Lil Wop – Sinister

Ahhh, ayyy
Evil Haze
Black Money Boyz Deathrow, fuck nigga
Ayy, Wop
It’s Wop, it’s Wop
Ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]
Wake up take a piss, ayy
Then I grab my trip, ayy
Wake up, hit a lick, ayy
Turned into a hit, ayy
Lookin’ for your bitch, she in the kitchen whipping bricks, ayy
I don’t fuck with niggas ’cause these niggas ain’t legit, ayy
Xan is all I eat, ayy
Ain’t got sleep this week, ayy
I can’t keep the peace, ayy
I stay with my piece, ayy
Chopper in the passenger, your bitch in the backseat, ayy
Poppin’ percs and poppin’ xans until I hit the seats, ayy

Ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 2]
Bitch, it’s Wop, I feel like I’m the shit, ayy
That’s your bitch, I took your bitch, she gave me top up in the whip
I ain’t got no heart, so I can’t love a bitch for shit, ayy
You gon’ kiss that bitch and she was sucking on my dick, ayy (you whore)
Got it out the pot, ayy, Wopster got it off the block
A convertible or drop, we skrt up off the lot, ayy
[?] getting hot, I got rocks up in my socks, ayy
[?] working, had the Glock, [?] still back at the spot, ayy (you whore)

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