Mr. Shadow – The Game’s Flooded Lyrics

[Mr. Shadow]
Yeah (Yeah)
Shadow (Shadow)
I’m sick and tired of all these wannabes in this motherf**kin’ game
Ha ha
God damnit (Yeah)
Only two misters (Only two)
Shadow and Lil’ (Check this shit out)
Check it out
Hold back

[Verse 1]
The game’s flooded
Time to do somethin’ about it
I’m Dego’s most wanted
Cali’s most blunted
I’m just a main man
Your bitch is screaming out my name
And you hate that (Shadow!)
You motherf**ker
When you see me in the streets, I’ll be surrounded by thugs
Making a livin’ out of slangin’
Guns and drugs
It was a neighborhood thang, and it still is, homey
A.P.K. to the grave, I creep slowly
Duck if you don’t know me
I ain’t playin’
Westside insane, San Diego
Make no mistake and it’ll be all right
I’m Amichi Park bangin’, all day and night
I’ll make a microphone smoke like a .454
Sit back and chug a whole pound of that hydro
The way I rolls on 24″s
Navigatin’ for you hatin’ hoes and holsters

[Mr. Shadow] The game’s flooded
Put your long-johns on
All you minor league rappers are begging to bring it on
The game’s flooded
Haters don’t get far
[E-Dubb] “Listen to the words of the M-R” –] Mr. Shadow
[Mr. Shadow] The game’s flooded
It goes down like this
Goldfish and pirannahs don’t mix, motherf**ker
The game’s flooded
Haters don’t get far
[E-Dubb] “Listen to the words of the M-R”

[Verse 2]
I spit flame so hot, it’ll melt your frame
You know the name of the one who came to change the game
I’m insane
And fame ain’t shit to me
I’m a twelve gauge, blastin’ through the industry (Yeah)
Silly ass actors
Wannabe rappers
They’re only two misters
Phonies get slapped up
You’ll never catch up, haven’t you heard?
I flip a track, flip the script and still flip a bird
Yeah, I puttin’ in work
You’ll get yourself hurt
You ain’t afraid to get paid, hell naw, we do dirt
We stay G-A-N-G
Watch as I swerve and get my splurge
E-Dubb loco (What)
He’ll put you in a chokehold
I got venomous vocals
All my nemesis crash and burn
When they see me comin’, they flip U-turns
They know

Repeat Chorus