Mr. Easy – Ah Who Lyrics

Ah Who Lyrics

Dem a one dem a two
dem nuh more than you
Dem a fight dem a screw
Caan walk inna yuh shoe

Man a seh a who
People seh a you
Big tings a gwaan
Dem nuh have a clue
Seh dem inna fashion but da fashion deh boo
tell dem fi move and bow yah
who a get di G
yuh fi seh a me
And yuh naw live like swarmy and flee
From yuh know yuh ready to the highest degree
tell dem fi move and bow yah Heh

1. True dem under pressure dem nuh wah yuh around
Anytime dem si yuh dem a block pure sound
A nuh dat dem fi duh dem fi come box wi dung
Anytime dem reddi
Nuf a dem hate yuh fi di clothes yuh a wear
some a dem nuh like wi fi di car we wi steer
If a fi dem own mek dem tek mi out there
Anytime dem reddi
Dem hear seh wi buy 2 big house over south
nuf a dem nuh got so now a pure mad mouth
tell di whole a dem say fi come put wi out
anytime dem reddi


2. Since a dem put on yuh pot
mek dem tek it off
since a dem alone hot
gwaan guh show off
dem a trouble yuh alot
dem tink yuh soft
nuff a dem a choke and a cough

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