Montana of 300 – The Crow Lyrics

I get it crackin’ like eggs I’m Yeshua back from the dead
I could turn any thought into bread
I’m no Christian but I got the Edge
It gets cold when I slide like a sled
When I do so no needle and thread
Bullets flippin’ up better hit heads
Turn a coffin into your new bed
I’m hip hop’s Stephen King of Westcraven
Gotta be on my paper no gradin’
Gotta bring ’em that message like ravens
Every struggle I went through was trainin’
Every loss there’s a lesson I’m gainin’
Can’t be scared to get wet when it’s rainin’
We can’t grow if we don’t let the pain in
Don’t make excuses and don’t do no blamin’
Everyone thinks the truth’s on the canvas
But only the creator could paint it
Bitch that means only God could explain it
Wanna meet him I’ll make some arrangements
Niggas act like it’s war that they cravin’
Until I come and do an invasion
If you real say that shit to my face
And not behind my back like an apron
When I see you don’t do no explainin’
Make you eat every word you was sayin’
I just wanna see what you was thinkin’
So you already know how I’m aimin’
Point it at his head and then strike him down
Make his ass eat a light like he Raiden
Put a part in his top like it’s braidin’
When that clip hit his top he ain’t shavin’
I’m a boss, bitch I do what I choose to
Bitch I been turned like a loose screw
I don’t sell drugs but I used to
I been the connect before bluetooth
I get top from your boo in a new coupe
I could rap I look good I could shoot too
I draw when it’s sketchy plus my shooters ready
To pull that bitch out like a loose tooth
They gone edit don’t care about who’s who
Tell your kids they gon’ cry when they lose you
Put they pa on the TV like Blue’s Clues
Murder scene when we shootin’, no news crew
Bunch of blood on his shirt that ain’t prune juice
I just made his designer say suwoop
Now he need a casket and new suit
Wet him up in the morning like Fruit Loops
I got God up inside of me
Go tell the devil that I am the hottest commodity
Loyal to the Lord without a havin’ a thought of a heaven
He didn’t have to promise me
In my country my president’s prejudice
Them devils do not believe in equality
Never compromisin’ with poverty
Don’t play games with your money, Monopoly
Get a check and invest in some property
Always leave with that steel like a robbery
Fuck everyone’s feelings don’t do sugarcoatin’
It ain’t no substitute for honesty
Ever wonder if Jesus is scared
Or he got the balls to pop up like the lottery
And if God’s so forgiving
Then would he be willing to accept the devil’s apology
I know I’m a blessing I don’t come in second
My flow is from heaven, my soul is protected
This rapper’s gifted and what I’ma give to you is out of the box
Like you opening presents
Me and hip hop like Hulk Hogan and wrestling
Can’t hustle too long, gotta know when to exit
Started off trappin’ and turned it to rappin’
It’s FGE, we the new No Limit Records
Got dough with my bros off the dope I was sellin’
Had hoes gettin’ naked, got throat like a necklace
Some homies got jealous didn’t know I was destined
Only Lord knows, with that pole I was reckless
We stopped what I’m doin’ like hold up a second
No PlayStation game, I was loading that tech in
My opps caught them bullets with no interception
I shot the crap out ’em like rolling a seven
I got the key to the door
Remember when I used to sleep on the floor
No eskimo but I pack heat in my coat
It ain’t no better feeling than bein’ awoke
Acknowledging God is the reason I’m dope
Make ’em fiend for the flow that make demons get ghost
He ain’t on my level so pray for the devil
For he is the sinner that needs it the most