Meyhem Lauren & DJ Muggs – Camel Crush

What up my G? You know I woke up graciously this morning, you know what I’m saying, anxious. Like about 4 o’clock in the morning and shit, sparked the L. You know started thinking and reminiscing and shit. Started looking at shit, you know what I’m saying. It’s kind of funny how these niggas wanna sugar coat violence, nigga. You can’t sugar coat violence, nigga. How the fuck you gonna sugar coat murder and mayhem, nigga?

[Verse: Meyhem Lauren]
Play the block when it’s [?]
You never seen me rocking slum gold
Fuck around, I’ll make your son fold
My story’s untold nigga, I’m a [?]
My wisdom effective, my vision I’m a [?]
Glide like a figure skater when I get the data
I’m busy getting paper, catch you niggas later
We ain’t grow the same so we grew apart
My niggas getting money so my crew is smart
Uh, street scholars seek dollars
Custom made shirts, I pop you need collars
It’s still Queens for the victory
Complexion hickory, flexing making history
Moving unpredictably, I live under the radar
Maneuver invisibly when hopping out the grey car
Unless I’m tryna bag a mommy
And swerve in the punani when it’s creamy like [?]
Fly before rap so rap could never gas me
Smooth when I hop out that whip I speak raspy
Fast be the way that I live, uh
Cash [?] your wig
That’s how it go down so I don’t really trust these streets
It’s fucked up because I lust these streets
Up for weeks trying to get it
That’s how them Queens niggas get it
Super Avengers, Met symbols on their fitted
I need an intern to bag 100 thousand fifties
My future’s looking prosperous, it could’ve rised the gypsies
Bat cave president, never hesitant
Floating moving potent while you stepping on the [?]

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