Das Racist – You Can Sell Anything Lyrics

You can sell anything
You can sell anything
You can sell anything
You can really sell anything

[Kool A.D.]

It’s like, put me on dude
Someone discover me
Give me some money b
I’ll be your money tree
Took a lot of samples out, you don’t gotta clear those
Made a lot of weird raps, you don’t want to hear those
Label’s like, ‘Maybe we can cake off the weirdos’
Ok – plug your nose, here goes
Caveman porn star riding on a unicorn
Undercover cop, and I’m wearing a uniform
Plus I wrote all of my rhymes in cuneiform
Hella years ago, B.C., you better be informed
If you don’t get it, get a computer and Google it
If you find out all the reasons we the shit, then you the shit

Yeah poopin’ on the track, call me doo-doo Vic
Kool-Kool-Kool A.D., nothing new to the kid
What can you do the kid, totally stupid and sick
No scruples, cool man, ice cream scoopin’ it



Awwwww dip
It’s Heems once again, back again
With the caravan of mans that from Pakistan
Karachi posses, akhis, papi
Unh, red octagons couldn’t stop me
I burn headband, my eyes all droopy
I’ve gooey footies, zoobies in my poopy
They all like, ‘Well Heems you too proud’
I’m like, ‘You would be too, if you had the juice now!’

Ey yo the government is lies, son
United States of Google, Verizon
They all spies son, I’m Pisces, risin’
And you ain’t Hoover, you suck like James Dyson
Google the devil but I feel lucky
Extreme Home Make-Over couldn’t touch me
Backyards, kittens, puppies, 401k’s, libels, yuppies
Yeeah, I’m talkin’ bout wine drinkers
Bald-head men, Klux Klan swine-thinkers
What motivates you? Let’s go around the room
‘I wanna own a boat one day’

They got my dreams and they playing salugi
I’m bound to be found like a brown John Belushi
Kuffi, Fallujah, Kulfi, Falooda
Truthie, Coolie, more flows than Luda
What good is all your money if your styles is still tasteless?
I celebrate the fact I moved into my momma’s basement
I don’t pay rent, I sell old books for new ones
New fives, two jives, so live, olive
At the Spin Show, beats by Diplo
Stack bundles, rest in peace
Della Reese’s nieces rest with me
Next to me is a table with empties, don’t tempt me
I burn hemp leaves, more style than ten Fonzie Bentleys
I’m Ray Liotta from Goodfellas

I’m complex – I’m Shiv Kumar Batalvi
I’m complex – I’m Sahir Ludhianvi
I’m complex – I’m Abrar Alvi
I’m complex
I’m Guru Dutt complex
I’m complicated, I’m complex
I’m River Phoenix, I’m complex
I’m bottled water, I’m complex
I’m 5 out of 8 computers on a scale of computers
I’m complicated, I’m complex
I’m intelligence in the age of the internet
Where you’re as smart as how quickly you can use your smart phone
I’m complex