Listen to Warehouse Summer, a posthumous album from i_O made in collaboration with Lights

Listen to Warehouse Summer, a posthumous album from i_O made in collaboration with Lights
i_O passed away in 2020 at age 30.

By Jordan Darville

November 23, 2022

(L) i_o. Photo by Chris Koeppen Photography (R) Lights. Photo by Lindsey Blane


i_O, the DJ and producer born Garrett Falls Lockhart, passed away suddenly in November 2020. His death came after a surge of internet attention for “Violence,” his 2019 collaboration with Grimes — the following year, i_O released a triology of EPs called 444, including one made with Canadian pop singer-songwriter Lights called AM 444. Today, i_O’s estate and Lights are releasing Warehouse Summer, the first and likely final posthumous album recorded during i_O’s lifetime.


The project’s 14 tracks are constructed on a foundation of progressive house with elements of techno and rave peeking in. “This is a body of work that I’m immensely proud of and am very emotionally connected to,” Lights said in a statement via Pitchfork. “Garrett was endlessly talented and he inspired me to give my all and be my best. It’s safe to say making this album with him was life-changing. I hope you immerse yourself in it, there is a lot to feel in Warehouse Summer.”


Lockhart’s death was caused by a “sudden and fatal arrhythmia” brought on by an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. He was 30 years old. Below, read a statement from Lockhart’s family on Warehouse Summer.


We’d like to thank all who have patiently and lovingly stood by waiting for us, G’s family, to say yes to releasing these last tracks.

Thank you to the i_o management for bringing together all the teams necessary to release these last tracks of music produced by Garrett & Lights. We are grateful to them and so many others for their regular “check-ins” with us, allowing us time and space to miss him and grieve his absence. We loved hearing from so many, as each of us remember Garrett in different ways. Some of your stories made us laugh or smile, others made us cry, for it is in those stories we relived much of what Garrett was about as a person and in the many ways his life impacted each of us.

Thank you for sharing yourselves with us, it has truly helped in the healing. We hope with this music release there will be healing for others as well. Continue to take gentle care of yourselves and each other, remembering how fragile life can be.

On November 23, 2022 Warehouse Summer, a legacy album, will be released. Tomorrow, we celebrate you.

From the Lockhart Family (Greg & Deb, Chad & Lindsey, Colin & Debbie)


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