Pilot Baur’s inquiry. What secrets did Hitler’s personal pilot give away?

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The events of spring 2022 echo those that took place almost eight decades ago. In April-May 1945, the Red Army finished off the Berlin grouping of the Wehrmacht, completing the history of the Third Reich. 

Information on the arrested G. Baur. December 13, 1945. Photo: FSB archive

Ace with NSDAP party card

The leaders of German Nazism were deciding their fate at that moment. Someone tried to escape, and someone decided to draw a line under their existence in order to avoid the dock.

The FSB of Russia has published new materials related to the death ofAdolf Hitler. According to RIA Novosti, these are documents from the investigation file of Hitler's former personal pilot, SS Gruppenfuehrer, Police Lieutenant General Hans Baur.

In May 1945, Baur was taken prisoner in Berlin by Soviet troops. A case was initiated against him in the USSR, the materials of which are now stored in the department of the FSB of the Russian Federation for the Novgorod region.

A native of Bavaria, a native of the family of a postal official, Hans Baur became a pilot during the First World War. He personally shot down nine enemy planes. After the defeat of the German Empire, the pilot joined the circles of the right, among which there were many military men who dreamed of revenge. Baur joined the NSDAP in 1926.

Handwritten testimony of the SS Gruppenfuehrer and Police Lieutenant General G. Baur. December 19-22, 1945. Translation from German. Page 2 Photo: FSB archive

Witness from the Fuhrerbunker

Even before Hitler came to power, Baur, on the recommendation of Himmlerand Hessbecame him personal pilot. In 1934 he took command of a government squadron. It was Baur who brought German Foreign MinisterJoachim von Ribbentrop to Moscow in 1939 to negotiate a non-aggression pact.

Until the last days of the life of the head of the Third Reich, the personal pilot enjoyed his full confidence. It was assumed that Baur could be entrusted with the mission of evacuating Hitler and other Nazi leaders from Berlin. For this reason, he was in the “Führerbunker” and witnessed the last days and hours of Nazi Germany.

During interrogations, Baur told Soviet investigators about what he had seen. According to him, as soon as it became known that the Red Army units were approaching Potsdamer Platz, the women in the “Fuhrerbunker” began to prepare for death. Magda Goebbels told the pilot that she carries a syringe and poison pills that kill instantly, and Eva Braun gave orders regarding her property.

Autobiography of SS Gruppenführer and Police Lieutenant General G. Baur. October 1, 1945 Original in German. Photo: FSB archive

“Everything will fall apart in a few hours”

At the same time, not all things were brought to Baur. According to his testimony, the news of the wedding of Hitler and Eva Braun came as a surprise to him. Everyone in the bunker agreed that the Fuhrer agreed to formalize the marriage in exchange for Eva Braun's willingness to die with him.

“Despite the seriousness of the situation, we did not yet know Hitler’s final intentions on April 28 and 29,” — stated in the testimony of the pilot. On April 30, Baur was summoned to the room of the leader of the Nazis. Hitler's personal pilot said that the Fuhrer had decided to say goodbye to him: “Baur, I want to say goodbye to you, I want to thank you for all the years of service.” The pilot's gift was a Rembrandt portrait of King Friedrich that hung in the bunker.

Baur tried to dissuade Hitler: “My Fuhrer, you cannot do this, because then everything will fall apart in a few hours.” Hitler replied: “I appointed Grand Admiral Doenitzhis successor. He will end the war. My soldiers don't want to and can't fight anymore. I can't take it anymore.

What will be written on the grave?

According to the pilot, Hitler was very afraid that the Soviet troops would capture him alive using sleeping gas. The Fuhrer ordered to burn his corpse and the corpse of Eva Braun, so as not to repeat the fate of Mussolini, whose dead body was hung upside down by the Italians by the feet. In parting, Hitler threw Bauru: “Someday I will have to write on my gravestone:” He fell victim to his generals. the answer to the question is it all over with Hitler and Eva Braun. Baur was told that the corpses were burned in the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery.

“On the evening of May 1, my adjutant Betz and I came to Goebbels to say goodbye to him, — Baur told Soviet investigators. — He told me: “Baur, it will be very difficult to get out of here… If you meet the grand admiral, then tell him that we were able not only to fight for life, but also managed to die. At the same time, Goebbels' wife stood completely depressed and pale.

The Minister of Propaganda of the Third Reich went with his wife to the other world, having previously killed his own children.

Wounded, amputated and 25 years in the camps

As for Baur, after the death of Hitler and Goebbels, he left the Fuhrerbunker; as part of one of the battle groups that tried to break out of Berlin. They took care of him, because they expected to get to the airfield, from where they planned to flee from Germany. But on May 2, 1945, in the area of ​​the Stettin railway station, he was wounded and a few hours later discovered by a group of Red Army soldiers.

