Agent Sasco Releases Song With Daughter LC, To Speaker At Book Launch

Agent Sasco is to speak at the launch of Pete Kennedy’s book “When a Man Loves” this weekend.

The book launch, which takes place this Saturday, May 29th, will feature a special event at the Miramar Regional Park in Miramar, Florida, with Agent Sasco as the main event.

“When a Man Loves” is a story about a young Jamaican man and how he finds his way in the world without any major role models or navigational forces. It is a motivational book that calls on men to LEAD THE WAY THEY WERE BORN TO, to protect, to communicate with transparency, to be honest, loyal, and build trust with those they influence.

The author says the story is based on his own journey, which started out in a broken home and led to him being a community leader. Kennedy is the Founder and CEO of Educating Men & Youth How to Lead & Live. His organization helps young people develop their professional and personal lives.

In his book, Kennedy further explains, “This story is my journey navigating masculinity and all the traps it sets.”

A review of the book on Amazon says, “It is an emotional roller coaster that will run from the extremes of joy to tears. It is a real triumphant story and a true testament that challenges the reader with exercises to be better LEADERS, FATHERS, HUSBANDS and HUMAN BEINGS.”

Who better to be an ambassador of this book than Agent Sasco himself? A committed husband and father, Sasco is the epitome of what it means to be a strong man. His career and recent name change mirror the growth that “When a Man Loves” chronicles.

Agent Sasco, in his early career, was known by the name Assassin. After starting his family, the deejay rebranded and adopted a more wholesome image. Hailing from the low-income Papine Kintyre community, Sasco has his own story of overcoming and rising above the stereotypes to be a well-respected leader in society.

The artiste expressed enthusiasm about his upcoming speech on Instagram. In an announcement of the gig, he said, “Just about finished my copy of @peteandreken Bestseller, “When A Man Loves.” I’ll be a guest speaker at the launch this Saturday, May 29th @ Miramar Regional Park. #GiveThanks.”

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His fans have welcomed the announcement. One follower commented, “Congratulations! Continue to make your positive marks on society!!! Love you and your music!!!”

Positivity is also being spread by Sasco’s 8-year-old daughter Lauren ‘LC’ Campbell. Her latest release is the motivational, soulful ballad, “If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I,” released alongside her father. In a similar fashion to the book of the same name published by Jamaican author Alvin Day, the track instructs listeners to dream big and never give up.

“I know I’ve got vision more than my eyes can see / And I know I rule My Own Destiny,” LC sings.

“This song is encouraging and uplifting. I can definitely see this taking off in a huge way. Great theme song even for a movie. His daughter has added that special touch. So sweet,” one listener commented below the lyric video uploaded on Youtube.

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Agent Sasco Not Interested In TikTok Trends, Talks Illustrious Dancehall Career

Agent Sasco says he is not interested in TikTok trends while he opened up about his illustrious career in dancehall.

Jeffrey Campbell, more popularly known as Agent Sasco aka Assassin, continues to show that he is a man of many strengths. Whether it is being a great husband, a dad of three (3), or embarking on his farming and construction ventures, Sasco continues to set the bar for other men to follow. While not all his fans will be able to speak of those aforementioned qualities, numerous individuals from all over the world will be able to speak highly of the entertainer’s stage presence and his storytelling and lyrical abilities.

The Agent continues to set trends with his approach to music. As he explains it, he pulls on his inner thoughts and life experiences for his lyrical content versus catering to the latest trends and the ever-changing musical landscape.

