T-Pain Feat. Tiffany Evans – Textin’ My Ex Lyrics

(Verse 1: T-Pain)
You don’t even know right now
I’m staring at my phone right now
Wondering, if I should call you or leave you ‘lone right now
I’m in my zone right now
I’m just, chilling at home right now
Shots of Patron right now
I should put my phone right down
But girl, I’m so alone right now
That’s why I’m…

(Chorus: T-Pain)
Textin’ my ex (oh no)
Umm, I look good, I’m just talkin’ ’bout sex (yeah)
Ooh, that’s why I’m textin’ my ex (oh no)
Don’t I look good?
I’m just talkin’ ’bout sex and I’m so ready for regrets
Yeah, baby, baby
I know you remember, when we back in December we was in love, yeah
I been thinkin’ of you, please, tell me that I’m the one you’re thinkin’ of, yeah
I just can’t forget you now, since I met you down in the club, ye-yeah
I know, that I let you down, but we need to just lean back up, yeah

(Verse 2: T-Pain)
Probably shouldn’t call you
But you know I’m ’bout to call you
And I don’t even need to fall through
But I’m a man, baby, ain’t that what we all do?
Understand what you tweetin’ now
Hoping I’m the man, that you speaking ’bout
But you didn’t @ me
Hope my new girl don’t catch me

(Repeat Chorus: T-Pain)

(Verse 3: Tiffany Evans)
You know you shouldn’t call me
So why the hell you call me?
You know, I got a new man
But this unknown number, this is all you
Even though, this ain’t right
I’ll give it to you, I won’t think twice
Didn’t mean to hurt you
Just hope your new girl don’t catch you texting your ex

(Repeat Chorus: T-Pain)

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