Baur was considered one of the key witnesses in the case involving the death of Hitler and Goebbels. The Soviet leadership wanted to receive 100 percent confirmed information about their deaths. The Fuhrer's personal pilot had information and knowledge that others did not have. Baur lost his leg due to a wound, and in captivity he was treated, and then provided with a prosthesis. But a member of the NSDAP since 1926, he did not even think about revising his views. In May 1950, the military tribunal of the troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow District sentenced him to 25 years in prison camps. But in 1955, the Kremlin extradited him along with other convicted war criminals of the FRG.

How fur boots for Hitler were searched in Mariupol

In Germany, Baur wrote memoirs in which he stressed that the main business of his life was aviation, and he had an indirect relationship with politics.

In the memoirs of Hitler's personal pilot, one can find such an episode that took place 80 years ago: “During one flight to Mariupol — on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov — on board were Hitler, his adjutant Major General Schmundtand doctor. Departing from Rastenburg, we made an intermediate landing in Kyiv. From there, the general in charge of this section of the front was warned by telephone of our imminent arrival. Hitler sat for about forty-five minutes in the airport building. When he returned, he said: “Baur, it is very cold in your plane. My feet are turning into icicles!” Hitler was dressed lightly, not for the weather. I offered him flying boots. He refused for the reason that “they are not his privilege.”

In Mariupol, Hitler was met by Field Marshal Leeb and SS General Sepp Dietrich, head of his bodyguard. Accompanied by them, he went to Taganrog, where very serious problems arose. My crew and I stayed at the airfield in Mariupol, where several fighter squadrons were based. Here I started looking for fur-lined boots for Hitler. Before issuing them, the quartermaster of this base demanded a warrant signed by Hitler himself, and the Fuhrer complied with this demand. Field Marshal Leeb tried to object, but Hitler correctly assessed the situation and the importance of his signature. Subsequently, I often visited Mariupol and saw this paper with a signature hanging under glass in a place of honor in the officers' canteen.

It is interesting that Baur, despite complaining about the difficult conditions of imprisonment in the USSR and the amputated leg, lived a very long life — he died in 1993 at the age of 95.  

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What new archival documents about Hitler were declassified by the FSB of the Russian Federation?

The FSB declassified the investigation file of the personal pilot of the leader of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler— SS Gruppenfuehrer and Police Lieutenant General Hans Baur. The commander of the Fuhrer Squadron was detained and captured on May 2, 1945 in Berlin.

“Documents from the department of the FSB of Russia in Novgorod Region of the investigative file on G. Baura are published for the first time», — clarified in the FSB.

The following documents were made public: a certificate of the arrested Baur dated December 13, 1945 from the Butyrka prison, his autobiography and handwritten testimony translated into Russian. As well as a personal photo with Hitler seized during the arrest.

What did Hans Baur say during the interrogation?

Baur witnessed the last days of the Nazi leader spent in                       

In his testimony, it is said that until mid-April 1945, Hitler's inner circle unsuccessfully tried to persuade him to leave Berlin. At the same time, the Fuhrer's close associates, who were with him in the bunker, did not know until the last moment about his intentions to commit suicide.

How did Hitler behave during the war and before his death?

According to Baur, even before settling in the Führerbunker, Hitler began to suspect his inner circle (Goebels, Goering, Bormannand others) in & nbsp; treason. So, from the end of 1943, he refused lunches and dinners at the common table. By the end of 1944, a mood of mutual distrust prevailed in the leadership of the “Third Reich”.

“Hitler stopped eating at the common table, as there was a suspicion that there was a traitor among the inner circle, and individual statements at the table became public. It was established that the facts known to the closest circle of people became known to the enemy intelligence, — he said.

In 1945, Hitler became even more distant from the encirclement. He became withdrawn & nbsp; and spent all the time in his shelter. During the day, he went out into the garden for 1-2 hours to walk the dog. The rest of the time he worked.

“During his stay in Berlin, Hitler maintained an appearance of optimism and confidence in the victory of Germany,” — notes Baur.

He also adds that Hitler was reassured by talk not about the war, but also by the discussion of plans for the development of Germany. He spent hours looking at models of houses for Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. Such peace talks against the backdrop of the deteriorating position of Germany, according to Baur, he and others took as a positive sign that “things are not so bad now that Hitler is concerned with the future” <…> and that we cannot lose the war.

Baur noted that many then had the impression that Hitler had some secret weapon in reserve “like the atomic bomb or the death rays of heavenly power.” . It turned out later that it was all a bluff, Baur recalls. 

In addition, by the time the Russian troops entered the Oder River (January 1945 — ed. note) and the activation of the Western Front high-ranking SS men began to flee the country. However, Hitler himself did not want to leave Berlin, despite persuasion.  ;

April 29, Baur learned that Hitler forced Goebbelsto marry him to Eva Braun. And in the evening of April 30 In 1945, the Fuhrer summoned the pilot to his place and said that he wanted to say goodbye to him. Gave a portrait of King Frederick as a keepsake, written by Rembrandt

Information on the arrested G. Baur. December 13, 1945. Photo: FSB archive

Only then did the pilot understand Hitler's intentions. According to his testimony, he tried to dissuade him from committing suicide, but Hitler insisted that “the soldiers could not and would not hold out any longer,” he too could not “bear it any longer.” Hitler also said that the Russians could capture him alive by using sleep gas.

