[Intro: Henock Sileshi & Ameer Vann]
Ha ha! Yo, that last one was amazing, them boys is hot!
God damn, yes they was
Let me just formally thank y’all before we bring out the last guests of the evening. (Thank you.)
We just wanna say thank you, (Thank you, thank you.)
For coming out to the 16th annual “His Or Hers Potluck”!
16 … It’s been 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 16! (It’s been 16 years?)
God damn! (16 years, motherfucker)
And Jessica, let me tell you something about them yams, baby girl
You leave that Tupperware around here
I’m gonna have to put my dick in it and impregnate your yams
Cause I’m going to fuck them yams up, baby girl. (Woo, hoo hoo!)
Sweet ass yams, (God damn!)
Jesus Christ, God damn
Let me… Okay
Well, the last headlining group of the night, they go by the name of “BROCK…” (“BROCKHAMPTON”.) “BROCKHAMPTON”, yes
These boys is coming straight out of southeast Texas. (South Texas, yeah.)
Hotter than chicken grease (Woo!)
These motherfuckers, I’m going to say the name 1, 2, 3 times, (Yeah, let the…)
BROCKHAMPTON, BROCKHAMPTON, BROCKHAMPTON (Let the names off they cause, listen because…)
The thing is about BROCKHAMPTON, is that it’s a group
But it’s a bunch of niggas in there. (It’s they, it’s they.)
It’s a bunch of lil’ niggas in there
So go up on the names, my man
Okay, let me tell you, It’s uh… Kevin Abstract… (Kevin Abstract, yup.)
Joba. (Yup.)
Matt Champion (Yup.)
Ameer Vann (Okay.)
Merlyn Wood (Okay…)
Dom McLennon… (Dom McLennon, okay.)
And my personal favorite. (Who’s that?)
Rodney Smoothback Tenor (Ooh, Rodney smooth as hell, let me tell y’all!)
God damn
Rodney smoother than some motherfucking butter on some toast, let me tell ya’ll, baby girl
Also, wait, there’s one more on the card!
Okay, we got, we got this boy… uh… ah… Bearface. (Bearface, yeah.)
Bearface, yes, that’s his name
I don’t think he’s from around here
He sounded like he was from Scotland
One of them niggas from the last Highlander movie
S… where the fuck is Scotland?
I don’t know man
What the fuck is a Scotland? (It’s somewhere near Greenland.)
Or Iceland
He… Yeah, he, he not from here y’all, he, he from the, ah… the eh, the, not the America. (Mm hmm.)
The other parts