Louis Iv – Intro Lyrics

Nobody told me this shit would be easy dawg…I know these bitches still want me and need me oh lord…bringing that pressure, give me a reason…know I been praying to god every season knew I would make it they didn’t believe me…shit…AG brought them hoes in you know it’s a go…girl this ain’t yo first time I know what you want..[hahah okay]….them two look familiar & this one I know… bitch I’m in my bag so you can’t play me no more…[oh na]…they gon peep my tag cuz I came up and now they see that shit…last one turned her back when I look back no I ain’t need that BITCH…I ran up my sack but I’m gon stack incase my people slip…they know I’m gon bleed about my team double S vs n shit we came from the bottom, know the Vibez ain’t no stopping can’t even f**k wit certain hoes no more they cause too much problems..I can’t put my trust in niggas cuz they can’t keep it solid…make you think it’s love when really they just waiting to cross ya I got so much on my mind I speak my shit every time…used to tell them hoes I love em when I know I be lying…lord know I be trying f**k that Im whiping Mercedes im curving hoes on the daily you out your mind tryna play me on god…

Back in the bitch once again oh goodness…f**k wit them bitches again I wouldn’t…run wit the vets I can’t play wit no rookies…shawty just want me to play wit the pussy…tryna run game on me you better be careful I think that you shouldn’t…down in the city wit niggas we f**king up half of the budget at tootsies… switching the way i maneuver now it’s a ticket if you wanna book me….thinking bout when I was starting off and seeing how it took me…damn…we stayed focus, been through ups n downs but we ain’t never think about folding, anyone who second guessed this shit look dumb n they know it..hoes gimme the come and f**k me face when I’m in the Rover … I might tell her come over…big dawg status tryna lace all of my niggas in patek’s but only the ones I know gon pull up when it’s time to get active…tell them boys come wit that pressure if they really want static…my niggas known to take yo bitch and still a twist ya shit backwards okay now… run up the bag…still f**k with hoes from the past…can’t let them finesse me nigga yo hoe so nasty I know god gon bless me…[yea]…wit everything that I ever wanted that’s why I’m on it I know these niggas can’t see me regardless shit…pull up..hop out…shit to lit up…young niggas…popped out…can’t f**k wit us…I know…they see…we going crazy nigga been ballin and feeling amazing you out of line you tryna play me lord

2Pac – No Part Of Dis Lyrics

Flavor Unit in tha mothafuckin’ house
2Pac ready to set this out
For the niggas that thought I fell off
This especially goes out to my mothafuckin’ homie AG

[Verse 1]
Everybody’s wondering if I fell just to get a couple cents
While I still be (hot as hell)
Now I’m back to rip this track like I’m dislexic
Niggas stay vextin’, hextin’ how I sextin’
Now who’s next, prepare to hear a text of speak of a nigga that be
Harder than all the heads up in the projects
Why you’re starring now, wonderin’ how I rip and rock the shit
Pimpin’, poppin’ shit, 2Pac’ll hit you with some hippity hoppity shit
Niggas get a grip or slip and slit yo’ shit
I hate you quit for some old shit you ain’t equipped to kick
2Pac’ll live (?) to take control-

(Go, go, go, go, go!)
(No part of dis!)

[Verse 2/3(?)]
If I had a bigger dick or a dime for every time
Motherfuckers took a bid of a lies filling my rhyme
I’ll be richer than a bitch with a trick, who pickpockets
Equiped with the dick that’s so thick, it fits sockets
Please don’t misinterpret what I say to get dirty
Motherfuckers wanna jerk me (?) wonder
A fucking freestyle frenzy for the-