Fez Williamz – Potential (Feat. Philo) lyrics

[Intro (spoken) Philo]
Ahh yeah
Let’s get it in man

[Verse 1: Philo]
The static energy
I don’t think it’s the hennessy
Don’t pretend to be tipsy I know you’re feelin me
Mineral subliminal put you on a pedestal
You could be my medicine got a lot of chemistry
Visions of you missing me when im gone are strong
I wanna build trust, even let you eat the crust
Not gonna fuss and fight just fun for tonight
I kick game proper-like by staying polite

[Verse 2: Fez Williamz]
Catch me in the club with them chances like a lotto
Ain’t no women but there are sure a lot of thots though
(I ain’t lookin for no average chick I be tryna add it up mathematically (Yaa)
Why these girls all around me in the spot ain’t right now
Hold up, she a different type now
She be givin off transformer vibes now
Got me thinkin that there’s more than meets the eye now

Shawty I see potential in ya
Miss independant power (uh)
Show me that you’re a woman who can
Put in that work no hours, hours

Shawty I see potential in ya
Miss independant power (uh)
Show me that you’re a woman who can
Put in that work no hours, hours

[Verse 3]
You ain’t gotta act like you ain’t nuthin special
Shawty got game but you on another level
(treat you like a princess, promise I’ll be gentle)
If you’re ready i”m ready put the pedal to the medal
You deserve a crown
Ima hold you down cuz
(I cant deny you on your grind that’s why you’re a woman I can get behind) Oh

[Chorus x2: with ad libs]

You got my attention
I wanna break the tension
Cuz you are perfection and power in one
Baby you’re a blessing
(Think about what we could be)
You are a queen and everyone can see

[Verse 4: Philo]
Super smooth with approach, super smooth with approach
I notice like a butterfly you make me float
As your wings flutter I’m stuttering on my words
Those curves they had my homies getting curved
And they might be mad but I’m really not concerned
You deserve the best treatment I’ll give it to you peacefully
I’m goin all in I just won’t give you a piece of me
Yo hear me out, I’m serious for real you’re
Housewife material, Body is imperial Game got you sayin ooo like acherio
Bury em, all of them dudes you gotta bury em
Bury em, all of them rules you gotta bury em
The hell with em and that’s with or without melanin
Philo for President my first and only lady
These haters don’t phase me the got some crazy logic
I swear I pinky promise plus I gotta be honest


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