Thurz – Los Angeles Lyrics

(man: Los Angeles is the city where dreams sweep you off your feet
>In front of a great spirit, that is both strong and ready
>>To help you along your journey
(man: ) Los Angeles means a complex [brand?] anatomy
>[Worth a lot of love, cookie joy turned tragedy?]??
(woman: ) L.A. is the city that birth me and raised me
>That is why it’s my everything
(man: ) To me, the city of L.A., is the city of dreams because you’ve got >Hollywood
>>And then you know, the city of the spirit, because you’ve got inner-city
(man: ) L.A. is the city of of the champions [bruh?]
(man: ) L.A. to me is what to hip-hop is for this urban community
>[We’re] all [?] essential to every aspect of art that comes to be in tune to an >>aspiring generation
(woman: ) To me Los Angeles means culture, sunshine and palm trees
(man: ) Los Angeles means [?] [?] sanity
(man: ) [Crenshaw ?]
(man: ) To me the city of Los Angeles means [peace?]
(guy: ) What Los Angeles means to me is opportunity to make dreams reality
(man: ) L.A., L.A. means dominance, land of the kings
(girl: ) I mean, what do you mean -I am L.A

[Verse 1 Thurzday]
The city’s a predator, blood splats, snakes black
Cats, hood rats, fat backs, they want the lion out his habitat
Devil contracts, high off contact where you inhale the smog at
That’ll bring your asthma back, from childhood
As it sits in your chest like the taste of the finest cognac
You pray for callbacks as everyone audition for they role
A lot of niggas play the same character, no cameras
Need stamina, to run past ya’
With your fake strategy, ya’ll cast in Grey’s Anatomy
Pretend to be surgeons, real niggas touch hearts
My soul is stained glass, look through my eyes and see the art
Happily remove the shades, now witness the Andy Warhol
Van Gogh, Leonardo, Basquiat, Picasso, Matisse, Michelangelo, Salvadore
Marco de [?] flow

(lady: ) To me, L.A. means home, sunny skies and happy people)
(man: ) Whenever I think L.A., I think sunshine, [tupie?]
(lady: ) Palm trees, good weed and bad bitches like me
(man: ) Swimming pool, a sunny Chrimtmas, you and I, Venice Beach
(man: ) Los Angeles means lust
(man: ) Hollywood, Beverly Hills, American Excess
(man: ) Worldwide entertainment
(man: ) Hey, I love L.A. and the Lakers? Mean the world

[Verse 2 Thurz]
City of dreams, [har?] [P?]
With a snare, gasoline dreams spark it with a flare
And hope to blow up for the best
You never want a nightmare, people come here get robbed with [goals/ golds?] with hardware
Cats will raise a gun before they raise a kid
I guess new fathers of warfare
Bullets go platinum every year
Invest in a hefty share, and fire back
To preserve that, feed that dream between ears
Some dreams they dream, some dreams they come true
I represent that city on that Dodger blue
Rico, no [pubic/ public?] rep, purple and gold
Cats fade without clippers, sharp shoot your angels
Salute a king, whether on ice or at war
[Or marching on gravel, provide salutations?]
City of little conversation, long stares, complicates it’s cold cases
Transplant faces, brothers, sisters mothers
Everybody trying to make it

It’s L.A