Devo Spice – Nothin’ But A Geek Thang Lyrics (feat. Worm Quartet)

0, 1, 10, 11
Devo Spice and Worm Quartet have got a LARP to run
Ready to take a stand for the nerdcore scene
And Dementia and whatever’s in between
Gimme the gun so I can bust through this first person shooter
Paid 500 bucks for my car and five grand for my computer
Ain’t nothin’ but a geek thang baby
Like two Duke boys droolin’ over Daisy
Seein’ films like Troll 2 doesn’t faze me
‘Cause I mock ’em like on MST3K (hell yeah), and uh
Thanks for the invitation, man
But Friday night Doctor Who is on, I hope you understand
From a young geek’s perspective
That memorizing each episode is my prime directive
And late at night my server has quite a load
It’s downloading shows, and all the while I’m dreamin’ in code
I tell my friends of all I’ve seen and they get bitter
But we never talk in person, we communicate on Twitter
(yeah) And then we argue over fake technology
And pick apart the Star Wars chronology
‘Cause if it’s good enough to cost a hundred million bucks
Maybe they can find a script that won’t really suck
I liked this, I liked that, I liked this, and uh
That one sucked, that’s OK, that was lame, and uh
I liked that, but the sequel was dumb, and uh
Shoebox, wield the mic like a Jedi
Well I’m hackin’ and I’m crackin’ and I’m frakkin’
But I’ve run out of chips, so there’ll be no more snackin’
Now it’s time for me to go and restore my health
So I grab emergency Funions from my utility belt
I never seen this particular bonus stuff
It’s the super deluxe bonus extended director’s cut
It’s the same film that I’ve watched since I was eight
With twelve extra discs so I watched it for three days straight
It completes my collection and my protection
May be a bit much, you can look but don’t touch
If you do, then this whole room
Will set off more booby traps than the Temple Of Doom
I like this, that, and this and uh
Season 1 was pretty good but now it’s dumb and uh
And what’s this?
Now who gives a crap about Lost?
But bow down before the new show from Joss

Bender is great
M’hey, m’ah, m’GLAYVIN!
Bender is awesome

Just developed a class that will return a new Frontalot Prime
Installed Linux on my GPS so I could play Frogger real time
But the boson array was out of phase and draining the yield
So I’ll reconfigure the cortical pulse to put out a graviton field
See nerdy girls and I’m under their spell
Chasin’ the ones with blue skin like my name was Gargamel
Yeah, and it goes on, I think I’m
In the mood for another Stargate marathon
So Shoebox, what up Devo
These newbies think they an pwn us, no way G
We gotta teach ’em a lesson, hell yeah!
And it’s gonna be messy (triple shot bonus!)
Is what I got now so those Galagas are eight-bit dust
Runnin’ emulation that I ported to my abacus
When I go out the house I even mumble at the waitress
But when I’m online I can control it like the Matrix
Try some IP spoofing try a D.O.S. attack
My proxy and my application gateway’s got my back
If I sniff your packet then you know I’m gonna ping ya
Then your protocol stack’s goin’ down like Jenga
And I’ma continue to make a boatload writing source code
But Assembly’s too simple, so now I write in Morse code
Yeah, powers like Q
But now I’m just wishin’ real life had a search and undo
Social butterfly making friends like it’s nothing
All you gotta do is click on the Accept Request button
And if you dare to friend me
I should warn you, like DOS I am not user friendly
Like this, that, and this and uh
I like that but that’s enough I’m overloaded, uh
It’s too much
I think that my head might explode
So just TiVo the next episode