Justin Snow – The Triangle / For The Night

I know that nigga left you lonely
But girl that nigga was my homie
The way you threw that pussy on me
I should’ve known it

Put it like this I’m here right now
But I know when he go and call your phone
You gonna hit em with lies
Homie don’t even seem to even know right now
But it’s over now cause she’s going down
Like oh my god
I put it down oh for sure
She gonna want me to run up in it raw
If she try to take my rubber off
She’s gonna turn around and blame that shit on you
You seem to fear what we got going
Call me up we’re fucking ‘til the morning
I’mma be so sincere I’ll whisper to them lips
You ain’t gotta take no drugs I’ll get you so damn lit

Third time I called you this week
Does he really know you a freak
Who am I to judge the way you..
But girl you keep on fuckin up my sheets
You know exactly what you want
I’m down to play if it’s co-op
I cannot tell you I love you
Cause she just wanna roll with a nigga for the night
Smoke a paper plane and take off into flight
Girl you gotta go yeah you can’t spend the night
And that Uber is for you yeah you motherfucking right
Baby girl you must be out your mind
Thinking that you’re gonna stay this time

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