“He is very old and haggard. His hands were trembling, it was clear to me that he had made the final decision to commit suicide, — written by Baur.

After meeting with Hitler, Baur destroyed his papers and prepared to leave the office. About two hours after talking with Adolf Hitler, he returned to the bomb shelter to collect his gift. It was then that he learned that the leader of Nazi Germany was already dead. He committed suicide.

On the same day, Baur escaped from the Fuhrerbunker. Two days later, he was detained by a Russian patrol near the Stettin railway station, according to the pilot's testimony. From the certificate of the arrested person, it follows that Hans Baur was sent to one of the camps near Moscow in the status of a prisoner of war. 

Where were the bodies of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler found?

From eyewitness testimonies, it followed that Adolf Hitler and combined with the day before marriage Eva Braun committed suicide April 30 1945 of the year, and May 1 they were followed by Joseph Goebbels with his family.

On May 2, 1945, as part of the advancing units of the 1st Belorussian Front, military counterintelligence officers stormed the Reichstag and the Reich Chancellery with a  Fuhrerbunker equipped in its yard. 

May 13, 1945 employees of the department of counterintelligence “Smersh” The burial place of the charred corpses of Hitler and Braun was discovered in the garden of the Reich Chancellery of the 79th Rifle Corps.

“Their authenticity was confirmed by numerous forensic medical examinations”, — FSB said.

Source of information: fsb.ru/fsb/history/archival_material/Baur.htm

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Nobel Prize for Hitler. The Wildest Peace Prize Laureates and Nominees

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The Nobel Prize is, without a doubt, the most famous international award in the field of science, literature, and the struggle for the cause of peace. True, there are more and more questions about how the current realities correspond to the will of Alfred Nobel

“A significant contribution to the rallying of peoples”

The man who patented dynamite and made a fortune on explosives wrote a will in 1895 that stated: “The capital of my executors must be converted into securities, creating a fund, interest on which will be issued in the form of a bonus to those who during the previous year brought the greatest benefit to humanity.

The indicated percentages should be divided into five equal parts, which are intended: the first part is for the one who made the most important discovery or invention in the field of physics, the second — in the field of chemistry, the third — in the field of physiology or medicine, the fourth — who created the most significant literary work reflecting human ideals, the fifth — someone who will make a significant contribution to the rallying of nations, the destruction of slavery, the reduction in the number of existing armies and the promotion of a peace agreement.

The awards began in 1901 and, perhaps, none of the awards raised such questions as the award for peace. 

“Show the people of Ukraine that the world is on their side”: who is nominating Zelensky

36 European parliamentarians and officials have published an appeal on the website of the award, asking for an extension of the deadline for nominating candidates for the award until March 31 this year “in the light of historical and unprecedented events.” The signatories intend to nominate the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thus, the authors of the petition intend "to show the people of Ukraine that the world is on their side».

< p>Motivation, to put it mildly, is lame on both legs — how can we talk about strengthening the cause of peace if Zelensky, who came to power under the slogans of a peaceful settlement in Donbass, not only failed to implement them, but also allowed the conflict to escalate?

But the Nobel Peace Prize is no stranger. Over its more than a century of history, it has seen a variety of nominees and laureates. 

The nominees Mussolini and Hitler: the Duce and the Fuhrer lacked a little bit

In 1935, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the pacifist Karl von Ossietzky“for the fight against militarism in Germany.” By that time he himself was in a Nazi concentration camp. And one of the competitors in the fight for the award was… leader of the Italian fascists Benito Mussolini. And, perhaps, the Duce would have succeeded, but it was during this period that he attacked Ethiopia.

In 1939, Adolf Hitler himself — for what in our country it is customary to call the “Munich Pact”. Those who nominated the Fuhrer believed that he had secured a peaceful future for Europe. But on September 1, 1939, the illusions were dispelled. As a result, no one was awarded the prize, and all members of the Nobel Committee after the capture of Denmark and Norway were arrested by the Nazis. 

Cordell Hull: peacemaker who sent Jews to their death

In 1945, among the candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize were people who really made a huge contribution to the cause of ending the war —  Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin. But they awarded the former US Secretary of State Cordell Hull“in recognition of his merits in establishing peace in the Western Hemisphere, in strengthening trade and the formation of the & nbsp; -Louis» 930 Jewish refugees from Germany. As a result, Jews returned to Europe, and many of them became victims of the Holocaust.  

Laureate Gorbachev: peace outside, war inside

In 1990, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev“in recognition of his leading role in the peace process, which today characterizes an important part of the life of the international community.”

