotta go get it this one is all