Listen Spice New Song – “Gum”

Spice delivers new song “Gum”

Spice is one of the most Charismatic, sexy, lyrically and versatile female dancehall artist on the scene. She has been keeping busy since the start of the 2018. Spice released her single “Gum” only after a day of “Duffle Bag” her fist rap single release. Last year Spice sexual explicit single “Sheet” gained a lot of traction worldwide. Fans appointed Spice as the dancehall queen last year after a heated battle with her and Beenie Man. Spice crowned herself as the dancehall queen and Beenie Man commented that “Spice is more like a self-appointed designated queen of dancehall but Lady Saw is still very much the queen..”

DancehallHipHop did a survey on social media back in last November asking fans if they think that Spice is the new queen of dancehall and 67% of respondents say yes. “Spice is the only consistent female artist in dancehall right now because most of them just do something make a lot of noise and then you don’t hear nothing from them,” one fan wrote while another added, “From Lady Saw turn Christian a Spice a run the thing, she consistent she always find a hit and her video them bad.”

Watch the video below and leave your comments if you believe Spice is the dancehall queen.

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Vybz Kartel Right Hand Sikka Rymes Disses Popcaan “No Gaza/Unruly Peace”

Seems there will be no peace between Popcaan and Vybz Kartel anytime soon.

Earlier this week, Tommy Lee Sparta visited Kartel in prison signaling that the two have officially made peace. Sparta with Kartel’s right hand man Sikka Rymes going inside GP where they spent a few hours with the Gazanation boss. Sources told DancehallHipHop that the link up was Sean Kingston’s idea after he urged the two artists to make peace. Since then there have been chatters that Popcaan could be the next person out of the Gaza camp to make peace with his former mentor.

That will not happen if you can into consideration a recent diss song from Sikka Rymes “Run Go Fi Strap.” The lyrics in the single are a clear attack on Popcaan and his crew. “Yo sing the most badman song and shaky, them boy deh badness naan step up lately, Get a one shoes a talk how them killy crazy, and them naan make no step than mean them killy lazy,” Sikka Rymes spites while adding in another line, “Alright then teach Sivva, Sikka from Rema no bwoy can’t buy me Benz not even Bimmer.”

Vybz Kartel tasked Sikka Rymes as the man who organized his prison visits and our sources inside the Gaza told us that their is a staunch hatred for Popcaan among members of Kartel’s inner circle. “Everybody hate him (Popcaan) because he did something that he never should’ve done, and then on top of that for years he never visit the boss not even a phone call, no support, nothing for the man you claimed gave you everything,” our Gaza insider said in a message to DancehallHipHop.

Last year we saw a diss track from Kartel’s most loyal supporter, Shawn Storm, who is currently in prison serving a life sentence for the said crime the “Fever” deejay is in prison for. Since Tommy Lee’s visit, some fans have been urging Popcaan to make peace with Kartel, but so far he has not responded to those requests. A peace deal is still a long shot even if someone like Sean Kingston try to be the middleman.

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Spice and Her Dancer Dancehall Queen Danger Split

Spice and one of her dancers, Dancehall Queen Danger, have parted ways.

There have been chatters since last week on social media claiming that the two had a bitter falling out over some money issues. Danger has now confirmed the split but declined to speak on the details. “That’s correct (the break-up) but I don’t want to elaborate on it at this time,” the dancer said.

The rumors started circulating when Danger deleted all the photos of herself and Spice from her Instagram account. She was a prominent member of the dancehall deejay’s dancing crew which she regularly feature in her music videos and take on tour with her.

Outside of these controversies, Spice has been pushing her new dancehall hip hop crossover single “Duffle Bag.” She has been getting thumbs up from her fans and other dancehall artists like Bounty Killer for bringing something different and showing off her rap skills.

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Spice – Duffle Bag Lyrics

Let me see that bag if you got it
Got, got, got, got it
Let me see that bag if you got it

Verse 1
I pop this booty when I see the Duffle Bag
I make it clap when he pull them rubber band
Shake for the cash
Shake for the stach
Broke I ain’t f**k with you
I tell you straight facts
When I walk out bitches pass out
B*tty rider I got my *ss out
Nigga see me take him stock out
I’ve enough of those elastic band out
Shake my *ss to the beat Gucci on my feet
Inna di club bumper up and down
Pon the grung, a so me beat
I drop this booty when I see the stock
In the Rolls Royce and I laid back
Rolex on my wrist going tick tock
Price tag when I shop, don’t Spend my money like Christie Walton
Paper on the floor thats what I walk on
Every day on the phone that me they talk on
B*tches mad cause they still used coupons

See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket
See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket
See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket
See that bag if you got it
Stocks can’t fit your pocket

Verse 1
I pop this booty when I see the Duffle Bag
I make it clap when he pull them rubber bandz
Let me see the stocks
You got to have the stocks
Broke I ain’t f**k with you
I tell you straight facts
Look at me I’m flashy
Yeah, Gucci Versace
Drop this ass I drive him crazy
Ain’t no wh*re, I ain’t that trashy
Yuh nuh like me
Me nuh give a bl**dclaat
Dash money make it stuck in a yuh face like wart
Wah check out but your money short
A nuh me make me have weh you want
VIP I get
I sip Sipronie on my jet
I love much money
Just as much as Cardi B love off sex
You hate my lifestyle because I live so spoil
I got a big stock pile
Check out my profile
Ain’t got time to smile
Am counting these coil
Broke *ss b*tch ain’t seen this for a while

(Repeat Chorus)

(verse 2)
Me a hype caah me bag full a nuff money
When dutty gal see me dem envy me
Me nuh like dem
Me team nuh hungry
Stock pile up a dat kill me enemy
Me nuh know bout you
But me got it like that
Me nuh beg, me nuh barrow, me nuh sponge nor squat
Caah me card game loud and me bank book fat
Boss b*tch deal wid it like a diplomat
Walking in the club like a Vicki model
Its not my birthday but a pure sparkle
Waitress a come with ten bottle
Yeah, b*tch check my table

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)

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Aidonia On YVA Nomination “It’s A Great Look”

Aidonia capped off a tremendous year with four Your View Awards.

While some of his fans expected more nominations, the 4th Genna leader says he is grateful for the recognition. Aidonia scored a number of dancehall hits last year paving the way for him to land some lucrative corporate deals and be one of the leading local artists in the genre currently. Donia has years of experience in the music business, but last year we saw growth and depth in his music with songs like “Yea Yeah,” “Hot Tools,” and “Banga.”

Aidonia received four nominations at this year’s Your View Awards including Hottest Summer Song for “Yeah Yeah,” Favorite Dancehall Artist Of The Year, Favorite Local Male Artist Of The Year, Favorite Chart Topping Song Of The Year. In a statement released to, the deejay thanks his team for the hard work they put in over the past year.

“It’s a great look to see all the work we have put in over the past year being recognized by the industry, and to them, we extend our gratitude. Of course, I cannot forget my team and the fans without whom none of this would be possible,” Aidonia told us.

Donia also received two nominations at this year’s International Reggae and World Music Awards (IRAWMA) set for March 18 at the Logan Center for the Arts in Chicago. The YVA awards ceremony will be held on local soil at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston on February 24th. The awards show which is now in its 9th year, has been rebranded this year from Youth View Awards to Your View Awards. Producers promises a bigger and better show this year.

Alkaline lead the list of nominations this year with seven nominations while Spice received six nods. Aidonia is tied with Popcaan with four nominations which round out the top four nominees.

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