While Mikhail Sergeevich was leaving Eastern Europe and withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, interethnic conflicts and wars that he was unable (or unwilling) to resolve. And the collapse of the USSR launched by him gave rise to such consequences that the world still cannot disentangle. 

“Mirnaya” reward for ex-terrorist

In 1994, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Palestinian Yasser Arafat, as well as two Israeli politicians Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres“for their efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East”. It was believed that the parties had finally resolved the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Critics noted — Arafat did not disdain terrorist methods for most of his career, and it is strange to include him in the list of laureates.

But most importantly, there was no peace in the end. Yitzhak Rabin was shot dead by an Israeli radical in 1995, and Arafat soon returned to proven terrorist methods against the Israelis. He died in 2004, without creating an independent Palestine and without achieving peace. 

Obama was given the award “in advance”. After that, he became a “peace arsonist”

In 2009, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to US President Barack Obamawith the wording “for outstanding efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” At the same time, Obama had just taken office at that time. It seems that the members of the committee considered that the contribution to the cause of peace — is the first African American as the owner of the White House.

As a result, Obama increased the military contingent in Afghanistan, did not finish the campaign in Iraq, authorized the military operation in Libya.

At the background of his “achievements” advised to honestly return the award, but Obama flatly refused.

Even without taking into account the various dissidents and journalists whose contribution to the cause of peace is zero and who are awarded in spite of this or that government, it becomes clear that Alfred's idea Nobel has been turned into a political farce. 

So it is possible for Zelensky to become laureates — this award will endure everything.

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Faithful companion of the devil. The life and death of Eva Braun

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The human soul — darkness. One, who grew up in care and prosperity, turns into a scoundrel and a murderer, the other, who knows insults, humiliation, hunger and cold, shows selflessness, nobility and mercy.

“I can't” tell you how much I feel for the Fuhrer»

Women, rejecting the love of worthy men, sometimes devote their whole lives to those who treat them like soulless dolls. Others remain loyal to killers, poisoners, and other representatives of the underworld.

The name of Eva Braun has been preserved in the works of historians, novels, and feature films, not at all because she showed what – some outstanding qualities. It's just that her loyalty to the last breath was given to the one whom mankind rightly considers           Adolf Hitler.

On April 22, 1945, when the history of the Third Reich was counting down the last days, the Fuhrer's companion wrote in a letter to her friend: “My dear Gertha! We will fight to to the last, but I'm afraid our end is getting closer and closer. I don't know how it happened, but I don't trust God any more. I can't tell you how much I feel for the Fuhrer. I don't understand how we could have allowed all this to happen. Say hello to all my friends. I'm dying the way I lived. It's not difficult for me. You know».

Nobody really forced Eva to stay in besieged Berlin. On the contrary, she was more than once offered to evacuate. But she stubbornly refused, declaring that she would stay with Adolf until the end.

.jpg” height=”425″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Photo: www.globallookpress.com/Keystone Pictures USA

Athlete, typist, photographer

She was born on February 6, 1912, in Munich, to the family of school teacher Friedrich Braun and Franziska Katharina Braun.

The three daughters of Friedrich were brought up in & nbsp; strictness: the father daily announced in & nbsp; at 22 hours     nobody had the right to be awake later. The girls were not allowed any liberties. Eva graduated from the monastery primary school, and then — Lyceum in Munich. Franziska, her mother, was a strong skier in her youth, and Eva also became interested in sports, choosing, however, athletics. After the lyceum, Eva studied at the  Institute of English ladies-in-waiting in Simbach, where she studied French, typing, accounting and home economics.

At 17 years, Eva became a saleswoman and delivery in photo studio photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. The work seemed boring to the girl, and on her own initiative she began to master photography, in which she achieved good success.

Photo: www.globallookpress.com/Keystone Pictures USA

Mistress of the “Mountain Yard”

In the autumn of 1929, she met a man who was introduced to her as “Herr Wolff.” The visitor was clearly interested in the girl, and Eva, who did not follow politics, at first did not even know that none other than the head of the NSDAP, Hitler, became her boyfriend.

Two years later, Eva turned into the main woman in the life of the chief Nazi. True, this novel was not carefree — twice the girl tried to lay hands on herself, like Hitler's previous passion Geli Raubal. Forer was not going to bear the second personal loss: he bought a house for his mistress and made her his personal secretary. This post was nominal, so as not to raise unnecessary questions.

In 1936, the reconstruction of Hitler's personal residence in the Bavarian Alps was completed. The residence was named Berghof (“Mountain Yard”), and Brown moved there, becoming the unofficial mistress of the house.

The next eight years of her life were carefree. The war thundered somewhere far away, and Eva in Berghof whiled away the time, doing color, film and photography. Hitler came to the residence to rest, and Eva didn get into political intrigues, indulging in entertainment.

Photo: www.globallookpress.com/Scherl

Only one wish

Fraulein Brown, of course, should not be considered a completely naive fool. The memoirs of contemporaries and surviving letters say that the Fuhrer's girlfriend understood — the end is drawing near. That's just it he, by and large, did not frighten       The only thing she stubbornly sought from Hitler — these are legal marriages.

