Could Vybz Kartel Make A Cameo In New Video With Ishawna

Vybz Kartel and Ishawna will be releasing their new music video “Washer Dryer” this week and the incarcerated deejay could make a cameo.

Kartel teased the video on his Instagram page over the weekend while leaving a hint that he will be in the clip. “Coming soon VYBZ KARTEL in WASHER DRYER ft ISHAWNA AdidjahiemRecords,” he wrote. Sources inside the Gazanation camp told DHH today that he could make a cameo in the cut but didn’t reveal how was that made possible.

“Well he might make an appearance in the video we have a big surprise for the Gazanation fans,” sources told It’s not clear if Vybz Kartel footage will be from previously recorded material or from new footage of him behind bars. Earlier this month, the “Fever” deejay had a family fun day at GP where he took several photos with his family and with his friends. During that time it’s possible that he filmed a short footage of himself for the upcoming video.

Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, is serving life in prison for murder, but come February of next year he will have a chance to secure his freedom when his appeal trial gets underway in The Court of Appeal. The deejay and his attorneys say that they are confident that he will be exonerated of his murder conviction.

Coming soon VYBZ KARTEL in WASHER DRYER ft ISHAWNA AdidjahiemRecords

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Vybz Kartel Shares More Photos From Prison With His Daughter

Vybz Kartel shares more photos from his recent family visit in prison on his Instagram page.

The Gazanation deejay has been off social media for a few months now and suddenly popped up on IG over the weekend with a few new posts. Last week, shared a few photos of Vybz Kartel and his friends taken at GP. The pics were taken while prisoners were allowed a family fun day visit and you can see the Worl’Boss posing for a candid photo with his daughter.

Kartel was sporting a white polo shirt and white short denim pants with a pair of black sneaker and sun shade. You will also noticed that he lost a few points if you compare photos of him from 2014 during his murder trial, for which he was convicted for. The deejay also has more facial hair than we’re used to, kind of make it seems prison life has been good, but it’s far from because sources told us that he is anxiously awaiting his appeal trial which is around six months away.

Since the start of this month, Vybz Kartel has been churning out new music like its nothing. So far we’ve seen four new singles in the space of two weeks and that’s a reminder of the old Kartel where he is known to flood the market with songs.

Mi n My princess!!! Love you BabyGurl! XOXO

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