Josh Sallee – Pressure (feat. Cassie Jo Craig)

[Verse 1: Josh Sallee]
The ones on the left on my right
Hope that they got me for life
Even when its getting dark
Hope they don’t call it a night
Why can’t I, trust a soul
Got me winded, watching friends blow by so slow
I wonder who knows that I deal with depression
I try not to show it or let it affect me
At times when I’m talking I act interested
But really my mind is just going Andretti:
My thoughts always racing, I try to hold steady
I hope when we meet, you don’t regret it
I’m so bad with names, sorry for forgetting
I kill every show, I feel like I’m kenny
The pressure is building, the weights getting heavy
Better under pressure, the pressure don’t pester
Impressive the press gonna push you for pleasure
Stay out my business unless youre investing
Just to be clear I like to get festive
But do know my limits won’t push them or test them
Its scary to think i could go any sec
It could happen to you , do you think of that ever?
Whenever I’m ready I’ll rep for the city
But not for the ones who just talk outta envy
They think it offends me, but never have met me
They think that they know me because cause I am friendly
I’m focused on winning like hitters in innings
To bring in the pennant, i just need hit
I feel like they know it but seem to forget
One day they won’t and that’ll be it

[Hook: Cassie Jo Craig]
They don’t know much about us yet
But they’re gon’ wake up, they’re gon wake up
They don’t know much about us yet
But they’r gon wake up, they’re gon’ wake up
Like, one day

[Bridge: Cassie Jo Craig]
Wondering if you could ever stop what we do
Don’t fantasize about all thats not true
Everyday I’m in the mirror like its gonna be you
Pressure pressure pressure

[Verse 2: Josh Sallee]
They don’t know much about us yet
But i swear that they will, were way to ill
Feel all my words, like they’re reading in brail
I’m not worried what the out come
If it don’t end up working like i wanted
Its not lacking of effort its just that i failed see i can be real
Ill take all the blame, put that on myself
Just wanna see god to ask if he’s real
Its not like i haven’t had handfuls of help
Raised really well thank you to carol and phil
But sometimes i think that their just being nice
When they says that their proud oh me, thats just what parents do
When i left home, i know they both doubted me
Thats when i jumped and grabbed life by the horns
Then i road through the most random of doors
Got my degree it was time for choice
Everytime offered a job go annoyed
Knew id get stuck in a in a box always bored
Work 9-5 while i pondered on more
Probably make more than they pay to perform
Changing the norm since the day i was born

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