Congratulations – Shawty Lo lyrics

Lyrics Shawty Lo – Congratulations

I’m ready man, ready for whatever man
Yeah, I’m ready man.
Congratulations, thank y’all for hating
Congratulations, thank y’all for faking
Congratulations, oh lord I made it
Congratulatiooons, swear to god I’ma take it
Congratulatiooons, yeah
Congratulatiooons, ah-ha
Congratulatiooons, aye
Congratulationoos, Shawty.

Let me take you back to 96
If you know what I mean
Real life story, I don’t sell no dreams
I had seven hundred but a deuce costs eighteen
Jay had one, told me to whip that shit up
Gave him seven hundred and we split that shit up
Damn, he did that for me
A nigga ain’t never did shit for me
My crew started off with me, Kurt, and G
Crying and girl ain’t come
Bankhead to the ADV
Niggas can’t slump what’s meant to me, Shawty.

Congratulatiooons. (x4)

Known to do my thing nigga, no lie
Keep ‘em wrapped up and pretty like a bowtie
And I ain’t got a crossover
But all the shit I talk, I just might cross over
I see ya bang but you can’t chew it
Do it big nigga, or don’t do it
I talk trap shit fluent
Who ya niggas fooling?
Still in something foolish
And everything is paid for
Mama ain’t going back to jail
They just wanna know the blueprint
Young nigga follow in my footprint
Real niggas do real shit
Run the trap shit, nigga do the rap shit
One show costs a whole brick
I still got them units.

Congratulatioons, thank y’all for hating
Congratulatiooons, thank y’all for faking
Congratulatiooons, oh lord I made it
Congratulatiooons, swear to god I’ma take it
Congratulatiooons, yeahhh
Congratulatiooons, ah-haaa
Congratulatiooons, aye
Congratulatiooons, Shawtyyy.
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