Geri D’ Fyniz – Talk Black To Me lyrics

Tell me who gettin it
Tell me who ain’t
I can read between the lines most can’t
Perception is a motherfucker
Wearing a busted rubber
Giving birth to all y’all fakes

Tell me who gangsta
Tell me who not
Tell me who lyin bout work that they got
Tell me who screaming this they block
And ain’t did shit about these
Race soldier problems

Tell me who conscious
Tell me who sleep
I’m sicka fake activists
Just postin memes
All dey doin is masturbating
About what they name is
And all victims of the same enemy

Tell me what’s the plan
Cause y’all wasting hella time
All that back & forth ya doing
Ain’t making you a dime

Tell me what’s the truth
It’s too many Alt- Facts
Tell me if you really wanna buy the hood back

Tell me when you’re starting
Matter fact let me see it
I ain’t got time for goofies
Just playing make believe

We in a war zone
I don’t know what y’all thinking
If u get caught slipping
Might end up leaking

I’m Jus talkin real shit
Nigga I ain’t preaching
Most of y’all dim wits
Won’t believe till you see it
All this cooning
Gone catch You a beatin
Sabotaging black lives
We gone stop you from breathing

That was a promise not a threat

Them hittas are ready
When shit hits the fan
Dey keep eyes on front sights
While we aiming (POW)

Won’t be no more talking
Or asking for justice
If you opposition
You faded (Adios)

Ya revolution ain’t winning
If you waitin and begging for some permission
From the same assholes
With a system in place
Giving crumbs
While they steady making billions

On my life
I say fuck that
I’m not clueless

What You thinking I’mma Buck dance Like Ray Lewis

I switched up the flow
But my bars are not typical

I know I got you thinking
While you listen to this beat that
How the fuck he spitting knowledge
And I’m feeling hella litty
Guess this what the game is missing
Turn up music with a meaning (For Real)

I waited my time (Time)
Now I’m here to get it (get it)
Mutha Fuck a cosign (Fuck it)
Or artificial gimmicks (Facts)
Don’t need no handouts (nope)
Cause my grind is so authentic (yep)
So I ain’t signing shit (fuck a deal)
I’m Mr. independent

Put myself on
Without begging or luck
I don’t need no one’s help
I can hold my own nuts
Write my own fuckin songs
Built my own studio
Putting up my own dough
I can say what I want

Time to put the bullshit to a cease
While I’m making real shit
For the streets
It’s long overdue
But I’m pushing through
Take all the chips
Just bet em on me

Tell me who the hottest
Tell me who wack
Yall keep Giving weak Muh fuckas passes
Then complaining
Mumble Niggas
Is Killing rap
But ain’t spending a dime
To bring that real shit back
No shade

I spit fuggin facts
If you get offended
Blow it out your ass
I’m gone talk my shit
And keep it real brash
Ain’t looking for friends
Just give me cash
(In Bitcoins)

I ain’t much for the braggin (nah)
But I’m the dopest up in my lane
Treat da rap game like a toilet
Just came through defecating
Got hella love for my city (Chi-Town)
But I ain’t beggin them to paid
I ain’t beggin them to give plays
I ain’t payin to perform on stage

I’mma keep it a buck fifty
Like a bezzle in a fitted
Fly high above the fuck shit
Without plans of a descension

Not to mention
I’m in charge of all of this
I’mma say that shit again
I’m the boss give me my ends