Guided By Voices – Year Of The Hard Hitter Lyrics

When I came back with you
Yeah, and I know you didn’t like me having fun
Try to ruin a perfect night with a fight
Then when she came through the smoke
You said she’d look cold in any light

Casts spells like a rock and roll witch

I’m down

And now it’s because of you
You got me thinking
Rock ‘n’ roll won’t always be around

Bad velocity
I’ll tell everyone I see
It’s best for her to run away from you
Sad golden lady
Up with those Andy Campbell soups
And everyone who tried to hide the truth
And like that broken-hearted child
I cried

In the next issue
The doctor was not watching
Additional lubrication was not needed
Well, I was actually on my way
Cry me a river
The year of the hard hitter is through