At one time, the Nazi leader explained his official loneliness in this way: “Many women are attached to me because I am not married. It's like a movie actor: if he is married, then definitely loses something in the eyes of women who adore him, he is no longer their idol».

But in April 1945, there were no longer crowds of German women adoring Adolf. The man with the shaking head was now only needed by Brown. Hearing from  Hitler about the intention to end his life before the door of the "fuhrerbunker" beat out by the soldiers of the Red Army, Eva agreed to do the same. But in return, she asked me to realize my main dream — formalize the marriage.

On April 29, 1945, under the roar of Soviet artillery, Brown became Hitler's wife. The small banquet that followed was the last celebration in the history of Nazi Germany. Against the backdrop of the general depression of those present, only the newly-minted Eva Hitler stood out with a blooming look.

height=”495″ width=”640″ style=”display: block;” />

Eve with her sisters. Photo: www.globallookpress.com/dpa

The name is like a curse

A few hours later, she calmly commits suicide. Everything Eva Braun wanted in this life, she got.

Eva's younger sister, Gretl, was married SS Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein. Gretl's husband, unlike Eva, did not want to die for the Fuhrer, and on April 28 he tried to escape from the bunker. However, he was caught and, according to one of Hitler's last orders, was shot. Fegelein was not saved even by the intercession of Eva, who did not want her not yet born niece to lose her father.

Gretl was in the last month of pregnancy. Already knowing about the death of her husband and sister, on May 5, 1945, she gave birth to a girl, whom she named Eva in honor of a relative. But, apparently, the given name in this family acted as as a curse — the youngest Eva also passed away on her own in 1971.

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“Typical teenage bullshit.” D. Puchkov (Goblin) – about youth values

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 03. Either a bus, or a vision. When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and villages? 01/19/2022

Recently, a 19-year-old student who relieved himself at a stand with a portrait of a war veteran received 4 years in prison. The prosecutor's office of Naberezhnye Chelny decided to conduct an inspection after the incident with teenagers who threw snow at the Eternal Flame. And before that, in several cities, young bloggers were marked by actions with stripping against the background of museums and temples – all this immediately spread in social networks. What do those who do it achieve? About this is our conversation with translator, publicistDmitry Puchkov ­(Goblin).

went to & nbsp; desecration of all that is holy? What is a national flash mob? There is no feeling that someone is deliberately organizing this, provoking it?

– No, I I think it all happens spontaneously. Flashmob – this is when you receive a message: “Today at such and such a time and in such and such a place we all gather with umbrellas, open them together, take a picture and run away.” “Mob” – crowd, “flash” – flash. That is, an instantly assembled crowd for such completely senseless actions. In this case, I don’t see any signs of a flash mob and I don’t see any command from the moderator.

Dmitry Puchkov: “If our children are raised in hatred of communism – what will happen? Monument to Ulyanov (Lenin), which was blown up by unknown people. A funnel approximately 80×100 cm appeared on the statue in the area of ​​the buttocks. Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Photo: RIA Novosti/Sergey Ermokhin

Most often, young people generally don’t bother much, against the background of which they are photographed there, they are not interested. In their actions, some next “Pussy Wright” can also be seen. with a challenge to society: they say, I don’t give a damn about you at all, here, I’m so beautiful, I deny everything! This is typical teenage bullshit.

The fact that the kid urinated on the poster – well, it's not quite nonsense, just like trying to fry kebabs on the Eternal Flame. Under Soviet rule, such undergrowth also manifested itself. For example, in 1979  in Leningrad, college graduates committed a very large act of vandalism: they threw 11 historical marble statues from the pedestals in the Summer Garden. Today, teenagers, as they were poorly brought up, have remained. Another thing is that with the Internet, it’s like a fire in the & nbsp; steppe: they organize challenges (tasks) for each other there: they say, “I shit on” this, and now you answer & nbsp; & ndash; shit on this». Which only says one thing: these children grow up neglected. 

– Should they be punished, or is it enough to simply scold them?

– If they break the law, then, of course, it is necessary. But the task of breaking this teenager's life is not worth it. If he behaved decently before, for a start you need to talk. If talking doesn't help – fine. And if it doesn't work at all, then yes – deprive of freedom. But choosing this as the first method would be wrong.

– According to your classification, these are “juvenile morons” or normal teenagers?

– They usually outgrow their bullshit when the hormonal storms subside in their heads. How many of us, adults, make mistakes in life in an emotional heat? For example, he gave someone a face, and then sat down. And in the soul the dialogue: “Will you regret it?” “Of course I will” “Next time will you hit me?” “I won't. I wouldn't have hit that time if my brains were working properly"". And here, one might say, almost children. Adults are now almost not interested in children, they have the number one task – buy a phone or tablet for a child: “On you, shut up, sit with him in the corner, just don’t disturb us.” Well, here is the result: the children are left to their own devices. 