The deejay, who has spent over two decades in the business, was praised by Phillips for his shift from Assassin, former Lyrical Assassin, to his new moniker Agent Sasco. Fans took notice of the name change nearly a decade ago. However, Sasco explained that the shift in mindset came into place during the period of 2005-2006 when he suffered the death of his mom and became a dad at 22 years old. The deejay chanted these sentiments on his 2010 release “Something’s Gotta Give,” where he deejayed, “Me get a daughter now so me affi think smarter now…”

While his dancehall anthems such “Do It If Yuh Bad,” “Ruffest & Tuffest,” “We a Bad From,” “As A Man,” “Boring Gal,” “Do Mek Me Hold You,” among others are still considered party shakers, it’s his discography formulated after his metamorphosis that is considered some of his most revered. During this time, Sasco managed to release his 14-track project Theory of Reggaetivity, which contained tracks such as “Mix Up,” “LC,” “Country Bus,” “Day In Day Out,” “No Slave,” and “Stronger.” That release was followed by his Banks of the Hope album, which was released in 2018. This project had something special about it since it was recorded at the entertainer’s newly constructed Diamond Studios. The positive “vibes” continue to flow from the entertainer’s musical hub, such as his 2020 EP Sasco vs Assassin, spearheaded by the single “Loco.”

Bounty Killer and Kabaka Pyramid hopped on the remix to share their words of encouragement, but it was Sasco’s son “Weezy,” who stole the visuals. Both Weezy and Sasco’s youngest daughter LC have shown interest in a career in music, something Sasco did as a child when he entered numerous talent shows during his time in Camperdown High School, where he met Spragga Benz’s relative who helped to kickstart his career. Yet, Sasco’s positive influence on his own children and so many others who use his song as motivational gems is not necessarily a deliberate move to tap into the younger market that other entertainers have done.

“That speaks to going in the studio and doing just what I want to do. I care zero about the younger demographic, to be honest with you. I’ve seen too many situations where people want to hide them age and stay young forever,” Sasco said. “I’m not going to be a slave to this thing I love so much.”

He continued, “If I go in the studio and do my song and Izzy love it great, but I’m not going to go in the studio talking about, wonder what these kids are listening to these days… I’m not trying to find the next TikTok [Challenge.]”

During his explanation, he mentioned that one of the reasons for the construction of the studio was to have a place of isolation to ensure the sounds stay inside, but also to block any negative influences. “I also divorce the outcome when I put it out, otherwise you left chasing your shadow,” he said about his modus operandi when it comes to releasing new music from his home-based studio.

The conversation couldn’t go any further without the acknowledgment of Sasco’s attention to detail observed not only in his music but also in his handy projects such as the construction of his studio. While there was no actual construction material on Yendi’s set, the host still managed to whip up a game of Jenga to put Sasco’s abilities to the test.

Following a brilliant win by Sasco, the former Miss Jamaica World 2007 and Miss Jamaica Universe 2010 pageant left him with these words of encouragement. “Keep building, and that’s not just literally building but I love what you are building on in the legacy of Agent Sasco.”

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Sean Paul enlists Masicka and Skillibeng on new song, “Everest”

Sean Paul enlists Masicka and Skillibeng on new song, “Everest”
The track appears on Sean Paul’s most recent album, Live N Livin.

By Sajae Elder

April 16, 2021

Earlier this year, Sean Paul returned with Live N Livin’, a 16-track project that brought the dancehall star squarely back to his roots after years of memorable pop, EDM and hip-hop collaborations. The album boasts appearances from some of the biggest names in reggae and dancehall, including Buju Banton, Damian Marley, Govana, Busy Signal, and Agent Sasco. Today, Sean connects with fellow dancehall star Masicka and rising artist Skillibeng on the brash “Everest,” premiering above.


The Kieran Khan-directed clip finds all three artists trading verses on success and loyalty over the Demarco-produced riddim. By connecting some of Jamaica’s biggest names on one track, Sean calls for more unity across the genre. “The division many times is senseless. We are all here to entertain our fans, provide for our loved ones and live a good life,” Sean Paul explained about the collaboration in a statement. “Together we can be so much more powerful if we collaborate, instead of segregating ourselves and our crews. Everest is a perfect example of that.”

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Listen to “Everest” above.


Agent Sasco Names New Brand Ambassador Of Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ)

Agent Sasco has been named the new brand ambassador for Recycling Partners of Jamaica (RPJ).

