Smino – Anita (Remix) (feat. T-Pain)

[Verse 1: T-Pain]
She said that she was gonna think about it
She got a text from the ex-files
She was so extra extra read about it
She had to read it out loud
He was like I see you with this lame-O
Come and get you hit you with the Bang Bro
Where we bang hoes in a gray winnebago
Try to bring four in and I’ma tell you how the day go, boop
We ain’t talking that
Leaving and walking back
What kind of dude you think I’m is?
We got spunk, we can light up the dark like a bucket of electric eels
Pull off your panties, I pull up in the Phantom
Hasn’t anybody told you crack kills?
But girl, you’re killing me, I need your energy
You’re giving me something I can feel
I feel in the right light
You’re looking like a girl I used to date, but now you’re in the wife light
Ooh, if you’re with it, then I’m with it
We can do it for the Zeitgeist, huh
Girlfriend, girlfriend, turn in for the night right
Where your night light?
Goodnight babe

Lemme cut on this
Anita (‘nita!)
I need her (I need her!)
So flee don’t flee from me
(Serving them looks cold as)
Ice cream
(Show that)
Chocolate (go)
GoDiva (go)
GoDiva (go)
GoDiva (go baby)

[Verse 2]
"Bing!" How the spotlight beam on you
Green light, you better go (oh ah ow)
Go (oh ah ow)
"Ch-ch-ching!" How that money ‘chine ring
When your feet be pavement to the gold (oh ah ow)
Gold, oh (oh ah ow, oh!)
Still roll with cuzzo and foolay
Stay on the jugg like kool-aid
Can’t shoot me down, bitch I’m Luke Cage
On the provolone since a baby boy
Feel like Jody-Jo how I handle bars
She a rainforest under that dress
Stay off brown like some khaki boys with the nappy boys
This shit natural for us, she like "yes!"
I been raw, It’s genetic, it’s my denim
I Ginuwine up on you, tryna fit up
Up in em, witcha acting innocent
Bet you’re interested, stretch you like a limo
The memo, never switched or slowed the tempo
Zero gang with me every-where I go
I’m cool on, all the friendly shit
It’s just business, straight across 12:30 o’clock, uh
1000 miles an hour on a spaceship, maybe we can go to space
(Now I ain’t never been to Jupiter before but I- but I’ll go witchu baby)
Got that mag’netic love, I can’t pull out of yo Milky Way
I’m… in this bih like a implanon
I’m… breaded up like a empanada
She say "Smino, I love you"
Nada girl, de nada
You giving me Erykah vibes
Bah I do wanna tell you something
You make December feel summer, summer, summer

A-N-I-T-A, I N-E-E-D H-E-R
My baby, baby, baby, baby
A-N-I-T-A, I N-E-E-D H-E-R
My baby, baby, baby, baby
A-N-I-T-A, I N-E-E-D H-E-R
My baby, baby, baby, baby
A-N-I-T-A, I N-E-E-D H-E-R
My baby, baby, baby, baby

I need her
The re-remix, the re-remix
I need her
The re-remix, the re-remix
Now hold on L10
The re-remix, the re-remix
See usually I don’t do this
R-E-M-I-X, Smi and Teddy P
Bet they go so cray cray cray cray cray cray cray
R-E-M-I-X, Smi and Teddy P
Haaa Zilchy baby

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