Why remember victories?

– The young man in the video on TikTok said that he did not know when the Great Patriotic War began, because this information “won't be useful” to him in life. What is wrong with patriotic education?

– Famous rapper Morgensternalso admitted that he did not understand the Victory Day, which took place 76 years ­ rehabilitation of Nazism. In my opinion, this is complete madness. Here you have a teenager, he was raised in your school, on your educational programs. What attention is paid to the Great Patriotic War in today's history textbooks, if the Battle of Stalingrad takes half a paragraph there, and then you talk about the bloody Soviet regime? Maybe this is a discovery for some, but our war was a war between the Nazis and the communists, led by the main communist Joseph Stalinand the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. It was her victory – as a formative and guiding force. But we can’t talk about this, because the essence of the state we have – this is a negation of everything soviet…

There are much more illustrative examples – say, Ukraine, where the Nazis and their accomplices have already been elevated to the rank of national heroes. They – the main enemies of the communists. Well, if our children are raised in hatred of communism – what happens? 

Who was the main enemy of communism? Adolf Hitler. That is, you stand on the same side with him – raise your children in contempt for your own country, for its past. If somewhere in the Baltics or in Ukraine they are taught to hate Russians as an external enemy, then we are taught inside Russia to hate ourselves. And then they are surprised: “But there Kolya and Urengoy said this in the Bundestag!” Why be surprised? You ask the rest of Kohl, Tol, Vasya – they will repeat the same thing to you, only in an even more vile form. Because that's how you teach them.

There is nothing to blame on the mirror. Morgenstern – this is the voice of a generation. And he still didn’t say anything particularly bad: only that he personally is not interested in it and it’s not clear why you set up these parades and spend money on them. A healthy question, by the way, from a teenager.

At the same time, ask any dunce – football fan: how Zenit played in 1969? He will give you a lecture for an hour: who stood at the gate, who ran forward, how many goals were scored, how the referee judged incorrectly, etc. For  fans this is the most important event. Or, say, the appearance of some human rights activists on Red Square in those days when an anti-Soviet uprising took place in Czechoslovakia. This is a major event for liberals, and, from their point of view, must be remembered. And that's who exactly won the Patriotic War, where 26 million of us died, – no, you don't need to remember that. But people who diligently talk about the “victory” of the frenzy, I repeat, & nbsp; & ndash; Hitler's comrades-in-arms who consciously take his side.

“And these are not their heroes”

– Do people with a  adolescent mind perceive any kind of propaganda?

– Of course, but only your own. Teenagers do not listen to pro-government propagandists, do not watch TV and other state officialdom. For they are too grown-up, and these guys who discuss something of their own there are not interested in them. But Morgen­stern speaks in an accessible language, which inspires confidence in them. After all, a teenager denies everything: his mother, as he thinks, is a fool, his father is a fool, they have not achieved any success in life. But there is Citizen Morgenstern, who – chik, and & nbsp; here he is already covered in & nbsp; chocolate, shaking packs of dough, and & nbsp; naked girls are jumping around. This, I understand, is success!  Mom and dad don't have any money, but Morgenstern does. So, alignment with it.

That's why teenagers don't want to learn. Look – there, the children of the oligarchs have everything and without studying. And you don’t and won’t have any social elevators that will allow you to rise to so sky-high heights. 

– Why are rappers fleeing Russia? Is there something wrong with the atmosphere in the country?

– Units run. They are just very well known and because in sight. And & nbsp; why, in fact, “run”? Do they renounce citizenship, break all ties, sell property? No. Let's say they are threatened to be prosecuted for drug propaganda. But if the song is about how a person uses ­drugs – Is this really propaganda? Let's then song Vysotsky“Oh, where was I yesterday” hellip; with the words “And then I stopped drinking because I was tired” we will write it down in the same place as its author: this is propaganda of alcoholism, by the way. It can be decided that Vysotsky, with his way of life and songs, promoted drinking and contributed to the fact that the Russian people drank themselves and died. Bullshit!

Songs – piece of art. Where is the propaganda? Have you heard at least one song of the group “Leningrad” with three-story swearing on radio or television? I – no. At the same time, Seryoga Shnurovhellishly popular, successfully performs with such songs and collects full stadiums. Is this good or bad? Arrange an interrogation for the poet: what what did mean for example, in the song    – drink" He will tell you: “Ah, everyone is drinking, I'm talking about it.” And what? You have to educate your children, and instead you run after their idols and shake handcuffs. That's why they were undersized and ran to hide behind the cordon – “Sit cleanly” and then come back. Nobody needs them there, and they know it.

– Today's teenagers – is this the “lost generation”?

– Looking for what's lost. We will have to fight for our native country – a few people of good will will go, I assure you. They will say – and what the hell? In order to lay the next raw material pipe and to "cut" Why buying houses in Miami? Well no thanks. And in a way they will be right. The young don't want the 'brace' type of war – in this way, this generation will definitely not be able to be retained and united. 

