Mick Jenkins – Vampire In Brooklyn

[Verse 1]
I was nodding my head to your style ‘fore you took your first breaths
You still taking your very first steps with this rap shit
I’m past that
I’m out in traffic, exchange the paper for the plastic
We needed some glam rap for the bodies I’ma lay down
I be with playwrights, nah we don’t play ’round
Where we hear action, improv niggas all up in my faction
And we don’t know no fiction, only facts
Whole numbers, we ain’t doing fractions
You niggas capping
What you pillage? You know Cappadonna?
Claim pimp, You jump ship if a mac was on ya
Talking loud we can’t smell no pack on you, I do not believe it
Chest out, but you dry heaving
And you couldn’t even try leaving
Bite marks on your neck
Sucking dick for respect
You would flip for a check
I ain’t never fucked with Jesse white
Politicians is politicians
My nigga, miss me with the politicking

Scoop up a nigga ‘fore he learn the ropes
Take from that nigga when he look away
Working real hard, he gon’ earn his broke
Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way
Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way
Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way
Take from that nigga when he look away
Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way

[Verse 2]
Flipping shit like spatulas
I’m talking six months in ‘fore I knew I was fucking with Dracula
Immediately withdrawn
I watched them niggas you pissed on
Two weeks prior was kissing they ass
Couldn’t even tolerate you twisting the grass
Hit it and dash
Like, if it ain’t the gas, I’ma blast, my g
Stay in a cut ’til it’s a gash, my g
From out south, done seen whole lot of blood, like my ass, YG
Guard down, dodging blows Ali-esque
Tryna’ drop the waters, I’m just getting my feet wet with the business
Who knew I’d be in bed with the snakes
Taking off, and I’m already on my breaks
Ain’t seen no cake yet with chains on
They tell me that that’s just the brakes
So I copped a chainsaw
I’m on my leather face now
Like, fuck your pepper spray
I do it way too fly for featherweights
And almost Kyrie when I hesitate
Know this shit gon’ resonate
I just put my ten in a collection plate and pray about it
It really ain’t much else to say about it
I’m on my drug dealer chic
Moms got the pocket rocket
I just copped a old school to roll through the streets
Now I’m plotting on 26 acres, fuck a lease
Tryna’ raise a pack of dogs, fuck a leash
I be with my bitch, she be on her shit
And she keep me on mines
I don’t own no watch to keep me on time
Know exactly where I’m supposed to be
I know exactly who this close to me
I know my wrist is exact
Fuck a list, even when I’m doing grocery shopping
Crisco flow boy, I’m supposed to be popping
And damn near wavy as the ocean be

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