The announcement was officially made last Monday, January 18, at the headquarters of RPJ at Retirement Road in Kingston. Well known for his views on respecting the environment, Agent Sasco described the partnership as a perfect union. He also shared about how the partnership came to be and how he intends to do his part with the Jamaica Observer. He explained that RPJ reached out to his team about their plans for a potential partnership and that he was immediately interested because “recycling is one of the things that I am passionate about and certainly something I know can only be beneficial to Jamaica.”

Agent Sasco added that he believed that Jamaica was moving in the right direction following the country’s ban on single-use plastic bags. He described this as a huge step in the right direction. The move showed that Jamaicans are ready to keep making meaningful strides in protecting the environment, he continued.

“The national consciousness around environmental issues has increased and I believe Jamaicans will embrace this initiative. Personally, it aligns and intersects with several of my other interests including my desire to do more things that have reach and impact in the wider community,” he added.

While this was a great first step in the right direction, finding a sustainable recycling program is also important he said.

“Recycling will have to be a key component of our national strategy if we are serious about managing and protecting our environment, especially as we see a surge in development,” he said. He continued on to say that the sooner Jamaicans accept that recycling is the way forward, the sooner they can begin to enjoy the countless benefits.

The marketing and public relations manager for Recycling Partners of Jamaica, Candice Ming, also said that she was pleased with the partnership.

“We wanted someone who is able to transcend generations and genders and able to invoke a positive influence. It was also imperative to partner with someone who is aligned with our mission and he best fits the criteria,” Ming said while also speaking with the Observer.

The partnership was needed now as the environment is suffering from the damaging effects of plastic bottles lodged in places that they shouldn’t be, Ming added. She also said that together they have a lot of work to do to normalize recycling as a daily activity for Jamaicans.

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Agent Sasco aka Assassin Dropping New Album In May

Agent Sasco announced he is dropping a new album in May this year.

Sasco, also known in dancehall circles as Assassin, announced that he has been working on a new project. The dancehall legend recently opened his own studio at his home where he has been doing his recording. His last album Theory of Reggaetivity was released in 2016. The project earned Sasco a lot of respect for its quality and depth. He told that Star that the project started out as a 12-track effort and has grown significantly since then so he is close to finish.

“It started off as a 12-song project and now we’re up to 14 because we start finding some song where we say ‘no we cant leave off dat,’” Sasco said. “We’re close to the finish line and I’m thinking that we should have a solid project for the people.”

If there is any dancehall artist who is deserving of a honorary Grammy award its Agent Sasco. With two decades under his belt in the music business, he has amassed a vast catalog over the years that helped cemented his place as one of the most lyrically acclaimed dancehall artist of all-time.

As for his aspirations of getting a Grammy, Agent Sasco says he is just making music for the fans and if it earned him one of those trophies then its icing on the cake.

Dancehall Need More Balance Says Agent Sasco

Dancehall music is currently back in mainstream, but Assassin, aka Agent Sasco, says the music need more balance.

Sasco has around two decades of experience in dancehall and has created a vast catalog for himself including some international hits with overseas artists. The 34-year-old deejay made a name for himself as one of the most prolific lyricists in dancehall and often drew attention for his socially conscious and thought provoking lyrics.

Sasco recently weighed in on the state of the music and how the young acts stacks up to the veterans in the business. “You have 17-year-olds now that have an idea of what dancehall should look and sound like,” he said. “I am not going to be one of the man dem who dictate how fi dem (young artistes) world should look because it is for dem to use how dem see it to come up with material. The issue is when there is no balance to it or when it is one-dimensional.”

Agent Sasco added that currently he is hearing too much of the same thing on the airwaves and want to see more balance among the new acts. He also want stakeholders to start look at the business aspects of dancehall and that’s a sentiment that has been echoed from musicians over the last few years. The full earning potential of dancehall acts are not being met, despite the huge popularity of the genre worldwide and over the last few years you have some big name international acts like Drake, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Ed Sheeran tapping into the genre to make massive hits.