No one argues: you need to know history, honor and respect your ancestors. But if you teach them “Vlasov” at school Solzhenitsyn, and & nbsp; on TV you have some kind of “Zuleikha opens her eyes” or other anti-Soviet stuff, and this is your model for filling children's heads with knowledge – well, congratulations. Children watch and read this about their native history and think: who were their ancestors? Freaks who lost to the beautiful civilized West? And what else can they think? Their iPhones, for example, are not made in Russia for some reason. You will tell them that a nuclear submarine is millions of times more complicated than an iPhone, and they don’t care: they use an iPhone every day, and they have never seen your submarine.

All movies, songs, music, dances that children like, – because of the bump. And & nbsp; in space, we now also have girls-actresses flying. It turns out that, in addition to exposing Stalinism, you have nothing to show the younger generation, in fact. 

As a result, your children are raised by Americans. So why be surprised when teenagers shit on portraits of your heroes? A these are not their heroes. You gave them at the mercy of who knows, and now you are amazed: well, how did it happen!

Источник aif.ru

Lil Darkie – FIGHT! Lyrics

And now, it’s time
Introducing, the champion weighing in at…

There is no point, they have won
Take our daughters and our sons
Make more slaughter with our guns
Everyone is alive for to make more funds
If you can hear this song then something somewhere’s going wrong
Then you might be alive, meaning you’re not gone
Then you might have decided to put it on
In the pad like a frog sitting on a pond
‘Cause there’s no point, they have won
Take our daughters and our sons
Make more slaughter with our guns
Everyone is alive for to make more funds
If you can hear this song it’s ’cause it’s 2021
Or they have not yet dropped the bomb
Or maybe just not launched ’em all

[Verse 1]
I’m smoking the impossible so I will not act volatile
I know it’s not responsible, but that is my responsible shit
I feel unstoppable, under my drugs I have a full dick
It is improbable that you would have the balls to pull it
If you were gripping the trigger, would you make like Adolf Hitler?
Or would you just sit on Twitter saying that you want to kill yourself?
That’s that shit I’m sick of, [?] hit a little blow
You a fucking quitter, I don’t care, I’m tired, leave this hell
“Why you sound so bitter, Darkie?”
‘Cause when I’m close to giving up
And I’m considering shoving all I’ve done up my butt
I remember what my father told me when I was young
“No one really gives a fuck about your life until it’s done”

They have won
Take our daughters and our sons
Make more slaughter with our guns
Everyone is alive for to make more funds
If you can hear this song then something somewhere’s going wrong
Then you might be alive, meaning you’re not gone
Then you might have decided to put it on

[Verse 2]
From the front to the back, people see my mind
I could put down my, I could put down my
Oh, I could put down my, I could put down myself
Welcome to my word, [?] put your ass up on a shelf
Alright, so let’s begin
Get your ass inside the ring, in my dojo, I’m the king
I will send your ass to Heaven if it mean I keep that belt
If it mean that I’m the champion, I will go through anything
The universe just doesn’t give a fuck about the pain you felt
But the little voice tells me give me
A demon with two angel wings
He’s making everything tough
‘Cause he don’t wanna see me win
Uh, are you telling [?]
Regret [?] ’cause you ain’t wanna try enough
I swear upon my everything that I will never give up
[?] like I am Lord Shiva
Fear into my enemies, I make a demon [?] up
I will take upon and throw your people straight into a river

There is no point, they have won
Take our daughters and our sons
There is no point on your sword, so what the fuck you got it for?
There is no point on your score
Everyone is alive for to make more core
If you can hear this song, then I have let you live this long
Then I let you remain alive
You fucking coward, stay and fight
Bulk up my fists, turn off your lights

Looks like we got ourselves a winner, folks
The undisputed champion, weighing in at 175 pounds

EMINEM – Like Home lyrics

Shout to everybody
Who’s been on this trip with me
You don’t have to agree
But if you feel like me

[Verse 1: Eminem]
Someone get this aryan a sheet
Time to bury him, so tell him to prepare to get impeached
Everybody on your feet
This is where is where terrorism and heroism meets, square up in the streets
This chump barely even sleeps
All he does is watch Fox News like a parrot and repeats
While he looks like a canary with a beak
Why you think banned transgenders from the military with a tweet?
He’s trying to divide us, this sh*t’s like a cult
But like Johnny, he’ll only unite us
‘Cuz nothing drives us inside like this fight does
Similar to when two cars collide ’cause our spirits are crushed
This spot’s a tight one
But here the jaws of life come to pull us from the wreckage
That’s what we get pride from
When we can’t wear stars and stripes ’cause this type of pickle we’re in is hard to deal
But there’s always tomorrow still
If we start from the scratch like a scab for scars to heal
And band together for Charolettesville
And for heaven’s fallen heroes
Fill his wall with murals, Nevada get up
Hit the damn resetter, let’s start from zero
This is our renewal, spray tan get ride of
Get a brand new, better, America
And here’s to where we’re from

[Chorus: Alicia Keys & Eminem]
This is where it all began, all began (stand up)
Here’s to the land that made me
And made me who I am, who I am (hands up)
Here’s to the land that raised me
There’s home for the only place that really knows me
From the cracks in the road that drove me
There’s no place like home

[Verse 2: Eminem]
Didn’t wanna piss your base off, did ya?
Can’t denounce the klan, ’cause they play golf with ya
You stay on Twitter, made to get your hate off, Nazi
I do not see a way y’all differ, at all
You got a race card with a swastika with your name carved in it
Then it should be your trademark, all you did is play off
You played off, so I guess it pays to feed off of chaos
So basically, you Adolf Hitler
But you ain’t ruining our country, punk
You won’t take our pride from us
You won’t define us
‘Cause like a dictionary, things are looking up
So much, got a sprained neck
Knew we would rise up
Against this train wreck and take a stand
Even if it mean sitting when they raise the flag
This ain’t the Star Spangled Banner
This man praised a statue of General Lee, ’cause
He generally hates the black people, degrades hispanics
Take it back to the Shady national convention
Wish I would have spit on him before I went to shake his hand at the event
Or maybe had the wherewithal to know that he was gonna try to
Thought he was gonna tear apart a sacred land
We cherish and stand for, so
Hands in the air, let’s hear it for
The start of a brand new America
Without him, we can be proud of where we’re from
And here’s to where we’re from

[Chorus: Alicia Keys & Eminem]
This is where it all began, all began (stand up)
Here’s to the land that made me
And made me who I am, who I am (hands up)
Here’s to the land that raised me
There’s home for the only place that really knows me
From the cracks in the road that drove me
There’s no place like home

[Bridge: Alicia Keys]
I won’t give up
I won’t give up on my home, that so many died for
You already know that I won’t give up
I won’t give up on my home, that so many died for
You already know there’s no place like home, no place like home
Wherever I go, no place like home
No place like home, no place like home
Wherever I go

[Chorus: Alicia Keys & Eminem]
This is where it all began, all began (stand up)
Here’s to the land that made me
And made me who I am, who I am (hands up)
Here’s to the land that raised me
There’s home for the only place that really knows me
From the cracks in the road that drove me
There’s no place like home

B.o.B – Born To Die (Elements Album)

[Verse 1]
Not a human, not afraid
I will not comply, I will not obey
See the plan is to depopulate
But the body can overcome anything, fuck what a doctor say
Fans shaking me like Bobby wake up
Chip on my shoulder, I was holdin’ a grudge
I wanted to be loved more than I wanted to love
But hey, what can I say, fame’s a hell of a drug
Born a slave to a tyrant
It’s goin’ take more than just petitions and riots
Are we headed for a future of being indebted to credit
Hopin’ the next leader elected will trump the one we beheaded
Words the wealthiest rappers will never utter
‘Them checks they throwin’ to niggas a motherfucker’
Seems like the future was brighter when I was younger
(Seems like the future was brighter when I was younger)
I’m torn between performing and rewriting the norm
Am I born to transform or just to die and move on
Be the life that people mourn while reciting all my songs
To the battle I am sworn [?]
Beaten down to the pulp for being different
You question old tradition they just say you superstitious
Like a snake that eats its own tail, the economic system
Public schools the babysitter, health care is the modern day Adolf Hitler
Fact check, ever since the internet
Molestation multiplied by a million percent
Your aunts and uncles, niece and nephews all align with the shit
History shows for speaking up my whole life is at risk
Yeah I’m cocky, kamikaze, who gon’ stop me? Annunaki
Illuminati? Neo-Nazis? They do me how they do Cosby
When you winnin’ they gon’ love you till you lose like Ronda Rousey
Every revolutionary they execute ’em proudly
It go JFK, nope, MLK, nope
Since Lennon got smoked, it’s clear they don’t want us to have hope
They tore down our houses, replaced it with dope
And say that it’s our fault, false!

You wanted to fight
So you wanna be brave
So you found the light and you’ve seen the truth and you feel betrayed
Well it comes with cost
A price too large
Cause if we’re really just born to die
I’d rather never been born at all

[Verse 2]
Stay in school they said, use your tools they said
But being on TV looks pretty cool I said
That’s true I said, must I remind myself
These corporations aren’t your friends, you should’ve signed yourself
They, they, who are they? They are us
We are they, the pyramids started at the top, we just mimic and behave
The same way, Babylon brainwaves
Human incarceration’s the modern day slave trade
Cost of college, cost of living so high you can’t maintain
All you can do is sell pills, drink tea, and waist train
Struggle to make mortgage and re-up by payday
And the wealthiest families split it up eight ways

You wanted to fight
So you wanna be brave
So you found the light and you’ve seen the truth and you feel betrayed
Well it comes with cost
A price too large
Cause if we’re really just born to die
I’d rather never been born at all